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Sting Talks WWE WrestleMania Match With The Undertaker

Sting is a name that has come up annually right around WWE WrestleMania. Fans get excited over rumored matches with The Undertaker and according to the Stinger, the match is just much a dream match to him as it is those rabid wrestling fans.

[adinserter block=”1″]Sting is a fascinating story in the sense that he is probably the biggest U.S. wrestling star over the last few decades not to appear in a WWE ring. That doesn’t stop hopeful fans that create false buzz every year about Sting vs. Undertaker matches that never happen. There was one recent year where everything looked to be falling right into place for that mega match to happen at WrestleMania.

Mysterious videos and an A.W.O.L. Sting had fans excited back in 2011 of the match. In addition to the wishful thinking, one report out of a New York newspaper reported that Sting had signed a one-year contract with the WWE as well as another report that had Sting and the WWE in negotiations. Fan buzz is one thing, but back in 2011 we were talking about actual reports…one from a newspaper! It had to be!

Of course the match never came to be and here we are a few years later and the match is no closer today than it was at any other time than 2011. Where there is smoke there is fire and Sting recently revealed in an exclusive interview with the boys at VOC Nation Radio Network that there was a conversation but any reports of a signing before WrestleMania 27 were false.

Over the last few years those rumors have gotten stronger. I do an annual contract every year and the rumors start right around January. The year that they did the (black and white) vignette, I had nothing to do with it and I had no conversations with the WWE at that time. Shortly afterward there were conversations (with WWE) just by happenstance but nothing official.

It is interesting because you had that one newspaper report where everyone assumed that the match was a lock. If you take Sting at his word here and I have no reason to doubt him, there was only a discussion and it was left at that. That corroborates what Dave Meltzer reported when he reported that Sting and the WWE had an informal conversation and nothing more than that.

So is the match dead? According to Sting it’s not. Sting signs an annual contract with TNA Wrestling every year which leaves the door open for negotiations right before WrestleMania. There is nobody I’d call a “lock” for a match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 30 although Brock Lesnar and John Cena are names that generally get mentioned for the gig. Well don’t count out the Stinger just yet!

It’s no secret. I’ve always wanted to wrestle Undertaker; I’ve said that for years. And who would not want to work Wrestlemania.”

Sting repeated his desire to wrestle The Undertaker to the Farm radio.

It would be awesome to have had at least one match with him. Again, never say never. I’m happy right where I am at the moment and we’ll just see what unfolds here.

The match is certainly intriguing but I have written over the last few years that what looks good on paper may not live up to the hype. First of all, the expectations for something like this would be enormous. Can a match between a 55-year old Sting and a 49-year old Undertaker possibly live up to the hype? I am not so sure it can. Not to mention that The Undertaker has set incredibly high standards for his matches the last few years at WrestleMania while Sting has looked inconsistent.

[adinserter block=”2″]You’d have to think that this is WrestleMania 30 is it for these guys. If the match doesn’t happen next year I think you shut the door on it, lock it, and throw away the key. There are already rumors that next year’s Mania will be the last for the Dead Man and Sting teases retirement every year. At some point they are both bound to call it a day.

I think at this point the match is better left to the imagination than the ring. Yet as long as Sting leaves the door every January you’ll always hear about it and the buzz will always get the better of it. As long as Sting keeps the door open its always a possibility.

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  1. Good stuff as usual, Eric. I agree, it does sound GREAT on paper but when you think about it logically and realistically with their age and that….how good can the match actually be?


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