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The State Of Women’s Wrestling

I am a firm believer that the women’s division of WWE and to an extent TNA could do with an overhaul.

[adinserter block=”1″]Lately I am seeing girls who look good in their underwear but don’t look so good when it comes to in-ring work; and the ones who are great in-ring end up as enhancement talent to the ones that aren’t. It’s a shame really and there really is no reason for it considering there is like 25+ women wrestling promotions in the US alone. You can’t tell me that those girls don’t have what it takes to get it done in the ring. Not only that, they’ve had a proving ground; you know they’ll improve. Don’t get me wrong I understand that it’s about sex appeal; but if your roster is mostly blondes with long legs and perky bosoms that all do the same damn thing…well then the women become interchangeable…and not all that memorable.

Currently both rosters are talent heavy (WWE more so than TNA) and most aren’t doing much. They need worthwhile feuds between the women; for a decent amount of time and progression; this is hard to do; but if done right; it could be just as rewarding to watch even without the title on the line…

Speaking of which…

Both the Diva’s of WWE and the Knockout’s of TNA only have one title…just one…where the men in both companies have no less than 4 (including Tag Titles); yes, I know the Diva’s use to have two; and why they got rid of the separate Woman’s title that had more history then the ‘butterfly’ title I’ll never know; regardless; I truly believe that the ladies need one more title; the logical one being Tag Titles since we do see quite a few ladies tag matches; why not have a tag title – the WWE could even recycle the metal from all the retired belts if they want to save money.

Their matches could be livened up a bit; the ladies don’t seem to have a lot of stipulation matches; and they really could do wonders with that. I’m not talking steel cage matches; but why not an Elimination Chamber match for the title in WWE? More Fatal-Four Ways; Triple Threats and handicap matches (that aren’t Nikki Bella against half the Diva Locker room) wouldn’t go amiss either; it would be a good way to put the locker room to good use. A ladder match could provide some interesting angles; though I doubt this will happen; because its women and the crowd could get squeamish about it.

The Divas and Knockouts of today seem to be little more than window dressing; bookends to the matches by the male wrestlers. There is little representation of high flyers and power houses; as there once was. There is nothing on the books that says the Ladies can’t have exciting matches that ignite the crowd; a great match is a great match regardless of the gender of the competitors in the ring.

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  1. TNA needs to sign more women to the division. Then they could bring back the tag titles. But, you can’t have tag champions when you only have roughly a half dozen performers.
    As far as high quality ladder matches, etc. it can be done. Just look at the 2013 matches between Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell. They tore the house down.
    TNA knows how to do women’s wrestling. They just need more women so we aren’t seeing the same couple women every week. It seems silly to have a title if you can’t even have a top 10 contenders list in your mind.

  2. TNA seems to have the “a great match is a great match regardless of the gender” part understood. The Knockouts of TNA quite consistently put on great matches, even in the short times they are allotted on a one hour show.
    I do agree that the whole division of TNA and WWE seems under utilized, though. What happened to the Beth Phoenixes and Kharmas of the world? While AJ and Paige are enjoyable enough to watch, why does every diva need to be tiny and petite?


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