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Stone Cold Steve Austin Responds To CM Punk

Steve AustinStone Cold Steve Austin and CM Punk are doing a great job building up a match that isn’t likely to happen for at least a year and a half. While their WrestleMania 29 match may have to wait a year, they sure are planting the seeds for one of the most intriguing feuds of 2013.

[adinserter block=”2″]CM Punk has been dropping Austin’s name for several weeks on RAW in his promos. As a matter of a fact, Punk has been going well out of his way to get his digs in on the Texas Rattlesnake practically weekly. Austin may not be anywhere near a WWE ring, but the technology of 2012 has allowed Austin to respond, getting fan’s hopes up for a potential clash of the titans at WrestleMania.

Austin recently uploaded a video response to Punk’s promo and in typical Stone Cold fashion, it is a great one! It’s only 59 seconds long but you get the point.

Hey, it’s Stone Cold Steve Austin, I’m coming to you from Mexico where I’m out here working on Redneck Island and I heard through word on the street that CM Punk has been running down Stone Cold Steve Austin on Monday Night Raw for the past two weeks. I heard that you’ve been running me down. I didn’t see the show, so I haven’t heard or seen the promos. But I’ll get on YouTube, I’ll watch ’em, I’ll respond accordingly on my website, Or hell, if anybody up there in that organization, including you, got any guts or class you’ll send me the damn promos so I can respond accordingly. But you ain’t going to talk trash about me and I’m just going to let it slide. You call yourself the best in the world, you’re a damn joke and I ain’t going to get carried away here because I haven’t seen the promos, I just know that the words you had to say weren’t flattering. This is Stone Cold Steve Austin. You are looking, you are listening, to the best in the world and that’s all I got to say about that.

Besides how great it is to hear from Austin, I have a few takeaways from the promo. The first being is that Redneck Island is filmed in Mexico. Am I the only one that finds that a bit humorous? The second being that Austin didn’t use Tout. WWE has invested a lot of money in Tout and while I am sure Austin has no clue about it, it is a bit funny to see the video sent in using a Tout competitor, Who Say. The third and most important is just how effective Austin was at getting his message across in 59 seconds at a time where the WWE will spend 15-20 minutes on a promo segment that goes nowhere.

[adinserter block=”1″]Granted it is hardly the best promo I have ever heard from Austin but again, it is fun to hear from Austin, and even more fun to hear him stir the pot for a CM Punk match. The fact that the WWE would allow Punk to drop Austin’s name and Austin would go to this much trouble to respond tells me that something is eventually in the works. If Austin and Punk are going to wrestle in 2013, they are doing a great job of stirring the pot long in advance to what could be one of the most fun WrestleMania feuds in recent memory.

Steve Austin on WhoSay
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