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Stone Cold Steve Austin talks CM Punk, WWE Attitude Era, and more

The newest piece of the WWE 13 marketing puzzle is an interview with Steve Austin. I don’t know how badly this video wants to make me buy the game, but I am even more pumped for a potential Austin vs. CM Punk match coming out of this interview.

[adinserter block=”1″]I am not a big fan of WWE video games but the marketing for WWE 13 has been the most brilliant I can ever recall when it comes to a wrestling game. This whole idea of building off of an Austin vs. Punk dream match as incentive to buy the video game is fantastic. We’ll see in several weeks if it pays off but one thing is for sure. These videos have fans more convinced than ever that Punk and Austin will be tangling at an upcoming WrestleMania event.

This is just a tremendous video. Austin stays in character the whole time reminding us how just how awesome the Texas Rattlesnake’s promos are. It really is something else watching and listening Austin and comparing him to today’s WWE stars. Quite frankly all and even CM Punk for that matter, aren’t even in his league. I am probably enjoying these Austin promos and videos more than anything else in pro wrestling this year.

Austin talks about a variety of topics in this video. Of course the topic of CM Punk takes precedence here as the whole idea behind these campaigns is for an Austin vs. Punk match. Austin also talks about the WWE Attitude Era as well as gives a brief history of his career and how he got to that historic era in professional wrestling. The video is close to 15 minutes and worth going out of your way to see whether you are going to buy the game or not.

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  1. You are so right about Austin's promos, Eric …. Punk 's promos aren't in the same league. For that matter, Punk himself isn't in the same league. Can't draw flies, and that's all that really matters when we're talking WWE. Any wonder that cable ratings have been tanking ever since he became a marquee guy? Kind of ironic that Vince has to resurrect Rock to push Cena and now will bring back Stone Cold to fill the house for an otherwise half empty Punk match. "Best in the World?" He's not even the best in the locker room.


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