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SummerSlam 2010 Results – The Undertaker and Daniel Bryan return

SummerSlamAll the SummerSlam results may not look like you had hoped. The Undertaker returned as predicted, yet he was not the only surprise. Daniel Bryan returned to the WWE as the 7th man on Team WWE and helped defeat Nexus in a great main-event.

It looks like Daniel Bryan will be resuming his feud with The Miz. The Miz earlier in the night said he would be Team WWE’s seventh man. However as he came out to start the match, John Cena told him that he was too late and they got a new partner. This is when Daniel Bryan made his return and The Miz was told to pack his bags.

[adinserter block=”2″]Last seen in the WWE choking Justin Roberts with his tie and spitting on John Cena, Daniel Bryan has finally finished serving his punishment and is back in the WWE. Bryan wound up replacing the Great Khali as the 7th man on Team WWE. Bryan was the star of the match eliminating Darren Young and Heath Slater in the main-event with a crossface. Bryan was subsequently attacked from behind by The Miz and the MITB brief case and was easy prey for Wade Barrett.

An interesting side note here is that the WWE had a very WCW-like moment earlier in the day. had an article up before SummerSlam reporting that Daniel Bryan was the 7th member of Team WWE. The article was quickly pulled but not before the error made the rounds on the Internet.

In one of those finishes that will make you scratch your head, John Cena made Wade Barrett tap to win the match at around the 35:00 mark. After months of building Nexus into this strong unit and packaging Wade Barrett as the big star of the group, Barrett taps in the first match with Cena. The finish is just simply mind boggling to me. It amazes me that every time the WWE gets close to elevating a young star that they wind up putting John Cena over on them (The Miz).

Like last year, the Undertaker made an unannounced appearance at SummerSlam. While the Undertaker was in all of the SummerSlam television commercials, nobody ever said he would definitely be there. After defeating Rey Mysterio, Kane dragged Mysterio to the coffin. When he opened it, the Undertaker appeared and the place went crazy. Kane wound up leaving the Undertaker laid out after a Tombstone.

Overall SummerSlam was a pretty entertaining show. The main-event was pretty hot and other than the result, lived up to expectations. I just don’t know where things go from here between Nexus vs. Team WWE. The heat on Nexus was squashed tonight which means either they are moving on or tonight will be the beginning of the next several weeks of Nexus getting squashed. Vince McMahon recently said that SummerSlam was the beginning of the turnaround for the WWE.

[adinserter block=”1″]Maybe he meant that the WWE would be turning around and moving backwards with John Cena vs. Edge and the Undertaker vs. Kane because right now it looks like the WWE is turning back the clock about 5-10 years.

Full WWE SummerSlam 2010 results…
Team WWE defeated Nexus
Randy Orton defeated Sheamus via disqualification
Kane defeated Rey Mysterio
Dolph Ziggler fought Kofi Kingston to a no-contest
Melina defeated Alicia Fox to win the WWE Divas championship
Big Show defeated C.M. Punk, Luke Gallows, and Joey Mercury in a handicap match

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  1. I think the main event was booked well. Cena won in the end (making casual fans happy) and Daniel Bryan made a huge impact on a big stage (making Internet fans happy). The Nexus can easily re-group by adding new members and/or hijacking RAW tonight.

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