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Sting, WWE, and the Idea of Backwards Thinking

No matter how hard I try to distance myself from wrestling of the past, the more it seems I cannot get away from the way things, “used to be.”

[adinserter block=”2″]A fan on a message board a simple question, but the answer I gave back to him was more than he probably bargained for.

“If Shawn Michaels could return for one last match, who would you like to see him wrestle?”

I’m not the biggest Michaels fan, but the answer I gave to this innocent fan was more about how I feel with the current state of WWE and its product we see on a weekly basis.

“I don’t want Shawn Michaels to return. In fact, the less we talk about Michaels in the present tense, the better off wrestling would be.”

I hope my comments did not make the fan, who was 18 years old, cry or lose sleep over this. Talking about the greats of the past is fine with me, but they retired for a reason and to try and create some dramatic ending to an already written script does very little for me. Maybe that is why the current state of Sting and WWE is more upsetting than anything else.

The creation of a WWE World Title match involving Seth Rollins and Sting is one that has me as perplexed as idea that the Four Horsemen were created in some backroom in Stamford with a WWF creative team. It’s bogus.

I don’t want to see a 56-year old man raise the company title, defending it night after night as a true representation of how far the business has “advanced.” The fact Steve Borden has leapfrogged the likes of John Cena, Randy Orton, Sheamus and Brock Lesnar to defend the company’s honor and take away what Rollins has created as his best work goes against everything I held pure – and yes there is such thing in professional wrestling – in a squared circle.

I’m a huge Sting fan, but a champion with diminished skills who cannot deliver a 5-star match worries the tar out of me.

No, I am not losing sleep over it. But I cannot bear to watch the mockery of the company’s title division. How does it work that Sting will face Rollins and the likes of Cena and Lesnar have no real opponent at the present time? The creative team had something special in Rollins and Cena, which we all saw last Sunday night. Sting brings drama and excitement and creates the notion that as long as the man in face paint is around, the WWE is safe from the villain who holds the current crown.

There is no logic in what has transpired in the past week, but somehow, some way fans are behind the popular hero.

I wonder what Cena thinks about this move? How can he not cringe a bit at losing his United States Title and the chance to tie Ric Flair for 16 title reigns and the hands of Jon Stewart and then to see his chance to get back in the ring with Rollins at Night of Champions trumped by a plan to have Sting come from nowhere to grab the title.

I’m still wondering where the current creative writers learned to pen scripts and who taught them to write wrestling finishes. I almost long for the days of Eric Bischoff. At least he wrote a program from the ending to the beginning so there was a story and depth.

[adinserter block=”1″]I know. As weird as it sounds it looks just as weird in print.

The company has three weeks to get this right. And they have to use Sting more than a few appearances where he comes out of the shadows. He is going to have to speak and not just let his baseball bat do his talking. This has to come off without a hitch. It’s the situation presented to us. If it fails, there will be major questions to be answered. And WWE does not need another questionable night like it did at SummerSlam. There is more than just integrity riding on Sting’s shoulders. There is also the ability to tell a believable story.

Are we really going to believe what The Icon and WWE are selling?

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