Stone Cold Steve Austin Talks Rumored Heat With Hulk Hogan


Arguably the two biggest stars in our history of professional wrestling are Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Rumors of heat spread throughout the dirt sheets and Internet for years between those two but according to Austin, it just wasn’t true.

[adinserter block=”1″]The access to someone like Steve Austin weekly on a podcast is unprecedented. Austin hosts his podcast twice a week and shoots on everything and everyone. Austin has turned into a heck of an interviewer, but it is generally Austin who is the one dropping the 411 as he likes to call it.

Austin recently conducted a lengthy interview with his former WCW boss Eric Bischoff. The four-part podcast is fascinating on every level and there isn’t a topic that these guys don’t cover. One of the more interesting topics however was Hulk Hogan.

Austin and Bischoff were discussing Austin’s run in ECW and the controversial promos he cut when all of the sudden the conversation shifted towards the rumored heat between Hogan and Austin. Austin revealed that there was never any heat between the two and was actually quite complimentary of the Hulkster.

I took a few shots at Hogan, who was never seemingly the target. When he was brought in (to WCW) I signed a different contract, because everybody thought their money was going to go up, I got a flat flee because I didn’t see it happening. Again as I say this, I talked with Hulk at the WrestleMania 30 in New Orleans, had a great, short conversation with him because everybody always thought that there was heat between myself and Hulk Hogan, and two very competitive individuals in the environment aren’t going to give each other too many props. Because that’s just not what you do. But, when you take a step back and you get out of it. There was never any heat with myself and Hogan. Even when I was hardly anybody in WCW I was competing with that guy. I wanted to be the best. And finally Stone Cold Steve Austin, the run that I had was not that long but very intense and white hot. The run that Hogan had lasted over thirty years. One of the best in the history of the business with world-wide name recognition. So I was very competitive with that guy, protective of my own legacy.

Very interesting stuff there from the former WWE champion. The one thing he never addressed here were the reports that he refused to work with Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania X8. Reportedly Austin was Vince’s first choice to wrestle Hogan but Austin flat out refused. Austin confirmed this on a podcast he did with Jim Ross a few weeks ago. Austin wasn’t confident the match would be good and was concerned about who was going over. So while Austin says there was perceived heat between Hogan, well I think it is fair to say that fans had every right to assume that from those reports over the years.

[adinserter block=”2″]It’s funny when you look back at some of the biggest matches in history that have been left on the table. Austin vs. Goldberg comes to mind and Austin vs. Hogan is probably next. The WWE could have had Goldberg early when Austin was still wrestling but they didn’t want to pay his contract. How foolish in retrospect? That said, as big as Rock vs. Hogan was Austin vs. Hogan could have gone down as the biggest match in wrestling history. Unfortunately the only reason that match didn’t happen was Steve Austin.

And that’s the bottom line.

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  1. i thiink steve is covering up crap austin and hogan had heat i have an article from charleston courier where he called hogan a lockerroom cancer

  2. That would have been an amazing match up. Despite Austin thinking his style would clash with Hogans, I still think it would have been a very entertaining match up. Way too late now but in the early 2000s during Hulks last in ring run, would have been great. Even with lagging injuries and a slowed down pace Hulk put on some relatively good matches (O’Haire, Rock, Triple H, even his job for Lesnar was pretty cool). Anyway, a boy can dream. You just have to bolieve.

    • both of them were way past their prime by that point. that match would’ve been brutal.

      austin’s neck was hindering him more and more, and you could see it, esp. in 01-02. rock gave him a nice send-off @ wm xix

      hogan, to me, was done once his nwo heel run lost its luster in wcw in the late 90s with sting. nostalgia was what carried him in 02-03. in-ring, he was worse than ever.


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