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WWE SummerSlam 2010 Preview and Predictions

SummerSlamThe summer tradition for the WWE is to have the annual SummerSlam event. As of this writing, only five matches have been announced. Maybe just maybe there will be another match or two on the card, but the Nexus vs. Team RAW Elimination 14-man match should go for a while (hopefully). Here’s my brief history of the three main matches and my predictions for the matches.

World Heavyweight Championship
[adinserter block=”2″]Kane (Champ) versus Rey Mysterio

This match I find interesting. This is the 2nd time he’s the World Champion (3rd if you count the ECW title run). And Kane won the Money in the Bank contract at the last pay-per-view and cashed it in that night against Mysterio after his match against Jack Swagger. I’m happy to see Kane as World Heavyweight Champion, I feel like he deserves it.

It’s been rumored that the Undertaker will show up at SummerSlam. If that’s true, one would assume that he’ll make his appearance in this match and maybe cost Kane the World title. If this is written in the storyline, I hope Kane retains the title because it’s very hard for me to see Mysterio as World Champ. I won’t go into the reasoning here, maybe at another time. But if the Undertaker comes, maybe have him help Kane win the match, then attack him afterwards.

Prediction: Kane, because it’s hard for me to see Mysterio as a legit World Champ.

WWE Championship
Sheamus (Champ) versus Randy Orton

This match I’m kind of interested in. This is the second time this two have faced each other for the WWE title in the main event match. The last time was at the Royal Rumble, where Sheamus retained the title via disqualification because Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase interfered. This time wouldn’t happen. Partly that Legacy broke up, and mainly because of the Mystery Raw General Manager made the stipulation being that if anyone interferes, they’ll be interfered, and if Orton loses, he can’t receive a rematch.

Granted, for me personally, I dislike having Orton in another main event match at a pay-per-view, but at least it isn’t John Cena. I’m sorry, but it always seems to appear that Cena’s either the Champ or the challenger for the World title on Raw. And Sheamus being the WWE Champ, for me again, is a breath of fresh air as Champ.

Prediction: Sheamus, simply because I don’t want to see Randy Orton as Champ for the millionth time. I feel like it’s a new change having a new face as WWE Champion.

Seven versus Six Survivor Series match
[adinserter block=”1″]Nexus versus Team Raw (John Cena, John Morrison, R. Truth, Chris Jericho, Edge, and Bret Hart)

This Nexus invasion storyline has drawn some interest in the wrestling community. With listening to podcasts from the Wrestling Observer website, people have been subscribing to their site to get their intake on the storyline (they meaning Dave Meltzer, Bryan Alveraz, and Vinny). I highly suggest subscribing to them and their site. I’m sure Eric Gargiulo would agree.

Anyways after that plug, I enjoyed the back-story with this feud. The Nexus dudes are solid and are together. The Raw team aren’t together and are feuding on who should be the captain of the team, who should be in the team, etc. This match should be awesome with the Raw team being a man short (as of Raw Monday night)

With some thought on who could be the 7th man on the Raw team, I would love to see the Miz or Mr. McMahon on the team. The Miz doesn’t have a match on the card and Creative is trying to push him hard, so him being on the team would help. Mr. McMahon because the last time we saw him, he was attacked by the Nexus and what why to get back at them than face them at SummerSlam?

Prediction: Nexus, because I have a feeling (so do my sources) that someone on the Raw team will turn on the Raw team and have the Nexus win. Also they need a push, and what better then defeat the Raw legends.


All I have to say about this is: I hope this year’s SummerSlam does better for a buyrate than last years. I watched last year’s live and the event didn’t live up to hype. Because of that, I’m neither ordering SummerSlam this year nor going anywhere to watch it live. That saddens me a little, but what could I do? I’m hoping that the 14-man Elimination tag match lives up to the hype, but the Nexus guys are pretty green. And let’s hope Orton doesn’t win the WWE title. This is Eric Darsie from Minnesota, until text time!

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  1. Only prediction: Mysterio beats kane, Undertaker comes out to help Mysterio beat his attacker (Duh! His name is Kane… Of course he attacked his brother.). Mysterio hands the championship to the Undertaker "where it rightfully belongs" (Mysterio on Friday Night Smackdown)

  2. I am not ordering Summerslam either, mainly because I feel the card doesn't justify the amount that they are charging for the show. I have ZERO interest in the Rey vs. Kane match, as both characters are beyond boring at this point. The RAW title match is just okay; I couldn't see Orton and Sheamus putting on anything better than a 3-star match. So that leaves the WWE/Nexus match, which I am definitely interested in, but not enough to justify spending $39.95. So anyway, here are my predictions:

    Team Nexus over Team WWE. Expect either a major heel turn and/or new Nexus member(s) to show up. Personally I would love to see the latter, with the Nexus potentially doubling in size (with current NXT wrestlers joining, or something like that).

    Kane over Rey Mysterio. (Or not, who cares).

    Randy Orton over Sheamus. Orton wins the title; The Miz comes out and cashes in MITB; Orton hits a quick RKO and pins Miz.


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