Steve Austin Podcast — Paul Heyman makes surprise admission about 2004 WWE firing

The Steve Austin podcast is a must-listen for wrestling fans. Even if you’re not a fan of “The Rattlesnake”, Steve Austin gets some of the biggest names in the business to open up on his podcast week in and week out.

Paul Heyman, a long time friend of Austin, made an appearance on The Steve Austin Show in late April. The interview was broken into two segments. In the first show, Paul Heyman and Austin discussed their early days together in WCW and Austin’s time in ECW.

In the second installment of The Steve Austin Show with guest Paul Heyman, the current WWE manager of Cesaro and Brock Lesnar discussed his first tenure in the WWE and his surprise firing in 2004. Shortly after the release of the Rise and Fall of ECW on DVD, Heyman had a huge falling out with the company. Heyman allegedly got busted listening to a conference call.

Heyman told the entire story on the Steve Austin podcast and how it was all a huge misunderstanding. Here’s an excerpt from that interview in which Heyman explains how every week he’d be a part of a conference call to go over Raw and Smackdown.

“After explaining this to Austin, Heyman said his girlfriend came up with the idea that Friday nights would be their night out and once he got back, he would stay up all night writing the show. He would send it to his assistant to type it out and they would send it at 6 a.m., wait until the call and say hello to everyone. Then, Heyman would go back to sleep. While his significant other took the kids to the park, he would wake up and be put on the call. Heyman confirmed that he would also stay on the line when McMahon was done with him, leave his phone charged on mute and go back to sleep so that he would always be available.

On that particular day, his phone was unplugged. After two hours, the phone dies and they’re talking about Raw’s contributions to WrestleMania that particular year. Then, the team hears a click and the phone message heard was that someone left the conference call. McMahon and his team were outraged that someone was listening in and proceeded to research who was listening in. They found out it was Heyman and Stephanie McMahon, who was taking care of SmackDown at the time, was extremely angry.”

A giant misunderstanding, and dead cell phone, led to Heyman’s release after an episode of Smackdown.

To read the full transcript, click here. To hear the entire interview, click here.

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