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Superstar Billy Graham Rants About WWE WrestleMania 31

Superstar Billy Graham has been highly critical of the WWE in recent years, so it probably won’t shock anyone that he wasn’t a fan of WrestleMania. He’s been ranting about it on Facebook for over a week and like a car crash, I just can’t look away.

[adinserter block=”1″]Graham has had an off again/on again relationship with the WWE since he lost the championship in 1978. Graham’s most recent falling out with the company came when Abdullah the Butcher was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2011. Graham was irate when Abdullah went in and immediately demanded to be removed.

“Not just because Shreve had never worked for the WW(W)F or stepped foot inside Madison Square Garden, not just because my good friend Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage was passed over in the honors list of that year, but because Abdullah actually is a butcher in a disturbingly real sense,” said Graham.

“Well, losing touch with reality is one thing; losing respect for other wrestlers’ rights is another, and in my view the ‘Butcher’ has blotted his copybook big time by becoming a suspected spreader of Hepatitis C through his negligence when blading in the ring.”

Graham has always been outspoken and continues to post his rantings on his Facebook page. Again this is his personal page, not a fan page. Graham will randomly pop up from time to time and cut promos on the WWE which are amusing and yet disturbing at times. Graham has become somewhat obsessed with WrestleMania 31 and has ranted about it several times in the last week. The timeline began during WrestleMania. It starts off with Billy clearing up something he said about the Undertaker and degenerates into Graham calling fans “marks” for questions they have asked him. Billy’s biggest problem is with the blood in Brock Lesnar’s match and possible blading.


Mania 31
Hi fans, I wanted to make clear some things that I said in my last post about the Undertaker, not to be taken the wrong way. When I said he is haggard, old looking, broken down, and can barely walk, I absolutely meant no disrespect to this icon. Actually, I could be describing myself today, Friday, March 27th, 2015 with those same exact words. I have spent hours with Taker quite a few times in various locker rooms around this country. Me asking him about his career and him asking me tons of questions about my career; a man of dignity indeed. I am just hoping he doesn’t get hurt in this match on Sunday like he did last year or maybe worse. I really believe that this match will be his last. Also, I know that Sting with his massive ego is praying to someone that it won’t be, and he will face the Taker next year in Dallas and of course pin the Undertaker and be the man to end his career. Fans don’t know this but I do, Sting has a massive ego. Guess what Sting, you are getting old as well. You can see the cracks and age lines through your face paint and receding hair line my man and it’s not pretty. Power and peace to the Undertaker. Below, is a photo that Roman Reigns will not be able to duplicate after his match with Lesnar, nice person that Roman is. Superstar

Mania 31
Hey fans, the first thing that I want to say is how good I thought the Taker looked, especially compared to last year, even Lawler mentioned it. Had his hair done nice, been in the gym, and had been taking the right supplements. I am very glad he didn’t get hurt and shows one can make a comeback if they want to, good for him. What I want to hear about from you fans is what did you think of the finish to the championship match ? Personally, I thought it smelled like crap. Superstar.

Mania 31
I have never quite seen a WWE world championship belt won in such a way and it’s very obvious that Lesnar can tell Vince what he is going to do and then do it. Being suspended indefinitely by Stephanie means Lesnar wants a vacation and I bet we won’t see him back in the ring until Summer Slam. But the real question I want answered is how long will Seth Rollins stay champion and wear that belt ? Not long I believe. Very hard worker this man is and I hope he draws well with his new WWE world championship belt. I would hope that he would keep it until Summer Slam when Lesnar will then take it back. Below is a photo that I believe my fans will enjoy and will actually go up on Ebay in a few days. The bloody win against Bruno to start my about 10 month reign as the first long term WWWF champion heel. Enjoy, Superstar.

Mania 31
Hello fans, I was just wondering what your thoughts are concerning Lesnar running a razor blade across his forehead during his mania match ? Personally, I dont get it. They already have 76,000 fans in the arena and thousands more watching on PPV or the WWE network. It makes all former and future head shots into the ring post mean nothing now. The no blood policy is fine but what was the reason for blood in this match ? Also Sting is dead. Triple H saw to that, he wont draw a dime at mania in Dallas next year. He wants to work against the Undertaker, it’s “been his dream ” makes him sound like a child, get a grip Sting please – who is going to be the baby face in that match ? Certainly not you. The first of next week I am going to have a new post about Vince McMahon’s remarks to me while I was conducting the great Eddie Guerrero’s funeral service. Photo of Eddie and I below, enjoy. Superstar

These may be the best and the worst of Billy. Many fans responded to Billy with comments, most positive and supportive of the Superstar. Yet a few fans politely disagreed with Graham about Lesnar blading. Disagreeing with the Superstar is disrespect according to Graham and while he calls it “good honest debate” it is obvious that the Superstar is not very happy about it.

‘Mania 31 Fans, First off thank you for your feedback. I always appreciate intelligent and respectful responses to my statements. Respectful disagreement makes for a good honest debate, that’s positive stuff. But NEVER disrespect me in your responses or you will be blocked in less than a heart beat. I always enjoy Janie Mullins comments; very intelligent and a respectful young lady.

# 1. To you Steve Golac, who said “There was no evidence of blading ( by Lesnar ) at all before or after he hit the post.” No sh*t dude, there isn’t supposed to be any evidence is there ? Do you just want him to stand in the middle of the ring and run a razor blade across his forehead ? Please, don’t be a f*cking mark here.

[adinserter block=”2″]# 2. Robert Aiello said, ” Taker got gassed and was laying on his back at the end of the match.” The man is 50 plus years old and had a hell of a match so marks like you can get off. Its called “blowing up” Taker was in the ring with a man half his age dude.

# 3 Everyone is worried about Sting, F Sting. Khalil Douiss said ” No face no heel, just 2 supernatural forces colliding.” Oh god dude, are you some left over Star Trek freak ?? At Wrestlemania you need a heel vs a baby face man, god, come on, you marks are really wearing me out. Have a good day and check out the photo below of the first meeting of me and Booker T backstage at the 2004 Hall of Fame ceremony.

As amusing as these exchanges are I have to say that I love the Superstar. I interviewed him back in 2007 and developed a brief friendship with him. He was great to talk to and always a lot of fun to interview on the radio. I like him a lot and feel he is a bit misunderstood at times. That said, this probably doesn’t put the legend in the best of light.

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