Survivors Guide to Spooky Halloween Hayrides and Haunted Houses

Haunted HouseContinuing with the trend of Halloween approaching, this is a guide to help those looking to survive the nightmare of Haunted Hayrides and Frightful Houses designed to scare you to death. Giving you some tips and hoping to create an awareness of things to look for and expect. Plus, the possibilities of disappointments and encouraging a fun and safe Halloween experience.

With Halloween being my favorite time of the year, I have traveled quite a bit to find the Best Halloween Haunted Hayrides and/or Houses that I can find. With every new year, new websites pop up guaranteeing to be the best around. Not afraid to drive to be horrified, sometimes driving up to six hours one way for the sheer experience, here are some steps that might make your adventure one to remember.

1. Websites – doing a simple search sometimes finds you amongst many of these attractions. I enjoy using http://www.hauntedhouse.com. This website is dedicated to providing you with locations broken down by states. Many of the Houses/Hayrides provide direct links with all the information that’s needed. This site is great to find some reputable attractions. Like many, you can follow the site via Twitter or Facebook. Additional links are on the site as well, like music, radio shows and more. It’s worth adding to your favorites.

2. Reputation – this is always difficult since many new Houses appear each year. I follow a simple formula : years in business. If they have been able to continue for a few years, they are doing something right. Bad news travels much faster than good news. When you have a good scare, you will share. Affiliates also are a good sign. Many Haunted Hayrides will pair with Costume shops and radio stations. This usually proves that they have some intentions on running this properly.

3. Policies and Hours – I am big advocate of reading the policies. Some attractions do not permit back packs, while others might charge for parking. Attendees might want to check the rule of being touched or touching performers. This always is listed among the top rules. Just plan ahead and do a few minutes of research. Hours tend to be at dusk, but the Hayrides often open at least an hour before to handle the crowds and lines. Also, most do not allow customers to come in costume, this is almost always frowned upon. I think the best policy is to just go have fun.

4. What to wear and bring – Tickets may be available online, this might be an option to prevent longer lines for you. If not, most do accept credit cards at the event. Cash is always a plus to have because they will have food, some offer cider or hot chocolate also. Souvenir’s are often sold to remember your time. If you had a blast, support them by picking up something like a t shirt or hat, many are around $12-$15. Wear comfortable shoes as the lines will be long. You will be walking, sometimes on dirt or uneven ground. Wearing shorts can be tricky as the Hayrides tend to be full of hay that can be itchy or be uncomfortable. Bring a sweatshirt since this summer has been kind blah, I would almost expect a chilly October.

5. Age Appropriate – having a little guy at home myself, the age limit comes into play on occasions. Many sites are upfront about the scary chart. If they are recommending 14 and up, you might want to stick to that. The last thing you want is to get everyone inside and have to leave. There are Haunted Houses designed for the younger crowds also, many are run by local fire departments. Check around in your area.

Hopefully this small list will help you have a great Halloween. Enjoy!!

Rob Dimension has spent his life watching and enjoying Horror films of all types. From Cult classics, to the Underground, Foreign releases to the most Campy. Dimension will, hopefully , provide you with some potential watching suggestions and keep you away from the “not worth a watch” films. Rob Dimension can be found many weekends along side some of today’s upcoming stars and yesterday’s legends in the world of Professional Wrestling. He can be found at www.facebook.com/dimensioncollectibles , become his friend and tell him what you think.

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