Steve Austin Talks Goldberg, WWE Stars, and One More Match


Stone Cold Steve Austin has had some of the biggest matches in WWE history. Unfortunately there was still plenty of money left on the table due to a variety of circumstances, some of which Austin revealed in a recent media interview.

[adinserter block=”1″]Anytime Stone Cold is going to talk to the media I am going to listen. Austin has turned into one of the more outspoken former WWE stars in recent months. The best Austin interviews are the ones he does with the wrestling media and a recent stop at Ring Rust Radio was no exception.

Austin covered a variety of topics on the interview. One of the more fascinating topics was when Austin was asked about guys he is disappointed he didn’t get to do a match or program with. Austin dropped some names, some obvious, and some not so obvious.

Well, I wasn’t in the right place, mentally, when they wanted to do Hogan. As far as what would draw money, hell that would do a ****pile of money, but I didn’t figure the match would be what it could have been if it had happened sooner. That would have been one that would have been cool if it happened. The Goldberg match, which was a no-brainer, but Bill decided to take the guaranteed money from Turner rather than jump into the WWE window and that didn’t really work out because he didn’t exactly peak out in WWE like he was in WCW. So that never really happened, but it would’ve been a great match. And I’m not putting Bill down for taking that money, I’m just saying that’s the way he played those cards and I can appreciate that. Just as far as key big guys off of the top, a match with Brock would’ve been bad ass, me and Punk would’ve been bad ass, and John Cena would’ve been a bad ass match. I think I could’ve gotten more out of Cena than anyone he’s ever worked with. I’m someone he can go out there with and have a come to Jesus meeting and get his ass fired up. I’ve got nothing but respect for that guy and a program with Steve Austin would’ve put him on another level that he has not been yet. He’s a top guy, and going to go into the WWE Hall of Fame, so when I say all that I mean it in a positive regard.

It’s funny because when everyone was talking about an Austin vs. CM Punk match two years ago I was beating the drum for Austin vs. Cena. Would the match be better? I don’t think so, however the dynamic of Austin and Cena in a feud together has the potential to be one of the biggest draws in WWE history. You can’t find two wrestling characters more polar opposite and while Punk vs. Austin also had some interesting dynamics, I think Austin vs. Cena was and still could be huge, huge money.

His point on Bill Goldberg is interesting. Goldberg likes to fancy himself a great businessman. In the end he not only got his guaranteed deal from WCW but also got a WWE deal. However, you have to guess that he left more money on the table by not coming over in 2001 and doing the match with Austin than what he made with his guaranteed deal. That match would have been a blockbuster and unfortunately Goldberg made the wrong play in my and it appears Austin’s opinion.

Austin also had some interesting thoughts about who in the WWE today can break through and become the next big star. Austin sees a few glimpses of stardom but isn’t convinced that anyone is a lock.

Man, I think it could be any one of a pool of people. I can’t sit here and drop names because I haven’t paid that much attention to the roster. I’ve been trying to DVR the shows. I am several months behind. I just subscribed to the WWE Network and I watched half of the pay-per view so far. Just from guys on the radar right now, I think all of the guys from The Shield have got big futures ahead of them. I don’t think they’re all carved in stone yet and there are still some missing pieces within each individual part of The Shield. Antonio Cesaro still has a hole somewhere in his game, but he’s certainly there. I predict a lot of success for that guy. I think Bray Wyatt is starting to kick ass and do a lot of great things. When they put Cesaro with Heyman, that was an interesting move because there were a lot of people starting to get off on Cesaro, and so they put him with Heyman, which put him back as a heel. The rest of the roster, I don’t know enough about. Here’s one thing that I will say; I remember watching some of my matches from Dallas on my email, and I was watching them back and I see an athletic body and a guy that’s stable, but the look was just not that great. So there are some guys down there that, as they go through the process and they’re not afraid to embrace making some changes and making some alterations to their gear, to their look to find the right gimmick and package to bring it all together. Man, there’s probably two or three diamonds in the rough down there because they’re not close to an appearance that is going to be the final thing that actually helps them get over and be received by the crowd as a heel or a babyface.

Austin has made similar comments about Cesaro on his podcast. He likes him in the ring but he has said several times that he thinks he is missing something. He isn’t a fan of his ring attire, I know that from listening to his podcast. His thoughts on the Shield were also quite interesting, although I am not sure how many holes that need to be filled at this point.

Finally, the million dollar question any good interview has to ask Austin is about a potential comeback. Austin was asked and while he was non-committal, no doors were closed.

[adinserter block=”2″]“I’d consider anything if the perfect situation or opportunity arose and it would be more than a million dollar question. I don’t want to sit here and promote a match, sell a match, or talk about making a comeback. The dirtsheets, or whatever you call them, and I talk to Dave Meltzer and Wade Keller all the time and they’re nice guys and I would consider them friends, I see Dave at almost every MMA fight, but I don’t want to stir any pots or hint or tease anything. People get their panties in a wad and say, ‘Stone Cold, either do it or not’. So, anything can happen, but I’m not going to endorse, promote, sell, or tease anything in regards to a match.

Austin typically gives this answer on his show and what is interesting is that he never says no. It is almost at this point as if he is sending some kind of an S.O.S. to the WWE and trying to let them know he is ready to talk.

Maybe we’ll get that Cena vs. Austin match after all?

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