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Sting vs. Seth Rollins Is One Weird WWE Main-Event

The WWE Universe will see an unlikely headliner at Night of Champions. Former WCW and TNA champion Sting will challenge Seth Rollins for the WWE world title in one of the strangest bookings this company has seen in years.

[adinserter block=”1″]It was obviously never the long term plan to take a semi-retired former WCW star and turn him into the next headliner. When Sting signed with the WWE earlier this year the word on the street was that the company didn’t have any solid plans for the former champ. As a matter of a fact, when Sting was booked on WrestleMania, rumor has it that WWE officials felt it could be his last shot. Boy were they wrong.

Fast forward several months later and the WWE is coming off of one of the biggest SummerSlam events in recent memory. Unfortunately for Vince McMahon and the brass, the Undertaker is riding back into the sunset and Brock Lesnar is out of town once again. How do you follow up the hottest August that the company has seen arguably since the Summer of Punk? Well with Sting of course.

As many of you know by now, Sting returned to the WWE on RAW Monday night to kick off an angle with Seth Rollins. Sting was unveiled in place of Rollins’ statue and subsequently cleared the ring of Rollins and held the WWE title. The angle got over big with the Brooklyn audience and it appears all wheels are set in motion for Sting vs. Rollins.

Don’t misunderstand me, I loved the angle. I was as surprised as anyone to see the Stinger. However, the whole thing sounds completely crazy! Here is a guy that a few months ago the company didn’t even know if they’d book in the ring again, was scratched from SummerSlam, and is now brought in to be in the main-event. What the heck is going on around here?

Seth Rollins is coming off in my opinion his best in-ring performance since joining the WWE. Rollins somehow turned up his game at SummerSlam and put on an absolute clinic. Not that John Cena is the greatest worker in the world, but Rollins will be tested immensely to get that same match out of Sting. It’s a risk that I don’t know is worth taking.

This also brings us back to WrestleMania. Many criticized the decision to put Triple H over Sting at Mania. At the time, I was rather ambivalent to the decision. However, knowing what we do today the decision was as dumb as jobbing Brock Lesnar in his first night into John Cena a few years back. Sting coming in off of a loss is not quite the same as it would have been had Sting won at Mania.

[adinserter block=”2″]So here is an odd question. Do you put Sting over at Night of Champions? It sounds insane but let’s be honest, this whole direction is insane. I can’t say yes or no at this point. The WWE is red hot right now. If Sting organically catches fire over the next several weeks leading up to Night of Champions, I think you have to strongly consider it. I wouldn’t do it today, but you never know how the fans are going to react.

If there is something positive to be said here it is that Sting vs. Rollins is as fresh as you can get. Sting in the main-event is as fresh as you can get. It’s nice to see something new for a change, but boy…this one is just really weird.

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