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Summerslam 2016 Match By Match Recap & Review


Summerslam 2016 is over. It was a great overall build up with the potential of being one of the best Summerslams in history but it was not the case. Overall, it was a pretty good pay per view but it could’ve been better if the card was laid out properly.

Part of the problem may have been too much wrestling that started at the five o’clock hour with the first kickoff match to the bloody ending of the main event match by eleven o’clock. The crowd was fairly quiet after the Styles/Cena match. The New York crowd is usually hot but it could’ve been the combo of coming down from the high of the Styles/Cena match and the length of the show.

Regardless, it was another fun night of getting together with friends to indulge in socializing, watching the pay per view, dining on pizzas, meatballs, roast beef, potato chips & onion dip.

Kickoff Matches

American Alphas, Usos, Hype Brothers defeat Ascension, Breezango, Vaudevillans by pinfall – I missed this match as I didn’t arrive until 6:00 pm due to some traffic and driving through a very brief heavy thunderstorm. I forgot who won this match until I typed this article.

Sami Zayn & Neville defeated The Dudley Boyz by pinfall – Expected Zayn and Neville to win this match. The Dudleys, one of the all-time great tag teams are now mostly jobbers in this stage of their careers while getting over the other superstars.

Sheamus defeated Cesaro – Sheamus leads the best of seven series 1-0 in an entertaining match. This has been a strong program with solid matches the past couple weeks. Too bad not a lot of people will care to see these two go at it at least three more times. I’m still waiting for the Cesaro push again. I love his James Bond-like intro. Sheamus needs to get his hair back to normal. I like him as a heel but the hairdo needs to change!

Summerslam 2016 Results

Chris Jericho & Kevin Owens defeat Enzo Amore & Cass by pinfall – Huge pop as expected from NYC crowd for Enzo & Cass. They rambled on with their monologue to the joy of the crowd but a little too long for me. Maybe I’m too old to get it. I thought it was a given Enzo & Cass would win this match but we were all wrong. I love the Jericho/Owens tag team. Jericho’s been spectacular in his heel role the past six months. Owens is still one of my favorite wrestlers on the roster. I’m curious to see if these two continue to work together or break up.

Backstage – Jon Stewart makes an appearance and seems to be assisting the New Day. Why is he here?

Charlotte pins Sasha to win the Women’s title – Charlotte wins it with a nice counter move for the pin. I had a feeling Sasha’s reign would be short. Kind of like Tommy Rich having that quick title reign in the 80’s. And Charlotte, just like her old man, Ric Flair, gets the belt back from a short hiatus similar to how Ronnie Garvin beat Flair in 1987 only to lose it two months later. The match started off slow but got better as the match progressed. I’m surprised Sasha didn’t seriously hurt herself on a couple of the false bumps.

Miz pins Apollo Crews to retain the Intercontinental Title – Weakest match of the night. Why is Miz still champion? Please get rid of the phantom mask!

AJ Styles pins John Cena – Match of the year! What a way to end this feud! This should’ve been the final match of the night. The moves, the multiple two counts, their facial expressions, they gave it their all. Styles solidified his candidacy for wrestler of the year. WWE is booking Styles wonderfully! Cena takes time off while Styles gets the inevitable title shot.

Jon Stewart – He let himself go. He didn’t look himself. Again, why is he here messing up the strong build of the New Day/Club feud?

Anderson & Gallows defeat The New Day by DQ – Buzzkill Jon Stewart jumps into the ring trying to be funny but it didn’t work. Big E returns but the ref rings the bell because Big E interferes? My guess is to wait at least until day 365 of the New Day’s reign before they lose it to Anderson & Gallows or someone else? Memo to WWE – Please, no more Jon Stewart!

Dean Ambrose defeats Dolph Ziggler to retain WWE Championship – Interesting yet entertaining match. I had to laugh at the very bad attempt by Ambrose to flip himself over into the crowd. What was strange was Ambrose shaking the referee’s hand. What was surprising is the cocky pin Ambrose laid on Ziggler to win the match. Does the mean Ziggler goes back down to mid card purgatory? Most likely it will be A.J. Styles or Bray Wyatt as the eventual number one contender for Ambrose’s title.

Natalya, Alexa Bliss, and Nikki Bella defeat Candace, Naomi, and Becky Lynch – I knew who’d win when Nikki’s music played as the surprise entrant. So Eva Marie couldn’t make it because she’s suffering from exhaustion even though we all knew she was suspended for 30 days?

Introduction of Foreign Commentator Row – Portugal, Russia, Germany, Japan, and France. Different countries but I admire the consistency of the “Life is good! Let’s have some fun!” vibe.

Finn Balor defeats Seth Rollins to become the first WWE Universal Championship – I love Balor’s entrance but he needs to cut back on the poses. Entertaining match but a little surprised Balor won the match. Balor’s ascension to the title has been rapid like Hulk Hogan arriving out of nowhere to defeat the Iron Sheik in January 1984. WWE management loves Balor and will continue to build him.

Roman Reigns vs. Rusev – The match did not even begin. Rusev could not medically compete? That explains the twenty plus minute match last week on Raw. It should’ve been the other way around.

Chicken sandwich/KFC promo – Dolph Ziggler as Colonel Sanders and The Miz dressed up as a chicken. Uh, okay? Not sure which was more useless promo of the night; this or Jon Stewart.

Brock Lesnar defeats Randy Orton – The match stopped due to Orton bleeding excessively. I picked Brock to win and it looked like that’s what was going to happen. We usually expect Brock to bleed but his elbow against Orton’s head broke it open. Whether Lesnar F5-ing Shane McMahon was part of the script remains to be seen. Are we expecting a Shane/Brock match in the future?

So that was my quick match by match account of the evening. Didn’t go into detail with activities at my gathering since there was so much to talk about. I will address a few items from this pay per view in future articles. Until then, we’ll be following Raw and Smackdown for the post pay per view action. I know a lot will happen since this writing.

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