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Sting vs. The Rock Rumored For WWE WrestleMania 31

Now that Sting is finally a part of the WWE, fans are wondering what will become of the future Hall of Famer. With The Undertaker seemingly out of the picture, what do you do with him at WrestleMania 31? How about match him up against another icon?

A new rumor has surfaced that indicates we could see Sting go one-on-one with a WWE icon. One of the ideas being tossed around for WrestleMania 31 would pit Sting against The Rock in a dream match. The match would likely be Sting’s last and could be the swan song for the People’s Champion as well.

[adinserter block=”1″]This isn’t exactly a new idea as there is more to this story than meets the eye. Reports back in 2005 indicate that The Rock was lobbying the company to sign Sting for a match between these two at WrestleMania 21. Vince McMahon had other plans and his disinterest in making the match played a part in creating a rift between Vince and Rock. 10 years later we could get that match.

Most expect The Rock to wrestle Brock Lesnar if he were to step back into the squared circle. The WWE has reportedly been hot on that match for two years now. Personally I don’t expect that match to ever be made. Rock was injured against John Cena in his last match and it almost cost him a big movie gig in Hercules. Getting into the ring against the most physical athlete in the WWE probably wouldn’t be a good idea at this point. Getting into the ring with someone safe could tempt the Great One, especially if it were Sting.

Sting has indeed signed as evident by his appearances throughout Warrior Week on the WWE Network last week. Early plans indicate that the WWE will be releasing a DVD on Sting sometime in September. Earlier reports suggest that the WWE aren’t interested in having Sting wrestle more than a handful of matches. I can’t think of a better way to get the most out of your investment than a match with Sting and The Rock.

I think it’s the way to go for both guys. Sting has slowed down as expected for a guy in his mid-fifties. That said, he had a few real good matches during his TNA run and did much better when he made sporadic appearances as opposed to when he appeared regularly. The demands on Sting to live up to the hype of a WrestleMania match would be too much with anyone else. With The Rock, they could go out there and camouflage Sting’s weaknesses with a fun, entertaining match.

I blogged about the potential for a Sting vs. John Cena match at this past WrestleMania a few months back when we were still guessing the card. I think these two could do something special together at Mania. It probably isn’t your best use of Cena but it does give him the opportunity to go over another legend/icon on the biggest stage of the year. As big as this could be it certainly wouldn’t be as big as Rock vs. Sting.

[adinserter block=”2″]A lot of patience will be required by the WWE to get the most out of this match. I don’t think you need to hold Sting out of the ring until next spring, but you have to pick your spots with him. Less is more in his case and it is better off leaving fans wanting more than exposing him as a guy who has slowed down since his WCW days. It will be interesting to see how things play out over the next few weeks now that fans know Sting is indeed a part of the WWE Universe.

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  1. this makes no sense. watching sting in his tights with his fat gut sticking out? the only dream match he should be in is vs the honkeytonk man.

    • We also do not need Brock back.
      It’s not a who we need, it’s about Rock still being only 41 and can work a match from start to end.
      Rock = $$$
      Rock is in a very rare class of elite WWE icons, in that class there’s only Hogan/Austin/Rock.
      The other 2 retired, WWE is lucky to have such an icon at the age of Rock that can still wrestle

  2. Yes please!! Rock vs Sting is on my top 5 all-time dream matches!! Let them wrestle on a wheel chair and I’d still pay money d@mn!t . I don’t care if it’s worst than Hogan/Warrior II, let those dinosaurs get in the ring one time!!

  3. So 54/55 is “Late Fifties” now? hmmph, I just turned 40, So I guess I am mid 40’s? Anyway, Taker vs Sting, to ME, if possible, would still be a great story line build. EVEN IF the match doesn’t blow the roof off. Both men are pro and know how to perform and move and engage a crowd. Those who continue to say Sting isn’t what he was, blah blah, Fine, ur opinion, but WRITERS should not put it off as fact! You do not know! Have YOU been in the ring with him? He ‘run’ with TNA should have been RUN AWAY from the seemingly life sucking leech that the company seemed to be ESP. near the end of his time there. As soon as Hogan showed up in TNA, it turned straight downhill. Period! Who knows who was the exact reason for that. Hogan? Bischoff? Dixie? “The 50 mysterious investors? Maybe even a smashing pumkin or two? haha. Anwway, Sting and Taker would be good. BUT, a run as a guiding factor with the newly turned heel Shield, to me, would be epic, THEN that could lend to a match with Wyatt! Heck, Sting has prolly known Wyatt since he was a child. Sting would prolly love for Wyatt to stop singing Whole World and have the Swan song instead. That would be another great story build. I say the Shield because of the whole standing for justice stuff, which has been Sting for years and years. Fighting the crooked authority, etc. ……… These words are my opinion.

  4. Thanks for all the responses but here is my logic Sting does not belong in a wrestling ring based on his Impact run. In a proposed Sting vs Dwayne both are over and if the fans had a choice of who to cheer for I strongly feel that will be Sting. Dwayne cannot to look heel as he is a massive fan favorite in his movies and that is not best for Dwayne.

  5. Here is another ridiculous match Sting vs Hogan. Dwayne should realize that he would be as over as Big Dave was at WM 30 if this is the matchup !!!!!!!

      • Mroldschool, I think the rock would go over huge, he always does. Unlike Baptista who you really didn’t see that often on TV or Film (besides those couple films that didn’t do well) with Rock all of social media and his movies doing extremely well he is still very recognisiable and the fans know exactly what to expect. Maybe if WWE would have hyped up Batista a like more instead of springing him up seemingly out of know where (for casual fans) it might have been different.
        Great article as always Eric.

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