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The Sharks Fantasy Football Week 3 Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em

Start Tony Romo this week against the Texans.A heavily intoxicated woman once said to me ” You want to see fantasy football, come over to my house one Sunday, flip on the game and be prepared to have your mind blown”. Not quite the exact same thing, but quite the way I looked at it this past Sunday, as I watched (as I predicted here) Chris Johnson get gobbled up by the Pittsburgh Steelers defense. Yes editors of, I will not need my mental health benefits, at least not yet! My mind was truly blown as the alleged “Best RB in the NFL” was plowed over all day long.

Well, enough of the gloating, yes I made some very nice predictions last week, but also recommended sitting Jay Cutler, so I also can crank out a stinker. Heck fantasy football is all about bragging and humble pie, served with a side of comedy. It is why even the biggest Saturday night party guy wakes up at 10 A.M. on a Sunday. It is just another brilliant way to keep us all glued even tighter to our seats during football season ( God help all the football haters everywhere).

So now I am back with more Fantasy Football Start Em Sit Em advice for week 3. While I am at it, I am not trying to sell a product or anything, but man we all as fantasy owners have to get Direct TV or something. It has become near impossible to be in a league where free-agents are first come, first serve, to get any injury replacement if you are not watching every second of every game. Jason Snelling you ask? Yes in 3 of my leagues he was picked up by 2:30 Sunday afternoon, unheard of!

OK back to the picks, you know what to do, sit back, read and relax, and as always good luck!



[adinserter block=”1″]Tony Romo, Cowboys at Texans: I know full well that it has looked bad for Dallas the first 2 weeks. No one had expected the, to be 0-2 at this point and not many feel so good as they go in to face the 2-0 cross state rival Texans. However Romo owners you may be in luck. Yes Jason Witten may be out from concussion symptoms, but even if that is the case, the Texans have let up over 900 yards in just 2 weeks to Donovan McNabb and Peyton Manning. Romo should certainly be able to find some room to pass, and with Myles Austin looking as good as he does, Romo can find a few TDs and some big yards.

Donovan McNabb, Redskins at Rams: McNabb is showing some comfort in his new offense and is starting to find the weapons. From his days with Philly, McNabb has always had decent success against the Rams, even when they were the toast of the league. The Ram defense offers lots less then the Texans defense that McNabb lit up last week, so I see no problems here.

Drew Brees, Saints vs. Falcons: I am never big on easy pickings like this, but here is the big thing to remember: With Reggie Bush out with an injury the Saints may actually have a more balanced offense. So why is that better news for Brees? Well his lone back Pierre Thomas has Bush’s hands and good speed, and with the confidence that he will see a bulk of the action, the offense should flow better, and of course they have great WRs. Also did I mention just how good Brees is at home? If not, you will know soon enough.


Josh Freeman, Bucs vs. Steelers: While he is creating a buzz in the NFL, this is not the week to go reaching for Freeman. The Steelers defense made minced meat out of Vince Young last week, and the Bucs have no one like Chris Johnson for the defense to worry about. Freeman is maturing quickly, but is not ready for this yet.

Mark Sanchez, Jets at Miami: Is the Dolphins defense this good? Maybe, and you may not want to risk trying Sanchez to find out. The Dolphins put the clamps on Brett Favre and the Vikings last week and are now 2-0. The Jets will have to rely on defense and a sound running game to win this one.

Alex Smith, 49ers at Chiefs: Despite a nice game Monday night, Smith still is lacking a little something, and the Chiefs at 2-0 actually have a decent secondary. Yes they did not have to shut down a big time QB last week, but in week 1 they did nice work against Philip Rivers, and Alex Smith is no Philip Rivers. So for all of you who drafted Smith, and think it looks like a soft match-up, I am here to tell you, it isn’t.

Running Backs:


Ray Rice, Ravens vs. Browns: It is now time to return to the grind for the Ravens. Leaving the offense in the hands of Joe Flacco does not seem to be working and the Browns are not a very sturdy defense. The Ravens will be best served letting Ray be Ray and not worry about how much it will hurt Anquans or T.J.’s feelings. That is if they want to win?

[adinserter block=”2″]Maurice Jones-Drew, Jaguars vs. Eagles: Drew is usually a no-brainer as well, but he has not been super so far this season. Enter an Eagles defense that made Jahvid Best look like, well The Best this past weekend. The brute force of Jones-Drew will be more then the soft-tackling Eagles can handle, and he should have a big day.

Matt Forte, Bears vs. Packers: I know you all are not sold on his running ability, but he has been fantasy gold so far in point per catch leagues. Forte is exactly what I said he would be this off-season and that is Mike Martz’s new Marshall Faulk. He is a play-maker with his hands, and even if he is not rushing for big gains, he is finding the ball and the end zone. If you use a flex player or 3 RBs you have to consider Forte.


Stephen Jackson, Rams vs. Redskins: The same way the Texans showed last week, it is evident that the best way to get to the Skins is through the air. Yes, Jackson does factor in the passing game, but the Skins defense has done a nice job against the run so far this year, so I still think Jackson will be slowed.

The Cowboys RBs, at Houston: Marion Barber, Felix Jones, Tashard Choice, it does not matter which you have, bench them. The Texans have a good front 7, and right now no one is taking the lead in this backfield, so don’t bother right now.

Brandon Jackson, Packers at Bears: We all ran to our computers to add him as soon as Ryan Grant got injured, but he is no Ryan Grant. Last week against a poor Bills defense he managed only 29 rushing yards and a TD. Those are not great numbers and the Bears with Brian Urlacher back in the fold are no slouches against the run.

Wide Receiver:


Chad Ochocinco, Bengals at Panthers: All reality show madness aside, it is time for Chad and this offense to start playing like they mean it. The Panthers have been roughed up by some lesser receivers in the past 2 weeks, so Chad should finally find his way to a pretty big day. I see 7 catches, over 100 yards and a TD here, mark it down.

Miles Austin, Cowboys at Texans: I am going to save myself the energy and tell you that if you own Austin, you play him every week, period. He is the entire passing game in Dallas, and he isn’t slowing down because of it.

Santana Moss, Redskins at Rams: I like the match-up so much for McNabb that I will tell you to also start his number 1 receiver if you own him. Moss is looking like the player of old and has been putting up numbers and showing good speed. McNabb loves to go long, and this is the main deep threat, taking on a weak Rams secondary.


Braylon Edwards, Jets at Dolphins: Let’s face it, it has been a long last 2 days for Edwards. Can you say Santonio Holmes? Well get used to it Jets fans, he will be back soon.

Steve Smith, Panthers vs. Bengals: A rookie QB, a tough secondary, and just and all around bad looking Panthers team make me dislike Smith a lot this week. I still think he is an elite player, but he needs to find a new team quickly.

Anquan Boldin, Ravens vs. Browns: I may be wrong with this prediction given they are playing the lowly Browns, but until Joe Flacco shows me he is a pro QB, Boldin holds little value.

Waiver Wire Gems, Week3

Be it injury, or just a guy showing some worth, I bring you some names to keep on the radar, or heck just go out and get if no one else has already:

Santonio Holmes, WR, New York Jets: In 2 weeks his suspension will be over, and that may be just in time for Braylon Edwards’ to start. Holmes looked good in pre-season and should be thrown right in here.

Louis Murphy, WR, Oakland: I have always been a Murphy backer, and now maybe Tom Cable is too. If they stick with Bruce Gradkowski, Murphy becomes gold, or as close to gold as a Raiders receiver can be.

Mark Clayton, WR, Rams: Yes he does still play, and yes he is playing well, thank you.

BenJarvis Green-Ellis, RB,Patriots: So many people are saying there are no good running backs left to take. Well Fred Taylor is aging, Kevin Faulk is done for the season and Sammy Morris,is, well,Sammy Morris. Green-Ellis would certainly go up to the task if given the chance here. He mixes power and speed nicely and the Pats will need some kind of run game to keep it honest.

Kyle Orton, QB, Broncos: Word is out that people are starting to like Orton, I am becoming one of them. 3tds and no turnovers in 2 weeks is not a bad line, and now he has Eddie Royal back in his proper spot and the rookies are coming through. Hey you can do a heck of a lot worse at QB right now.

Defenses I like this week:

Steelers at Bucs

Vikings vs. Lions

Ravens vs. Browns

Defenses I don’t like this week:

Falcons at Saints

Broncos vs. Colts

Texans vs. Cowboys

So good luck everyone in week 3, take my advice and do as you will.

If you’d like to hear anything else from me on topics or ideas I can be reached at

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