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Sting, Charlotte and Other WWE Thoughts

I know I wasn’t the only one who watched the ending of Raw on Monday night with both John Cena and Sting at the top of the ramp and thought the two were on a collision course that may take place at the Royal Rumble or to close out the wrestling year at TLC.

[adinserter block=”1″]WWE has put itself in a position that I had not given much thought to once it was revealed that Sting would face the current WWE World Champion in Houston at Night of Champions. But after watching the events of the evening, sleeping on it and watching the segment over, it makes sense that the two biggest icons in the company face off – much like Sting faced Triple H at WrestleMania and Cena has faced The Rock twice.

The one title that eludes Sting’s resume is the WWE Title, which he has not had an opportunity to capture until now. Regardless of the efforts and rumors by the masses to showcase a Sting/Undertaker match (which could still happen), the match with Cena could be gold, much like Cena’s triumph over The Rock to redeem himself after losing at WrestleMania 29.

The idea of Rock/Cena in a colossal match gave the fans the dream scenario they hoped for over time. Cena and Sting could do the same thing.

With both wrestlers linked to Ric Flair and the record 16-time title reign, it may only be fitting that Cena beats Sting for the chance to tie Ric Flair, rather than go over with Rollins holding the strap. It would also be a fitting way for Sting to retire by turning the company title back over to Cena, the man who much like The Icon had defended the brand of WCW, Cena, has been defending the honor of WWE.


Now that Charlotte has become the top contender for the Divas Title, will the company force Nikki Bella to do the honors for Ric Flair’s daughter and begin a new legacy in the women’s division.

Charlotte beat sister Brie Bella in a “beat the clock” match to become the top contender. While the move is one fans have waited for, the fact there were three important divas’ matches on the card Monday night in Tampa was important to the so called “Divas Revolution.” So much has been made in recent weeks of how the fans appear to be turned off by the plan set forth by Stephanie McMahon to create more competition within the company amongst the female wrestlers. Fans have turned their back on the proposed idea, in all likelihood because it wasn’t going anywhere. In turn, Paige and Brie Bella took to social media to lash back at the fans.

There is now a true pecking order of sorts where there is a top contender and eight competent wrestlers who will have a say in the future of divas wrestling. Maybe, finally, the idea of change and a true revolution is coming together.

[adinserter block=”2″]DUDLEY MAGIC

It was great to see the Dudley Boyz in action against the New Day, giving some much needed adrenaline to the tag team division. In a non-title event, Devon and Bubba did not disappoint in their first match back with WWE.

There are four pay-per-view events left on the calendar this year, certainly by the end of 2015, the World Tag Team Titles will be around the waists of the most decorated tag team in WWE history. Hopefully it also means feuds with the Prime Time Players, The New Day and the Usos (in the future) will breathe some life into a stale division.

I liken the arrival of the Dudleyz to that of Goldust and Cody Rhodes when the brothers were united and won tag team gold.

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