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Street Fighter’s Sakura and Blanka Join Fortnite: Everything to Know

You don’t see Blanka wearing a suit every day.

In the celebration of 35 years of Street Fighter, Fortnite is adding more characters from the game playable as skins. Previously, Fortnite already had four skins from the Street Fighter game and now two more will be added to the fray which is Blanka and Sakura.

But that’s not all, Sakura and Blanka are not just coming as a skin but will also be arriving with new goodies, extra accessories, new events, and some new looks that will make you say “Yeet!”.

Without further ado, here is everything we know about the upcoming skins so far:


Blanka first appeared in street fighter back in 1991 and had an animal-like appearance which complimented his animalistic fighting style. In Fortnite, Blanka will be coming with his original look of a Brazilian fighter’s shorts and shackles.

However, that’s not all. Blanka will also come fully suited and will be wearing a, well… a suit. His appearance in a suit is being called Blanks Delgado alt Style which is apparently inspired by Boman Delgado, the fighting game character from Rival School.

Blanka skin also comes with a complimentary farming ax called “Tropical Hazard Kebab Pickaxe” and back bling called “Blanka-chan”. Blanka skin will also come with an emote of its own called Blanka Backflip.


Sakura debuted in the Street Fighter game in 1996 and was the fourth female fighter in the series. Sakura’s character was portrayed as a young Japanese high-school girl in a short skirt and top and Ryu was her idol.

Sakura will come to Fortnite in her original appearance and her alt style will be inspired by her gym style look in Street Fighter 4. Sakura’s skin will come with a pickaxe as well called the “Fighting Tournament Trophy Pickaxe” and her emote will be called “Sakura’s Victory Sway Emote”. Her outfit’s back bling is called “Hanazake Claw”.

Sakura skin will come with an additional goodie and a new glider will be added which will be called “Kayari Buta Glider”.

Bonus Stage

Blanka and Sakura will also come with a tournament called the Blanka & Sakura Cup. This tournament will be organized in two versions by Epic Games:

  • Mobile-only Zero Build Duos Cup – 27 April
  • All-platforms Battle Royale Duos Cup – 28 April

As for the rewards of the tournament, the highest performing players region-wise will get the chance to earn a Bonus Loading Screen which will feature Sakura and Blanks wrecking Peely’s car which was parked in the wrong spot.

Fortnite is currently set to reach 7.7 billion concurrent players on Thursday.



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