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Stayin’ Fixed on the Super Six

Super Six World Boxing ClassicThe two Andres’ – Ward and Dirrell. Not only do they have the same name, but in the same tournament, and the same Olympic team. And, they’re friends. Ironically enough, the two were so close, and lived together when they were in the Olympics, that Dirrell fought at Light Heavyweight at that time, so he wouldn’t have to face his friend. In Stage 3 of the Super Six Super Middleweight Tournament, they will fight. Dirrell took home a bronze for his efforts, Ward, a gold. But Dirrell took off faster, or at least more noticeably, and I predicted him to beat undefeated Froch in the first round, and after the fight I was sure he did, but due to some, as only I can speculate, home-town goggles the judges were wearing, somehow they thought Froch won the fight. So Dirrell is down one while Froch got two points.

Well, coming up, Andre is gonna be on the biggest stage so far in the tournament. This is the biggest match in the tournament. He will be fighting 42-1 Mikkel Kessler, whose only loss was a decision to Joe Calzaghe, and he’s thought of as the best in this tournament, which, heck, I said Dirrell would beat him, but I must also tell you I picked Jermain Taylor to upset Arthur Abraham. You wanna laugh at me?, well, Bert Sugar picked Michael Spinks to beat Mike Tyson. We all make mistakes. Yet, I don’t think I’m making one when I say 20-0 Andre Ward will not only beat, but teach Kessler a lesson with speed and combination punching, and for Ward, at least, it’s not in Germany.

[adinserter block=”1″]One last thing on this little blurb about the fight I’d like to rant on. After Jermain Taylor got KO’d by Abraham in the 12th, and Taylor suffered a concussion, people are calling (again) for his head – this time, to step out of the tourney. They want a replacement. I’m not against it for one reason. It’s not because he lost and I don’t buy into a lot of what is said about Taylor. I just worry for Taylor’s health. But let me say, in the beginning of the tournament, everyone is even, I don’t care about anything prior, they’re all equal in the tournament, and really, Taylor is in the same boat as Dirrell – zero points in the first stage, even though the outcomes are so different. That’s why I kinda think there should be a difference between losing by decision and by knockout, but hey, I don’t make the rules, and for the most part, I usually don’t abide by them either, it’s just that the sanctioning bodies didn’t get in touch with me for my thoughts on how it was set up… hmmm. Okay… about Taylor. He can say something not many people can say… he beat Bernard Hopkins two times in a row. Then he fought Winky Wright to a draw, and he was also became Kronk-esque, being trained by Emmanuel Stewart. He beat Spinks, Ouma, and then defended against puncher Kelly Pavlik.

Taylor knocked down Pavlik in the early rounds, Pavlik would come back and KO Taylor. The rematch Taylor lost by Decision. He then beat former friend Jeff Lacy. He then fought, ironically, a guy in the Super Six Tournament, Froch. Taylor knocked down Froch early, and then Froch KO’d him in the last round. Huh… so now people were saying Taylor runs out of gas and can’t finish (no sexual innuendo, nope, not at all, you sickos) So going into the Super Six Tourney, Taylor was a 10-1 underdog to win it all, while the biggest odds other than that were 5-2. And Taylor fought good against Abraham, and with a couple seconds left in the 12th and final round, Abraham knocks out Taylor. Deja vu all over again. People are saying, “Haven’t they learned by now” – “Taylor had been exposed already” – “Does he have some mental problem about going the distance?” – “He can’t go the distance” – I don’t agree with any of it. My take on it, is, if you watch the Abraham – Taylor fight, that in the 12th round, Abraham catches Taylor with a perfect pin point straight right hand. And that’s what happened. Has nothing to do with anything else, he just got caught, and that’s what happens in boxing.

I must admit that I don’t think Taylor should have been put in the Super Six because there were in fact better fighters in the division. Allan Green for one, who wanted to be in it – how I wish! But after this tournament, things will be straight. Because, pay attention to this, on the 28th on HBO another huge Super Middlweight fight… undefeated IBF champ Lucian Bute will defend his title against Librado Andrade – in a rematch of a great fight, where champ Bute was down in the last round, got up, and the bell rang, Andrade just getting there too late. So by the end of the tournament, The Super Middleweight Division, because of the tourney and the Bute – Andrade fight, the division will be turned upside down and all used up (again, no sexual innuendo) I just hope Allan Green gets a shot, and since I was wishing earlier, how I wish the “chin checkers” Jaidon Codrington and Curtis Stevens turned out to be more than just talk and were in a tournament like this. They’ll never be heard from again.

[adinserter block=”2″]One last thing… I said I predict Ward will win, well, I also predict Andre “S.O.G.” Ward will win the WHOLE tournament, then move up to light heavyweight, and dispose of Roy Jones, or if at 50 years old (I’m kidding) Hopkins is still fighting, but Hopkins would never get knocked out, Jones would. On a whole ‘nother subject, I own the first fight between Hopkins and Mercado, where it was in Mercado’s hometown and Hopkins was dropped two times! And, the decision was a draw! That’s the only time you ever see Hopkins get knocked down. In the rematch, B-Hops won the title by KO from him and went on to be the best middleweight champion in the world, knocking out names such as Trinidad and De La Hoya, and making a record, never done before 20 consecutive winning defenses of his middleweight crown until Jermain Taylor would beat him. We saw what happened to Taylor, didn’t becomes the “star” HBO invested in, while Hopkins became the first middleweight champ to win the Light Heayweight title. Maybe this tournament will produce some more light heavyweights, because, as I said, this tournament and the Bute – Andrade fight has a huge impact on this division.

If only we could get a heavyweight tourney like this!

Robert Earle Stanton is a freelance writer, short fiction author and novelist.

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