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Suggestions Surface as a Halloween Mask is Removed

Batman CostumeDuring the final full week of September, 2009, well before the arrival of Halloween, Eagles’ player Sheldon Brown was photographed wearing a mask. He hid behind that mask during the introduction ceremonies at an NFL football game. Brown’s irate coach fined him $10,000 for that uncalled for, costumed walk onto the field.

Any parents who do not like to see their children dressed in Halloween costumes can point to that occurrence as some proof that the wearing of masks (and perhaps any sort of costume) is now much less accepted by society. Parents who do not want their children parading around the neighborhood in a costume could suggest that professional coaches discourage use of any sort of costume.

[adinserter block=”1″]This writer can not speak for all coaches, or all parents. However, this writer once had a co-worker who allowed his children to go trick-or-treating, but only if they went door to door in their normal, everyday clothes. He thought that it was wrong for any person to dress in a costume. Apparently, there are several other parents who agree with that gentleman. I recently saw a request for advice that could aid a parent who was opposed to the use of Halloween costumes.

This writer would like to suggest that in such cases, the parents and children could seek a sort of compromise. Girls generally like to wear jewelry and make up. Halloween night might become a time when a daughter is allowed to walk around with a touch of make up and some bright, shiny jewelry. A boy might want to don a T-shirt with an especially clever message.

CNN has begun producing T-shirts. Each shirt carries a line that relates to some past TV news. Almost every social and religious organization sells one or more T-shirts. Another thing that a parent might suggest to a boy is the wearing of fake military insignia. Of course, the boy who wore such fake insignia would need to avoid claiming that he was wearing “the real deal.”

If parents resist allowing even those tiny “costume hints,” then the child who plans to go trick-or-treating might ask about wearing a sort of “badge,” something like a student might get a school. Some teachers allow their best students to wear a badge or patch that announces the student’s great achievements. Don’t you think it would be fun for any young child to walk around with a badge that read “Best in Class”?

The above are just some ideas thrown out by this writer. Perhaps these ideas will motivate other families to arrive at alternative solutions. This year at least, there should be few, if any, pleas from children who want to wear a Jason’s mask on Halloween night.

The above article was written by Sue Chehrenegar. Sue has written a number of holiday themed articles. Sue likes to make each holiday a “learning experience.” She thus develops her articles with that in mind. After getting a degree in biology, Sue used her research skills to expand her personal knowledge in the area of child development. She has her own blog at http://chehrenegar.blogspot.com.

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