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Stone Cold Steve Austin Recalls Interesting Moment With WWE CEO Vince McMahon

Don’t hold your breath waiting for Stone Cold Steve Austin to challenge the beast incarnate at WrestleMania 32. Austin spoke about a conversation with Vince McMahon that resulted in a lot of heat and a lot of shattered dreams for wrestling fans.

[adinserter block=”2″]Austin found himself in a little bit of hot water several weeks ago after a podcast with his old manager Paul Heyman on the WWE Network. Austin and Heyman had fun with the idea of Austin wrestling Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 32. Austin cut a promo on Heyman and teased the match so hard that many predicted that his promo was the first of many more to come. Unfortunately, wishful thinking will not result in seeing the dream match.

It has been reported since that Vince McMahon was irate at Austin and Heyman for teasing the match. McMahon reportedly felt that both, specifically Austin shouldn’t tease a match that big without agreeing to do it. In McMahon’s eyes, he probably saw it as a huge distraction from anything else that would be teased for Mania 32 along the way and he’d probably be right.

Austin recently spoke about the conversation with McMahon on a podcast. Here is how it went down according to the Texas Rattlesnake. According to Austin, he received the call while trying on shorts at Macy’s store.

I have Vince listed in my iPhone 6 [as] ‘VKM’, all capital letters. All of a sudden, ‘hmmm… it’s Mr. Vince McMahon calling me’, so I’m thinking, ‘okay, I got to answer the phone – he’s either calling to tell me it was a great interview with Paul Heyman, we blew the internet up, or he’s going to call and eat my a$$ out about making a match at WrestleMania 32 with Brock Lesnar’, which was not my intention. It was the latter.

Austin also called the conversation an “interesting moment”. Keep in mind that not only did WWE showcase the Heyman-Austin exchange on its YouTube channel, it is still there.

Austin was recently asked by Ric Flair on Flair’s recent Wooooo Nation podcast about wrestling at WrestleMania 32. Flair was blunt about it asking Austin, “How much money is it going to take to see you taking a bunch of German suplexes from Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 32.”

Austin laughed it off and said that he will definitely not be taking a bunch of German suplexes from the beast incarnate at WrestleMania 32. Austin never used the word “never” but he was much more evasive about it than he was on his own podcast. The only thing he was definitive on was taking the suplexes.

Keep in mind that Austin and Heyman talked about a Texas Death Match. The idea of booking a Texas Death Match would be that Austin wouldn’t have to take a bunch of suplexes and instead could brawl with Lesnar. It was a smart idea to protect Austin and his neck as much as possible against the beast.

[adinserter block=”1″]One thing is pretty clear at this point. Austin won’t be wrestling Lesnar at WrestleMania 32. The finish at SummerSlam all but guaranteed a rubber match between Undertaker and Lesnar at Mania 32. I think we’re past the point of no return where even if Austin wanted to come back, the booking is committed to Taker vs. Lesnar III.

Which is unfortunate because I don’t think there is a fan in the world who wouldn’t want to see Austin and Lesnar duke it out at WrestleMania.

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