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NFL Preseason Game Preview: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. New York Giants

Eli ManningThe betting world was very curious about the gash in the head of New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning that happened in the Giants’ most recent preseason game against the Jets. Giants’ running back Brandon Jacobs assured everyone that Eli is just fine. That may be the case, but you can forget about Eli playing much the rest of the preseason.

The NFL betting lines on the New York Giants are crossed. Some people believe that the Giants are going to challenge the Saints and Cowboys for the NFC title. Others believe the Giants are in a free-fall that will cost head coach Tom Coughlin his job this season. If the offensive line cannot do a better job at protecting Eli Manning during the regular season than they have done so far in the preseason, then the Giants may not even make the playoffs.

[adinserter block=”2″]One of the things that the Giants did like about their game against the Jets was the play of rookie defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul. When Pierre-Paul was a factor in NCAA football betting, he could change the momentum of a game. It looks like he could have that potential in the pros as well. Once again the Giants’ scouting staff has found a gem on the defensive line.

The Pittsburgh Steelers looked good in their most recent preseason game against the Detroit Lions. But, then again, the Steelers should look good in a preseason game against the Detroit Lions. The NFL football betting lines have the Lions way back in the Super Bowl odds and not considered a factor. The influence that the Steelers will have on the Super Bowl odds is a different story.

Here is the main problem for the Steelers. Quarterback Byron Leftwich was brought in to start the first four weeks of the season while Ben Roethlisberger sits out a four-game suspension. Leftwich was terrible in the Detroit game. He could not move the ball, and he even spiked the ball on the wrong down which cost the Steelers yardage. Rookie quarterback Dennis Dixon came in and swept the Steelers off their feet. So now the Steelers have to wonder what they are going to do for the first four weeks of the season.

The Giants look disorganized, disinterested and uninspired when the first team plays. Considering that Eli Manning’s injury is in a spot that could easily be aggravated by his helmet, it is doubtful we will see him in this game.

[adinserter block=”1″]With Santonio Holmes and Willie Parker gone, the Steelers are still trying to fit pieces into their offense to make them work. Veteran wide receiver Heinz Ward was effective in the Detroit game, but he was alone on the first team offense in being effective. Running back Rashard Mendenhall barely played, and wide receiver Arnaz Battle caught a 51-yard touchdown pass but it was from Dixon.

Both of these teams have a lot of work to do in their last two preseason games, and both teams look to be in some serious trouble as opening week approaches.

Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers 14-3

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