Sting Post-RAW Promo From WWE Network


If you don’t have the WWE Network or haven’t followed any of the wrestling news websites online you probably have no idea that Sting cut his first real WWE promo following RAW on Monday night. It was short, it was on point, it was pretty darn good and it’s right here for those of you that missed it.

[adinserter block=”2″]Count me in as one of many who had no idea that Sting was on the WWE Network last night. The buzz from most insiders is that the WWE didn’t want Sting cutting promos because they didn’t feel he was very good in WCW. That would explain the horrible Black Scorpion-ish promo last week. However, if there is anyone in or out of the WWE that doesn’t think Sting can cut a good promo, well they need to watch this clip. The Stinger is on fire and it’s awesome!

This all begs the question as to why in the world would the WWE give away Sting’s first “real” interview on the WWE Network? Why not put it on television and get people excited enough to buy the Network to see WrestleMania 31? The people watching him Monday night on the Network already have it so in that sense, the promo is a real lost opportunity in my opinion. The marketing behind this seems completely backwards to me.

Regardless of the circumstances, it is pretty cool to see and hear Sting talk in a WWE ring. I will admit that I wasn’t real excited about Sting vs. Triple H going into WrestleMania. His intensity on RAW in the ring and during this promo have changed that.

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  1. I have to agree with you in regards to his intensity in the ring on Monday, I found myself watching it over and over again (at least 4 times) since it aired and he was on fire. Its safe to say that he is having a good time in the ring right now. I think as long as they keep him away from Flair, Hogan and any of the NWO factions (so that it stays fresh) things will go well. Everything needs to be new, fresh territory to explore and none of the heavyweights. (Show, Henry, Kain) after Mania it can go on until at least the next pay per-view. They can do some run in’s from the smaller guys from the authority or maybe just maybe Michael’s can do an appearance here and there trying to talk some “sense” into Trips again. Kinda the whole thing they did with Taker. But this time have Shawn actually go heel and lay stinger out.


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