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Super Bowl XLIV MVP Betting

Peyton Manning Commercial There are only a few hours left until one of the biggest sporting events of the year: Super Bowl XLIV. It is also one of the biggest sports betting days of the year, and the Super Bowl line is set with the Colts favored by around 5 points.

After picking a winner, take some time and pick your most valuable player. Since the Super Bowl odds favor Indianapolis, the MVP will likely come from the Colts.

There is no need to be cunning; Peyton Manning is and should be the favorite to be the MVP. Not that we need to list the reasons, but he is the best quarterback in the league, and he is at the top of his game. He can manage, lead, and find any way to win. The Colts quarterback is known around the league as the most prepared player each and every Sunday, and with two weeks to focus on the biggest game of the year, Manning will be ready.

[adinserter block=”1″]Manning means a great deal to not only the current league, but to its history as well. Even if one of his receivers has a strong game, it is still likely the voters will opt for Manning simply because of his work ethic and leadership. He is one of the few players that makes everyone better around him.

However, if we want to try to be clever, there may be few x factors who can benefit from Manning and earn the MVP as a result in an upset. Wide receiver Pierre Garcon was the best receiver on the field in the AFC Championship game against the Jets with his big performance. Manning spreads the ball around and will throw to who ever is open. The New Orleans Saints, like the Jets, simply do not have enough defensive backs to cover all the Colts weapons.

[adinserter block=”2″]And now for a deep MVP sleeper. Should the Colts prevail, it will of course be under the leadership and game management of Peyton Manning. His play calling is superior, and when the Saints are ready for a passing play, he will not hesitate to turn to the run and Joseph Addai. The overlooked Colts running back has had a fine year and has a shot to break out this coming Sunday. Firstly, the Saints to do not have a good running defense which favors Addai. Secondly, with all eyes on Manning and his wide outs, there should be more lanes for the Colts backs to operate. Thirdly, should the Colts get up big, they can and will run the clock and run the ball.

The MVP picks, over/under, and other prop bets make for a very exciting day. There are betting services available to help manage all the selections and possibilities. Manning is the way to go for the MVP, but if you want a big more risk and reward, check out Garcon and Addai for the Colts as well. And if you’re convinced of a Saints upset, look to Pierre Thomas to lead the way on the ground.

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