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Steamboat vs. Jericho added to WWE Backlash

With less than a week ago, WWE added a match to Backlash that is sure to generate fan interest. What looked like a one-night comeback will continue through the WWE’s next big event. The big year for WWE Hall of Famer Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat is not over. Steamboat will wrestle his first one-on-one match in fifteen years as he takes on Chris Jericho this Sunday at Backlash.

Steamboat will continue arguably one of the most impressive comebacks in pro wrestling history. Not since Shawn Michaels has anyone pulled off such a remarkable comeback. Steamboat has not only beaten the odds, he has blown them out of the water. Could Ricky Steamboat be in the middle of a full fledged comeback? Is this just the beginning of a new era for the Dragon?

I don’t know if this match is due to Steamboat’s impressive WrestleMania appearance or a lack of ideas for Jericho. It is absolutely amazing as to how badly the WWE has blown Jericho’s momentum. At one time, Jericho was the unquestionable top heel in the WWE. Yet, the WWE hasn’t given him an impressive storyline in months. Jericho’s stock is starting to plummet and this match is just a band-aid on the situation.

Ricky Steamboat is one of my all time favorite wrestlers. I can watch a Steamboat match from my childhood today, and be just as entertained as I was watching it then. Steamboat has been a guest on my radio show and was equally fantastic. I think Steamboat looked great at WrestleMania, but let’s not kid ourselves here. Ricky Steamboat is a 56 year old man. This is a young man’s game right now. I just hope they aren’t pushing the envelope here with the Dragon.

If Steamboat is truly 100% healthy, I believe there is definitely a role for him on television. Steamboat could work as a tag team partner and mentor a younger wrestler. Reports indicate that his son Rich is not yet ready for the big-time, so he is out. I think a quick run teaming with someone like CM Punk would do huge business and really help elevate Punk. A conclusion involving Punk turning on Steamboat and a one-off match could do big business if done right. Steamboat as a singles wrestler against a credible wrestler isn’t the way to go in 2009.

The old-school fan in me is definitely enjoying Steamboat’s comeback. I loved the match at WrestleMania. The quick falls, the fast moves, and the dramatic selling were all vintage Steamboat. Steamboat looked equally good the following night on RAW. I’ll take it in, enjoy it, and move on as I hope everyone does following Backlash. I do hope that Steamboat sticks around in some capacity. There is one guy probably going crazy on the sidelines at the prospects of wrestling Steamboat.

Unfortunately he retired last year at WrestleMania. This is a great comeback, unfortunately one-year too late for Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat.

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