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Super Bowl: AL Michaels to Depart from NBC?

A thrilling game for Al Michaels to wrap things up with NBC? 

It may be the end of an era at NBC TV. Al Michaels who has been with the company since 2006 looks set to leave for another adventure. Michaels has been an integral part of the game with his Sunday night shows.

Al Michaels has been running play by plays in the Super Bowl for quite some time now and it was only appropriate if he is to end his time with the NBC in a Super bowl. Although it is not official yet, this move is expected to be completed within a matter of time.

Al Michaels has been offered a role of covering the league for Amazon Prime as the Company is set to become the official home for Thursday Night Football next season onwards.

Al Michaels dropped a subtle hint for an upcoming switch 

This was Al’s Michael’s 11th Super Bowl assignment which now ties him with Former CBS and Fox Sports announcer Pat Summerall for the most ever by a TV commentator.

His new deal will be taking him to the streaming platforms which will mean a break from traditional Tv commentary. Amazon Prime wanted to add NFL to their offerings and have paid around 1billion USD to acquire the streaming rights for the same.

Along with this deal, the company has also offered Al Michaels a contract wherein he will cover the commentary on their platform. The deal is expected to be on the verge of completion. Michaels is set to earn around 11million USD including all forms of payments.

The announcer dropped hints about his intention to switch in the finals. Michaels said to his partner, Cris Collinsworth, ”Slide in for one final time.” Michael also said to Collinsworth, ”You and I, don’t know what our future holds, pal, but 13 phenomenal years and we get this game.”

He is expecting a big switch in his career. With all the signs in front of us, one could deduce that the move will pull through.

Amazon Prime making preparations for the arrival of the NFL 

Al Michaels isn’t the only one that Amazon Prime has approached. As per reports, Fox Sports’ Troy Aikman is also a target for the giant. Aikman has the option of opting out this season which allows him to seek a new deal.

Aikman may choose to switch or work for both franchises which can allow him to eat from both pies. There could be a similar deal for AL Michaels too. Along with that NFL stars, Marshawn Lynch and Tony Gonzalez are approached to be the face of the pre-game show.

The only real challenge in streaming will be a new atmosphere that the platform has to create. For example, Hotstar has access to Star’s Tv channels and thus the same content is being shown.

With Prime, the pre-game show and even the coverage will be different which leaves that small window of doubt. The public’s reaction may deviate from expectation which is why the Platform is pouring all of its efforts into making it a success.



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