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Sting’s True Impact on WWE and 2015

The wrestling world stood still at about 10:35 Sunday night as Sting finally made his way into a WWE arena and shocked the world.

[adinserter block=”1″] Finally, the business had come full circle. After rumors had run rampant that “The Icon” would give the fans what they have been waiting decades to see, Sting walked into the ring, stared down Triple H and the Authority and changed the WWE in a matter of 10 minutes.

Watching wrestling is now must see television again. My only question about what transpired on Sunday night is, “What took so long?”

The emergence of Steve Borden and his “Sting” persona was a dramatic as Ric Flair walking on the set with the World Title in hand and the day Hulk Hogan jumped to the dark side and joined the NOW. Thank goodness the company finally saw the decline in crowd support, cable buys and the lack of success with the WWE Network to make changes in the format of its storylines. With Sting on board and the potential decline of The Authority, the WWE is walking a different path to success.

Even before the emergence of the man painted in black and white, the change already started with just one punch. Big Show’s heel turn on John Cena and the Shawn Michaels-like performance by Dolph Ziggler signaled the company’s willingness (and possibly Cena’s) to allow other superstars command the spotlight.

If Cena is on board with letting this storyline develop (which also includes what happens with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H), the “Year of Mediocrity” could be saved at the TLC pay-per-view in three weeks and lead to a huge confrontation between Triple H and Stinger.

As one fan wrote online the morning after the event in St. Louis, “There are plenty of storylines that came out of this pay-per-view. Hopefully the WWE will let them play out.”

Right now, I do not think there is any choice but to let things develop and see where they go. There is a chance the 2015 wrestling year will start with a “bang” and continue down a path of change, revolution and revelation. At some point, the Authority angle had to crumble. I do not see it as a complete elimination of the angle, but now the company must worry more about recouping money it has lost from poor business decisions. Sting is the catalyst for the turnaround.

Sorry, John Cena.

While Flair’s arrival in the WWF was not as successful as fans and management had hoped it would be for the company, Hogan’s jump to WCW was every bit the marketing boon it had hoped to be – even if the red and yellow was booed from time to time because he was not the “wrestler” Flair was. Sting has a chance to do what he does best and make the most of it – save the professional wrestling business.

In the early days of the NWA and the growth of WCW, Ric Flair was the top heel, Dusty Rhodes was the top face and slowly, the younger Stinger took over that spot from Rhodes. While the WWE does not have many young stars to build around – although Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are a good start, it is time to get away from John Cena being the company’s John Wayne. In a sense, Sting – although 55 years old – provides the perfect connection to the future of the company.

[adinserter block=”2″] While Reigns recovers and the company decides which WWE superstar will hand over the company title to Rollins, Sting is the one character and performer who will keep the fans’ need for younger talent to thrive at bay. And with the push to make Ziggler a go-to-guy in the company, for once the future in the WWE looks brighter than it has been in years.

Even if it took the dark side of Sting to make all that happen.

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