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Are we about to see Stephanie McMahon vs. Brie Bella?

Monday night, while watching Monday Night Raw, I saw Stephanie McMahon in the ring and her trying her best to apologize to Daniel Bryan and the actions that Kane did last week by attacking the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. In that very segment, Brie Bella played a role in this whole deal with her standing by her husband. After Daniel stated his cause and how he really felt, Stephanie would intervene and give Brie Bella a shot at Paige’s Championship.

Of course, Brie would be happy to get that title shot against the youngest Divas Champion ever and a possible chance to go into Extreme Rules champion with Daniel Bryan. However, the match was cut short when Kane appeared, thus giving Paige and Brie a “No contest”. Kane would eventually try his best and kidnap Brie Bella, only for Daniel Bryan to come in the ring and try to save her from getting harmed by the Big Red Machine as once again, he took a brunt of the attack. Brie would eventually kick down at Kane and escape the ring, preventing her from suffering the same fate as her husband did.

[adinserter block=”1″]It was in the back that we saw Brie Bella show a different side of her that we’ve never seen before. It was a side that we needed to see from her because as of right now, Brie seems “stale” as a face and needs some type of character development right now regarding her being a face. As soon as the attack from Kane was over and done with, we see Daniel getting checked after being attacked by Kane.

Brie is obviously shaking up from everything that transpired until Stephanie came in the back to check on Daniel and show that “sympathy”, but Brie was not going to have it. She looked Stephanie right dead in the face and said this few words to her that made Stephanie jump out of her skin and these words were “Get out You B—-“. Finally Brie was able to break her shell a little bit and have some type of flavor towards her. Now that I think of it, this possibly is going to lead to something and it’s a question that I would like to ask all of you guys out there that are going to read this blog.

The question is, would you like to see a Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella feud? Would you like to see Stephanie McMahon get back in the ring and go against Brie Bella or would you like to see them feud, but with Stephanie bringing someone in to feud against Brie? You have a couple of possibilities here that could happen with this and I can bring up some good possible way you could have this feud with Stephanie and Brie. I don’t know if you guys can remember the blog I did on here regarding Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella having a “Wrestlemania Moment” where Brie Bella could’ve been involved in the match with Daniel Bryan and Triple H. We saw Stephanie get involved a couple of times in the match, so what was the big problem with Brie Bella being in this match even though she was going for the Divas Championship? It would’ve made sense and put in a good plot for this storyline. So here are some things that could happen for this feud to possibly happen.

Scenario One: Stephanie McMahon gets involved with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at Extreme Rules this Sunday leading to Brie Bella getting involved. We all know that in some way or point that Stephanie McMahon is going to be involved in this match somehow and try to cost Daniel Bryan the Championship in any shape or way. I would have Stephanie come in the ring and slap Daniel Bryan around in the ring, only for Brie Bella to come out of the back and leading to some type of altercation with the both of them. Maybe have a series of slaps go down and a possible catfight with the both of them, only to have Stephanie run off of Brie Bella and run to the back, leading to Kane being distracted and Daniel being able to win the match and retain the title, which would lead to scenario two.

Scenario Two: The next night on Monday Night Raw, Stephanie McMahon calls out Brie Bella and basically scolds at her. Brie gets on the microphone and tells Stephanie McMahon for the past couple of months over the course of the year, she has watched her husband be put down left and right only to live his dream at WrestleMania by winning the title. Brie also state that she had to sit down and see Stephanie slap around her husband and not being able to do anything because Stephanie wants to make a point. Brie keeps on going and telling her that Stephanie did try to get her point across, but failed to keep Daniel Bryan down and if she is going to do the same thing to her, then Brie’s not going to have it.

She could challenge Stephanie to a match which Stephanie could laugh in her face saying that there is no way that Brie is going to face her in the ring and that Brie is nowhere near a “A” like she is and Stephanie could give her a grade lower. Stephanie then say that Brie is going to have a match and if she wants to fight her so bad then she is going to have to go through this people. Stephanie could bring the likes of Aksana, Alicia Fox, Layla, or maybe Kane as we’ve saw in the past that Divas did go against him, but didn’t have a chance against him, only to be tombstoned or someone saving them. Brie could pull out some type of victories against the Divas to get her shot at Stephanie. I would say Payback would be the best time to have the match, but depending on what WWE does, I have a feeling we won’t see this.

I’m possibly the only one out there that would like to see Stephanie be in the ring again for old-time sakes, but then I have to realize that there are other divas that Stephanie can have play the role as her body-guard to go against Brie. I also feel like Brie really needs to work on her face character in a way because like I said before, she’s stale and needs some type of flavor. I do see a possibility that Stephanie could have Nikki Bella go against her own sister, but as of right now, Nikki seems more of a fan favorite because she is able to interact with the fans and I don’t see that happening.

[adinserter block=”2″]In closing, the feud is just beginning to start-up as it does give some good leads to have Stephanie get back in the ring and wrestle against Brie Bella, but it also can lead to having a new diva being called up to the main roster or someone that’s already on the roster to align with Stephanie McMahon. Who would be the one called up from the main roster? Only time will tell for this feud.

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