Summer Walker Goes Topless on the BET Awards Red Carpet After Announcing Pregnancy


The first impression is the last.

Summer Walker made her first red carpet appearance at the 2022 BET Awards and it was certainly an impactful debut. The singer showed off in a topless outfit which would certainly make anyone look twice. Her appearance came after she announced she was pregnant.

This is going to be a second baby for Summer and she showed it off through her outfit very boldly. The “Playing Games” singer shocked her fans through an outfit that barely covered her top body. Read more to find out about the singer’s bold outfit and the controversy it brought along with it.

Here is everything we know about it so far:

Summer’s Outfit

26-years-old Summer was nominated at the BET HER Awards for the Best Female R&B/Pop Artist genre. She could not win the award but she certainly won everyone’s attention at the show. The singer’s nearly nude outfit was a Laurel Street coin and crystal bra frame.

It was complemented with a mini-skirt of matching gold color and black colored stilettos chosen by Haylee Ahumada. The singer added gold pasties to the outfit and then brought chaos to the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles.

Summer’s accessories featured two-piece scantily clad earrings, wrist cuffs, and handpieces from accessory designer Hmong jewelry. Her makeup was done by Baddie Coutour who perfectly blended her native complexion with her lashes.

Summer was not accompanied by her husband and rapper-stylist LVRD Pharoah. He however joined her a day ago on Saturday at a pop-up shop singing event.

Summer Confirm’s Her Pregnancy

Summer’s bold appearance on the red carpet came immediately after she announced that she was pregnant for the second time on her social media. She confirmed the news on Saturday on her Instagram account where she said: “People asking me if I’m pregnant. I am and you know I’m very, very, very, very, happy about it”.

She also added: “Very excited about it. And this is gonna be – I’m very, very excited because it’s going to be different from how it was before. It’s really peaceful, really happy, lots of help, lots of love. The only reason I’m even saying anything is that last time I felt very disrespected that people didn’t let me tell that myself.”

However, Summer also expressed her sadness about people taking her pictures and sharing them on the internet before she could announce her pregnancy. She said: “People were taking pictures of me in the store – I know it kind of comes with the job – [but] people took pictures of me and sent it to The Shade Room before I could even announce my pregnancy. I thought that was very disrespectful and it made me very, very, very, very, very upset.”

Summer’s outfit also became a topic of controversy, especially among the Hmong people who claimed that Summer was using culturally significant jewelry inappropriately.


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