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Stephanie McMahon, Raw and Other WWE Thoughts

Either the WWE did the smartest thing this year in turning Stephanie McMahon vs. Brie Bella into a main event match, or the company is struggling so much it is hoping for any kind of ratings to boost failing story ideas. The segment Monday night with Stephanie and Brie was so reminiscent of the inner workings of “daddy” Vince McMahon it was sick.

And oh, so salacious.

The best thing about seeing something like this is the fact that – although the company does not see it the same way – but a new form of the “Attitude Era” has returned to Monday night.

[adinserter block=”1″]Hallelujah!

It could also become the precursor to the return of Daniel Bryan – who while not in the picture for the WWE World Title, challenging the Authority and Triple H is something that produces two things – the almighty dollar at the gate and of course – RATINGS!

Could this also mean that the Chairman of the Board is behind the controls again of the circus and would this lead to Vinnie Mac making a return to television on a regular basis? I have written about how Triple H the COO of the WWE and Triple the wrestler are two entities who – in my opinion – are on opposite ends of the wrestling spectrum. Stephanie actually makes a more believable character to watch, mainly because she is cut from the same cloth as her father and although it has been 10 years since she has been in a ring in competition – seeing a McMahon fight someone like Brie Bella or another member of the McMahon family is worth its weight in RATINGS.


Just when you thought Randy Orton would become the cancer that spoils Roman Reigns march up the WWE ladder, the two put on one heck of a display in Houston. Orton, as it appeared, was the subject of rumors of halting Reigns title shot, like he has done in the past with other WWE superstars.

Kofi Kingston is the most notable wrestler who has felt the “wrath” of Orton, who has been known to pout until he gets his way. Why Orton has all the stroke is beyond me.

But in terms of entertainment and value to a story line that needs to remain fresh until SummerSlam, these two keep it coming.


I think a feud (without the Usos) between Dolph Ziggler and The Miz could be a summer classic – if the WWE allows it to become one.

So many times the framework for a great program is set and after a pay-per-view or two, the company and its writers push the envelope and wrestlers leave for other pastures. Ziggler and Miz (who I think would be an awesome tag team as well) are thrill-a-minute fun where both could be a mid-level champion. S

ince there is some thought that a unification may eventually happen, does the WWE want Sheamus to confront The Miz or Ziggler – because ultimately, the winner would come back to face Wade Barrett at some point.


[adinserter block=”2″]Now that the gauntlets have been dropped, let the boring promos begin.

When Lesnar entered the arena last week, the only thing exciting was the idea of watching Paul Heyman and his shtick, which is the best thing going today. Lesnar is as mechanical as RobCop and as boring as some of the shows on E! Entertainment.

Cena is the same song and dance and while he looks all bad and talked a tough fight Monday, there is nothing about this matchup that is exciting – since we already know who will walk away with the title in Los Angeles.

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  1. Without any competition WWE hasn’t tried too hard. The biggest successes in recent history are because of the personalities, not any creative works the company has done. Now with the company in a bit of a struggle, they might put in some effort and come up with some good stories and events.

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