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Sting Reportedly Staying With TNA Wrestling Through 2014

There generally isn’t a whole lot of news that come out of the TNA Impact Wrestling tapings these days. However, a sneak peak into the future reveals a match scheduled to tape in January has some enormous implications on both TNA and the WWE’s WrestleMania 30.

[adinserter block=”1″]TNA will be taping its Genesis television event January 16 for airing later that night on Spike TV. While a whole lot isn’t known this far in advance, a scheduled match is actually one of the bigger stories of both 2013 and 2014. A TNA superstar on the bubble rumored for WrestleMania looks like he will be staying put in the Impact Zone.

Sting’s contract status is always a huge story leading into the next year. Sting is on a yearly deal with TNA which reportedly expires at the end of the calendar year. While rumors of Sting to WrestleMania are nothing new, they were stronger this year than in any other year I can remember. Well we can put those rumors to rest once and most likely for all.

Spoiler Alert: Sting has a match booked on Genesis against Ethan Carter III. With Impact taping on January 16 this is confirmation that Sting is sticking around in TNA for another year. Sting could always be appearing here on a nightly deal but that is not likely according to Dave Meltzer. TNA fans for better or worse will get to keep their Stinger and WWE fans will be Sting-less at Mania.

I have to say that I am somewhat surprised. Sting had been hinting heavily about leaving for the WWE in recent months. Sting outright told several media outlets that he a match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania was a dream match of his. Sting had even expressed frustration after being booked to lose in a match in which he’d never get another TNA world title shot if he lost. The strongest fuel to the fire came when the WWE featured Sting in a video celebrating former world champions several months ago.

I say I am somewhat surprised because I was asked about Sting on a podcast sometime ago. Brian Fritz and I talked about Sting, Hulk Hogan, and Kurt Angle and who we thought would stay or leave TNA. I predicted that Hogan and Angle (Angle’s deal is up towards the latter part of 2014) would leave and Sting would probably stay. Although I will be the first to admit that I had second thoughts after seeing Sting promoted so heavily on WWE television.

I really can’t say it was a big surprise when you look at it from all sides. Sting was not getting his match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania this year. Brock Lesnar has been penciled in for that spot with John Cena possibly getting the call according to the latest Mania rumors. That left Sting with no options for any kind of a dream match scenario. I floated the idea of a Sting vs. John Cena main-event a few months back. Other than Cena I really couldn’t come up with anything worth the price of signing the Stinger.

I also think that once Hulk Hogan left the odds were far greater that Sting would stay. TNA is certainly cutting back costs but they aren’t going to let both of their most recognizable stars leave within months of each other. Now for a company that isn’t seeing any real money being drawn from either one of them I think the better business move would have been to let them both walk. At the same time who knows what kind of pressure Spike and Viacom put on the company to keep at least one of them.

[adinserter block=”2″]Quite frankly I think everyone is better off. With all due respect to Sting, he would have had a real difficult time keeping up with the expectations from WWE fans. It is a different style there and I think the demands would have been too much at his age. In TNA he can shine on an extremely limited schedule and be the big fish (biggest without Hulk around) in a smaller pond.

I think it is fair to say that any chances of Sting ever coming to the WWE for a match or two have expired.

Update: It was brought to my attention that Sting signed a new deal last March, which would indicate his deal isn’t up until then. I was only commenting on what I heard reported on Meltzer’s podcast. I guess it is just wait and see at this point.

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  1. I think the likelihood of Sting and WWE coming to a financial agreement is dismal, but the opportunity is there. Sting said himself 4 months ago his contract expires in January, so the door isn't closed based off of being signed for events in TNA in January. I will say that if it doesn't get signed this year, it's NEVER going to happen. Neither star has more than a couple years left professionally in them, or at least enough to make a decent match. I really hope it happens though, and that it's something they keep on the inside so it's a complete surprise to everybody, blog and fans alike. It would be great if his WWE return was the same as his WCW return, in all b/w facepaint, in the rafters with a baseball bat to close a RAW episode, and then come out and talk a couple weeks later. It would literally take next to no buildup to sell PPVs for that matchup though, so they could wait all the way up til the go-home show in March and it would still floor everybody. I mean, this IS the dream match I was reading about in PWI mag at my local grocery store 16 years ago we're talking about here…

  2. He has wrestled only one match with the WWE which maybe why he is listed as a WWE alumni on the app.The last WCW Nitro where he wrestled the last match with long time rival Ric Flair can be considered a WWE event because Shane McMahon had purchased WCW earlier in the night in an angle by WWE.

  3. 100% it’s better that Sting never come to the WWE. He would only tarnish his legend. It’s no worth it to him or the WWE. Stay in TNA, until they go out of business, and be remembered the way he was in WCW.

  4. Stings contract doesn't expire in December. He signed a contract extension around March 29th 2012, which likely means his contract renews towards the end of March every year.

  5. Considering Sting's been signing one year contracts and his returns on those contracts has been early March for the last couple years, I'm guessing he's got a few more weeks after January.

  6. This is far from confirmation. This could just be hope by TNA that Sting will stick around. Matches change all the time. Unless you have confirmation of such by Sting or TNA then it proves nothing. You are getting ahead of yourself. All this means is that they hope Sting is around then. Nothing has happened on the show yet that says this match is going to happen. In wrestling things are planned out pretty far in advance and routinely things are changed because someone is released, gets hurt, or doesn't get signed.

      • My main point from my last post was that all because Sting is appearing in January doesn't mean he reupped his contract. No one knows when his contract is really up so a few shows in Jan meaning nothing.

        Also Dixie just this week on Impact threatened Sting's contract if he got in her way, which he did, so the angle that leads to him leaving may be happening right now. I think we'll ultimately get an EC3 VS Sting with his career on the line and he'll lose or he'll get "fired" like Hogan was.


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