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Sting vs. The Undertaker: The Thrill Is Gone

Unlike most I give WWE creative the benefit of the doubt more often than not. They make lots of decisions that leave me scratching my head but eventually they hit a homerun like they did last Sunday in Santa Clara. Of course as usual it didn’t take long for the rumors about next year’s event to start flying. Will Stone Cold have one more match in his home state of Texas? Will Goldberg come out of retirement to mail in one last match? Will we relive the attitude era when the leader of DX and the leader of the Nation of Domination go head to head? Rock vs Brock? The rumors will be endless and as always a lot of fun to debate. However the Sting vs Undertaker rumor needs to go away. At most this match would be a cheap pop to feed the nostalgia of 90’s wrestling fans and nothing more.

[adinserter block=”1″]The first question I have is who is going to carry the match? It’s been seven or eight years since the Undertaker had a Mania match where he needed to carry is opponent, which was against Batista. After Batista he goes against Shawn Michael twice, HHH twice, CM Punk, Brock Lesnar and Bray Wyatt. Now don’t get you commenting panties in a bunch fellas, I am not saying that he didn’t perform in those matches. In fact I think his first match with Michaels is the greatest match of all time. In order to make those matches to be epic, Taker had to perform. However, he was in the ring with top notch performers in top notch shape who did more than their share of the work. Can Sting carry the Undertaker to an epic match in the new WWE?

The second question that comes to mind is, who is Sting? That may sound like a silly question but there are a lot of wrestling fans who have no idea who this guy is. I know who he is but I watched him take down the NWO almost 20 years ago. I watched him take Flair to the limit time and time again. I even caught a few peaks at him in the Main Event Mafia during his TNA days. I would argue for most of the current WWE fan base, this feud with HHH is all they know. And he lost!

For my seven year old son, Sting is the guy who failed to take down HHH. He isn’t the savior of WCW, he isn’t the icon, he isn’t the franchise, he is just Sting. I know that is probably wrestling heresy, but let’s be honest here. The WWE agrees with me. When you think back to Sting’s match at WrestleMania what were the most memorable moments? DX, NWO, Shawn Michaels, bat, and sledgehammer. No one remembers the Stinger splash because Ziggler’s is better. No one remember the half-ass scorpion death lock, Nattie’s sharpshooter is better. I was in Santa Clara and I loved every match, but Sting’s match didn’t have me on the edge of my seat until “BREAK IT DOWN!”

The third question I have at this point is why? What is there left to fight for? The Streak is over, the match against the next dark force (Bray Wyatt) is over, the battle to bring down HHH’s empire is over and Sting has now had his WrestleMania moment. What is left to get excited about? The only hope this match has of being entertaining is to have a great storyline. At least then the ring work won’t matter as much as the resolution of whatever conflict is being fought over. Don’t be fooled but the “rebirth” of the Undertaker.

[adinserter block=”2″] Sure he looked to be in much better shape against Wyatt but the pace and style of match helped create that image. Had this been a rematch vs Lesnar I am sure he would have looked outmatched. Same with Sting, HHH was a good opponent. Capable of working a slower match as the Cerebral Assassin as opposed to power matches like those from Reigns or Lesnar.

No one wins the battle against father time and as far as I am concerned the only place for Sting and the Undertaker at WrestleMania 32 is at the Hall of Fame podium thanking the fans for their unwavering support. It’s time for the Sting vs Undertaker at Mania rumors to rest in peace.

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Jason Duclos
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  1. While I like the thought of the buildup and promos that Sting and Undertaker could have, I don’t think the match will live up to the hype. Sting needs a good dance partner to have a match with. Same with Undertaker.

    • I agree with what your saying, however what new talent would you want to see wrestle Sting that would increase a buy rate at a pay view? As much as these young people watch the shows it’s the older fans that keep buying it every couple of months for their kids. I mean who would pay for Sting versus Sheamus or Daniel Bryan or Dolph or for that matter Sting versus John Cena. Maybe and I mean maybe Sting versus Randy Orton would work but you would have to bring back the legend killer angle. Which he could win but there would need to be a lot of work for that angle to work again. I just don’t see it with anyone else other than Taker.

  2. Jason, I think you are not sold because the build up isn’t there. It may have been a good match between Sting and Trips but the build up really wasn’t there, to me. I think a proper story line would work and keep everyone interested including you. I think Jripper tapped unto something with Taker going corporate again and joining the Authority, maybe Kane forces him to wrestle for them or lose his job? Maybe have him attach Reigns and Brook and have Sting make the save and confront the Deadman like “What are you doing” and have him chokeslam Sting and look down at him like he was sorry and he didn’t want to do it and walk up the ramp and through the authority as they stand on the ramp celebrating. The following week Sting comes out and make some innate speech about turning his back on the fans and Taker music hits and he comes out in full garb and cuts a great promo to Sting and Chokeslam him again and this time with authority and purpose. Sorry I was a tad long winded.

    • Thanks for taking the time read the post. I agree that the build is the most important thing. Prior to WrestleMania 31 there were 2 opportunities for interesting matches with very little build needed. The Streak and Sting’s 1st match. Now with both guys not really on tv too much a build would be difficult. But never say never.

      • True, they could have cruised on auto-pilot with that, but then what? Heyman served up Brook like he destroyed a small town with an A-bomb and it made for good hype for anyone challenging Brook. If why would have had a Sting/Taker match there would have been nothing to build off of later with both of them gone. Trips is still around so it kinda made sense, maybe.

  3. I never said that Sting vs HHH was a homerun. I wasn’t a huge fan of that paring either. He should have wrestled Taker before the streak ended and at the very least it should have been this year. Unless they get real creative with the build, I am just not interested.

  4. Neither of them have to prove anything more. Sting’s loss wont affect a 25 year legacy of an icon but he shouldn’t go out like that. But who else would be good for undertaker to face at wrestlemania? I cant think of many. I hope wyatt was referring to sting in his latest promo. Sting vs Wyatt would be interesting for extreme rules.

  5. Yeah, like you believe that this actually how Sting initially agreed with vince (no other) as to how the final match of his Legendary Career would be. What makes those think that instead of vince is pursuing Sting it was Sting that initially wanted to come to wwe? NO, This storyline after all was agreed under Sting’s term by the very fact I think Vince was pursuing him.(And he’s bigger than Tri H and he is the suitable one ‘to put him over’, Not Otherwise!). And to only come to have his final match at wwe IS NOT HIS TRUE FINAL PURPOSE ! Promise you that He Is and Forever The ‘WCW ICON’. (If you understand what this actually means.)

    • Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I don’t disagree that Sting was and is the Icon of WCW, My point is that the excitement and purpose for these two meeting in the ring isn’t there for me. I am sure that Vince did pursue him, there is a lot of money in old school wrestling fans. I love Sting and I love Taker, I just don’t love this idea for a match.

  6. Sting is not finished, neither is Taker. Both had nice matches at Mania and both were in incredible shape. This is pro wrestling, since when does age matter. Look back at the 80’s and 90’s and how many 40 and 50 year old wrestlers had great matches in AWA, NWA and WCW.

    • I think age matters when the market is saturated with younger more entertaining talent. I think that both have plenty left in the tank, I am just not excited about seeing them going against each other.

      • Both have more to give and both are my all time favourites but I’m not all that excited either. If it had a good storyline like taker turning heel and joining the authority like American badass and sting then returns to confront him. I know that’s not a great idea but its a suggestion. Either way they aren’t finished yet. Taker will go until he cant go any longer and the only thing sure about sting is nothing’s for sure. I’d love undertaker to be no. 30 in royal rumble and go on to win the title, then retiring.

        • Again, I like the way you think. Not sure if I love all those ideas but they need a good story to start that fire again.

          • Thanks, I wasn’t sure with a few either. It was just a suggestion that could add to the storyline.

  7. Your shot dude. Sting vs HHH was one of the best matches of the night. The kids love Sting and it doesn’t matter what they know about his history, he’s a fun character something the WWE has very few of these days. I think your selling both Taker and Sting short and they would probably have a pretty good match. Also, it’s not Stings fault that the WWE did a horrible job with the buildup. They went from making it about HHH and Sting and then Mcmahon ruined it with all the interference. Sting looked in great shape, held his own and even went airborne off the top rope.


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