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Sting to WWE Rumors Heating Up

WWE WrestleMania 30 rumors are continuing to leak out to wrestling journalists and newsletter writers. The latest isn’t necessarily a new rumor but an old one that seems to gaining more steam than any year before. Could we finally have an opponent for The Undertaker?

[adinserter block=”1″]Rumors about who The Undertaker will be wrestling at WrestleMania have turned into some of the most fun stories to follow in recent years. The Undertaker is currently in the midst of his hottest streak ever of classic WrestleMania bouts. Will the streak continue this year or will 30’s match be more spectacle than substance?

The latest report from Bryan Alvarez’s Figure Four Weekly newsletter brings up a familiar name when it comes to rumored Undertaker opponents. According to Alvarez, many in the WWE are betting on the arrival of a new opponent. Alvarez reports that there are rough plans on the table for the Sting vs. Undertaker match some have been waiting years for.

The WWE side believes that he’s (Hulk Hogan) ultimately TNA-bound, but they also feel there is a decent chance that they may end up being able to get Sting for WrestleMania next year. At that point, the obvious question would be who he would face.

Alvarez goes on in the newsletter to break down recent rumors regarding an Undertaker vs. Ryback Mania match. The report indicates that the WWE may be leaning towards a Goldberg vs. Ryback Mania match, thus leaving The Undertaker free. The Undertaker vs. Sting at that point makes the most obvious sense to most at this point.

There is also the rumored Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker match for New Orleans. This one seems to be more speculation than news. The match is obvious going back to the worked angle Undertaker and Lesnar did after his championship loss to Cain Velasquez at a UFC event. Vince McMahon worked hard to get the match when Lesnar was in the UFC but the UFC squashed it. The plan going back to last year was a Rock vs. Lesnar match at 30. If Rock doesn’t wrestle I suppose you can always go back to CM Punk or even John Cena for that matter.

As for Sting I think there are a lot of people excited about this who haven’t watched Sting a whole lot in TNA. Sting is way past his prime and while he still looks good for someone his age, he certainly isn’t banging out five-star matches. I think that the standard has been set so high for Undertaker matches at Mania that this one would have a really hard time delivering in regards to the hype. Would it be better than Ryback vs. Undertaker? I think so but the amount of hype around this one is going to be so big that unless they pull of a miracle, I can’t imagine this one being anything more than a big letdown.

[adinserter block=”2″]One thing is for sure. There is definitely more to the Sting-WrestleMania rumors this year than ever before. Sting’s contract will be up by then and with the current financial woes of TNA, it is hard to believe they keep him. Now if Hulk Hogan winds up leaving TNA which most don’t believe, I can see TNA making a hard push to keep Sting. Regardless the ball is in court and it is now or never for a WWE run.

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  1. "As for Sting I think there are a lot of people excited about this who haven’t watched Sting a whole lot in TNA." You'd be wrong about that. Sting hasn't looked bad in TNA far from it. Also you can be sure if it was going to be at Wrestlemania he'd take it up a notch. RVD took it up a notch or two when he jumped to WWE from TNA. I bet the Icon can as well.

    Another thing do you think fans of Taker and Sting expect them at this stage of their careers expect a five star match? No, course not. These are two very popular, highly respected athletes. At this point we're talking one of the last few matches we'll ever see the two guys in against anyone. That counts for something. If you don't think they can kick it in another gear for a match like this you're crazy. Again not saying a five star match, but it would be a compelling match to see.


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