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Surviving Summer Season 2: Everything We Know

Netflix’s famous drama series Surviving Summer is reportedly renewing for a brand new season. The teen drama that got released in 2022 with its very first season admired by many, is preparing for a second season to be released. The Australian drama is a complete package of thrill and engagement one would need. The story that revolves around a set of teenagers and especially a girl named yes, will not be something that will disappoint you.

Viewers and fans who watched season 1 of the series are well-versed with the amount of thrill the series bring in. Therefore, it will be a treat for the eyes to watch yet another season of Surviving Summer. Hence, without further delay let us talk about the essential details of the upcoming season.

Is Season 2 confirmed?

We have no idea what a real summer is like, so it’s no wonder that an Australian teen drama like Surviving Summer would appeal to Netflix subscribers trapped on this island. However, it has not been announced whether or not a second season would be produced.

The show has also landed in Netflix’s top ten, so here’s hoping for more from the streaming service!

Surviving Summer Season 2 Release Date

The most anticipated information regarding the upcoming season is its release date. Fans and viewers can’t wait to know the date of release and so can’t we. However, the release date has not been officially informed by the makers of the series.

No official information was given about it. This is because the first season was just released on June 3rd, 2022 only and hence it will take some time to produce and film the next season.

However, it has been expected that the second season will be released the next summer i.e. Summer of 2023 because obviously, it is “Surviving Summer” after all.

Surviving Summer Season 2 Cast

Season two’s cast would be determined by what happens and where the series takes place. Nonetheless, we’d want to see the show’s five core cast members return. Summer Torres is played by Sky Katz, Ari Gibson is played by Kai Lewins, Poppy Tetanus is played by Lilliana Bowrey, Marlon Sousa is played by Joao Gabriel Marinho, and Bodhi Johnson is played by Savannah La Rain.

Recurring cast members Chris Alessio as Manu, Mitchell Hardaker as Griff Temple, and Dustin Clare and Adrienne Pickering as Ari’s parents are all expected to return.

Expected Plot for Season 2

Sky remarked, “We’re talking about season two”. “Hopefully. We’re crossing our fingers until then.” Sky said, “There have been discussions about placing some of my songs in the soundtrack. It never happened in real life, but maybe season two will have more of her music and acting. I think several of my songs could be in Surviving Summer.”

Unfortunately, we do not have a trailer for season 2 yet as it is still on standby for confirmation. However, we do have a trailer for season 1 that can be watched below.



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