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Sting Talks Undertaker and More WWE Dream Matches

Sting has finally landed in the WWE. The big question fans keep asking is whether Sting will wrestle The Undertaker. Streak broken or not, Sting is still interested and wants the dream match on the grandest stage in the business.

[adinserter block=”1″]Sting debuted Monday night on RAW in a video promoting WWE 2K15. While a video game is nice, what the fans really want to see is Sting in a WWE ring. Better yet, they want to see him one on one with the dead man. Will it happen? If it’s up to Sting it will.

“I’ve made it clear I’d love to have one last hurrah, one last big match hopefully. And of course I’ve been outspoken about Undertaker being the opponent,” he told the UK Mirror when asked about one more match.

“I know what happened at WrestleMania where Brock Lesnar broke his streak. I think, or at least I’m hoping, that Taker’s still going to come back and that he’s not done. If he’s not done, and he would consider doing it, I’d love to work with him one time.

“I’d love to wrestle him one time before I call it quits.”

“Undertaker maintains a status in wrestling and the WWE that is second to none. He’s a phenomenon,” Sting adds, before answering unequivocally as to where he might like his dream match to take place: “How about San Francisco, 2015, in April?”

What is interesting is that even after numerous reports indicating that the Undertaker was likely done after WrestleMania 30, fans are still being teased with this dream match. If the match is a dead issue you’d think that someone would tell Sting and he’d leave it alone. Maybe this is the WWE’s way of hoping that Sting can entice the Undertaker? I have always said that while the match is a fun idea, I don’t think at their advanced ages that it would come close to living up the hype.

Sting was asked about other options or possible dream match scenarios in the WWE. Sting isn’t hedging all of his bets on the Undertaker, although that would be his choice.

“It’s a no brainer that the Sting-Taker match will be a popular option – that’s one way the fans can make that match happen.

“I always wanted to work with the likes of The Rock, John Cena and Randy Orton so I can’t imagine wrestling fans won’t want to do the same thing.”

[adinserter block=”2″]When rumors of Sting to WWE started popping up earlier in the year I blogged about the possibility of a Sting vs. Rock or John Cena match at Mania. I think the Rock makes a lot of sense. Sting is a lot less physical than Brock Lesnar and both guys could get by on nostalgia. I also think that Sting may be the one name that could interest the Rock into coming back.

Whether Sting wrestles or not it is fun to think about the possibilities. Undertaker or not, chances are pretty good we’ll see Sting in the WWE and I can’t think of a more fitting way to wrap up his successful pro wrestling career.

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  1. Yada yada blah … if I had one penny for every time, in the last twenty odd years, I heard or read some feeble ‘rastlin ent.’ guy conflate the words IF, BROKE DOWN and RETIRING with The Undertaker, I’d have a million GD pennies. Yes, of course, there shall be a match with Sting, and it will be given the same lack of prestige and denouement as most everything under Vinnie the Wiz’s umbrella. Several weeks of staring and miming …. Alas, both men deserve better, especially The Lord; they should edit themselves, and show Vinnie the door to a proper hell; but, they won’t. Yawn.

  2. Keep it relatively short – 10 to 12 minutes – and Sting and Undertaker can have a good match and get the crowd in the palm of their hands.

    The Rock and John Cena went 30 minutes twice, and apart from the near falls, reversals and finishers, they were pretty calamitous matches.

    There is no need for the Undertaker and Sting to repeat the same mistakes. Just do the staredown, old school, stinger splash, finishing moves, mutual respect, etc… etc… and cut out the dead bits.

  3. If Sting is at WM31, I hope some of his pals from WCW are there with him. The ol’ NWO gang, along with Ric Flair, maybe even an appearance by Eric Bischoff. Just a way to say goodbye to the man, and to the last of the WCW/NWA legends.


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