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Summer of CM Punk 2k11 + Habitual Line Stepper = The Party Ain’t Over….Yet – Binky’s Ball

CM PunkNow say what you will about the way they handled Punk leaving and return, but no matter what chicken sh*t you throw at this, the man comes out with Chicken Salad.

Throwing in Kevin Nash to the mix of the CM Punk/HHH/John Cena/Alberto Del Rio just cranks it in a new direction. Anyone who saw Punk/Nash going at it verbally last week on raw, combined with the “Habitual Line Stepper” moment on Raw shows why Punk needs to be the champ. He can wrestle, work the mic, say what you feel and is the overall voice of those who are totally over the status quo. But I know what those currently watching this with a fine tooth comb will say, “Cena will get it back”. I’m not so sure……

No matter how Punk/Cena comes out as I’m writing this blog, Punk has too much momentum to just let it go by the wayside after all that’s happened. The seeds are planted & bearing growth. It’s the edge of the new “Austin 3:16”. Punk is our antihero. Straightedge & straight up do not give a f*ck with what verbage comes out of his mouth. But that’s what we love about it. There’s always a payoff at the end of the road. And for the Cena naysayers, the Punk/Cena matches have brought out some of the best matches John Cena had in quite awhile. You can see the intensity & they give it their all, which at the end of the day is all wrestling fans really want.

[adinserter block=”2″]Now comes Del Rio who rise in the E has been well viewed since he debuted. He oozes that natural heel charisma that makes everyone go ugh. But he backs up the talent with the Mexican wrestling pedigree he was brought up on. Him winning the title the way he did wasn’t too surprising. If they go DelRio/Cena, it can go down with Del Rio retaining, Cena winning, Punk in the title chase. Or DelRio/Punk with similar scenarios going down. If crafted correctly it can be a good title chase leading into the next major ppvs down the line.But if the plan is still to have Cena vs Rock at Wrestlemania, I cant see them keeping the belt on Cena when the Rock is vested so much in Hollywood & they still need a main event title match.

There’s so many ways this can play out without anyone looking weak. It’s just a matter of crafting the right amount of talent & madness. Are you #teampunk #teamcena or #teamdelrio? No matter how you combine it, there is wrestling to be had. And throwing Nash in, it can be good. That can go in so many different directions. And on a seperate note who is digging Johnny Ace as the new Head Stooge in Charge? He bringing devious back. Yup #summerofpunk2k11 might be leading into a uber fall lineup of matches, twists, turns. I’m hopeful it will be good. Hell… could be worse. Flip to TNA.

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**On another note, some of you may or may not know, there’s been controversy in Richmond, VA regarding the burlesque scene I’m vested in. Due to some ABC licensing issues in response to another show getting a warning, I had to change venues so my group Richmond Burlesque Babies will be making their debut at the Richmond, Triangle Players, 1300 Altamont Avenue, Richmond, VA August 24th. 8pm 18+ $10 admission. I as well as some of the freshest burlesque girls will be giving our variations of back to school routines.

And in a wrestling twist, our 2 delinquent students/guest stars is local VA/MD wrestlers, the tag team duo of Robbie Wayne & Drako. The boys believe they will steal the show but the girls might have a few tricks up their sleeves to counteract these “class clowns”. Who will come out on top, the wrestlers or the babies….it’s a battle of the sexsi in the classroom.

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Keep on Dancing, Supporting Wrestling & Habitually Line Stepping

Binky Daze

Burlesque Chick~Wrestling Fan~All Around Deviant

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