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Steve Austin Not Interested In Full Time WWE Return

Stone Cold Steve Austin not return to the WWE full timeEver since the Texas Rattlesnake got into the ring on Tough Enough rumors of a full time return to the ring have been buzzing. Never one to stir up any controversy, Stone Cold Steve Austin has put those rumors to rest in a recent interview and has no intentions of hitting the road with the WWE.

I am a big fan of the WWE Tough Enough 2011 show with the main reason being a weekly dose of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin has been the weekly highlight of the show, opening up a classic can of whoop a$# on the cast at the end of the show during elimination. Yet it was a segment that lasted only a few minutes that has had the wrestling world buzzing for weeks.

In Tough Enough 2011 episode 3, Austin laces up the wrestling boots for the first time in years. Austin gets in the ring and works out with TE contestant Luke Robinson. Austin looked simply awesome as he had the same intensity and bounce that wrestling fans were accustomed to seeing throughout his career.

“One of the kids was pretty mechanically inclined, so I got in there with him…and shoot, I guess that means I haven’t been in the ring in seven or eight years…but I took a few bumps from him, gave him a few bumps, it was a lot of fun. I think if we do it again, I think I’ll be even more active and get in the ring a lot more.” – said Austin in a recent interview.

With his sudden hunger to get back inside of the ring and seeing his old buddy The Rock enjoying the spotlight in 2011, it was fair to start talking about one more match for the WWE Hall of Fame wrestler. Fans got even more excited when Austin told a reporter that he not only felt good enough to get back in a WWE ring, but felt healthy enough to work a full time schedule.

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“That’d be an interesting scenario. That dream match that never happened in a lot of people’s mind is Austin/(Hulk) Hogan. But, in the current crop? I don’t really know. It would have been neat to work against a John Cena. Or the Rock or Undertaker or Triple H again. But that one dream match that never happened was Austin/Hogan. I could still, you know if I was in a bad situation, I could still get two years out of my carcass on a full-time basis.”

Unfortunately Austin has either had a change or heart or realizes that he got the hopes up of a lot of fans with that interview. In a brand new interview with The Sun, Austin is pretty straight forward when he is asked about whether his interest in Tough Enough will translate into a return to the ring.

“I’m happy being gone and out of the business to the degree I am, that’s why the Tough Enough thing was such a great opportunity between my other projects.”

“I got up there and took some bumps with one of the contestants and worked around with one of the guys and I had fun getting in the ring and bouncing around again.

“But it doesn’t mean I want to go and do it again on a night in, night out basis.”

Austin still has not ruled out that one more match. Although Austin has squashed any hopes that came out of his previous interview of a full time in-ring return. While Austin still hasn’t used the “never” word, at 46-years old if he isn’t going to do it now, he is probably never going to do it. A lot of fans see the return of The Rock and try and compare it to Austin but that isn’t fair. Austin is a lot older than The Rock and has a lot more wear and tear on his body from years of hard wrestling.

But hey, until he says “never” we can all continue to speculate (and hope).

Steve Austin will be appearing on WWE RAW live June 13.

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