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Steve Austin Hosts RAW WWE All Star Night

Stone Cold Steve Austin will Guest Host WWE All Stars RAWStone Cold Steve Austin will be returning to his old stomping grounds tonight for WWE All Star Night. The Texas Rattlesnake will be the guest General Manager on tonight’s three-hour WWE RAW.

I don’t care if he is wrestling or not, but there is something about seeing Steve Austin on RAW that still gets me excited. Yes his act has gotten a bit stale over the last couple of years but there is just a magic in the air whenever he takes the center stage on RAW. Tonight should be no exception.

[adinserter block=”2″]Even better tonight is that the show will be taking place live in Long Island, New York at the Nassau Coliseum. While Austin is a worldwide favorite among WWE fans, he is exceptionally popular in the northeast. Additionally, the New York area fans are generally a loud bunch so the combination of a frenzied audience and Austin back in New York should be electrifying.

Tonight marks Austin’s second RAW appearance in a row, which is a rarity in itself. Austin appeared last week to crown the winner of Tough Enough 2011 and referee the main-event. Austin’s interference in last week’s main-event led to a decision reversal by the anonymous RAW General Manager. In a bizarre twist that comes right from the Vince Russo booking manual, after admonishing Austin for his interference, the G.M. then made Austin the guest G.M. for this week. Yes it’s ridiculous but if it gives RAW more Austin, than I’d be happy to overlook the creative flaws in the story.

I would not be surprised to see some kind of angle coming out of WWE Tough Enough tonight. Tough Enough trainer Bill DeMott teased on Twitter that he would be in attendance tonight at RAW. I don’t see any reason for him being there if there isn’t something planned for him, resulting from Tough Enough. My guess is that after what happened last week with Tough Enough coach Booker T and Jack Swagger that somehow or another Jack Swagger and DeMott get into it and have a match.

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Another scenario would be to parody Austin’s now infamous elimination process on Tough Enough. Let’s face it, by far the best part of the the entire Tough Enough season were Austin cutting promos on the contestants at the end of the show. I don’t know what the scenario would be, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see some kind of skit with Austin cutting promos on two-three wrestlers at some point. Hey, how about a segment with Austin doing commentary over a Melina vs. Alicia Fox match?

[adinserter block=”1″]The show is also called WWE All Star RAW. Obviously this is to promote the WWE All Stars video game but I am not sure exactly what the tie in will be. Nice of the WWE to just throw out a theme without explaining it to the audience right? Again just a hunch, but the only thing I can think of off the top of my head is that they will make matches based on the game. Other than that I am not really sure what the tie in could be other than a lot of vignettes of the WWE superstars playing the game.

Whatever the situation is, Steve Austin will be a part of it for a full three hours. The WWE generally doesn’t get good ratings the first hour of the RAW three hour of shows. Most of the time fans forget and just wind up tuning in at 9 out of habit. Regardless, seeing Austin live on RAW from New York has the potential to turn into one of the most fun RAW shows of the year.

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