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Sharks’ Flash and Crash – Fantasy Start ’em or Sit ’em NFL Week 9

Donovan McNabbAs we enter week 9 fantasy football friends, we can’t help but think how many of our star players are here one day and gone the next. I’m sure many of us, myself included, cringed when we found out that Steve Slaton was benched in the firat quarter last week, then felt even worse when his replacement Ryan Moats went off for 126 yards and 3 touchdowns. Or how good did it feel to start Mike Bell this week, and have Pierre Thomas be back in the fold and have a huge day? So the simple lesson here is, you just never know so don’t out-think yourself, take some very sound advice, and grab something to break if things go awry!

With that I bring you my nice little fantasy football “Dear Abby” that I like to call, “Flash and Crash”. Hey, it’s week 9, I’m sure you know what it means by now!



[adinserter block=”1″]Donovan McNabb, Eagles vs Cowboys
Philly fans may have felt ill effects of losing the World Series, but now the time has come to quickly shift the attention back to football. The Philadelphia Eagles have a big time showdown this week against the arch rival Dallas Cowboys at home this week. If you don’t remember what happened last time, I’ll remind you. Needing a win to keep their playoff hopes alive, the Cowboys were crushed by the Eagles 44-6. McNabb is back in form and showed great stuff last week against the Giants. The offensive line is getting healthy and the young guns are sharp for Philly. McNabb realizes his team is as strong as he can make them,and I feel he goes off here.

Philip Rivers, Chargers at Giants
Passed up on draft day by the Giants to make a deal for Eli Manning sure hasn’t been sitting well with Philip Rivers, and now he gets his chance at redemption. It is no better time then now for Rivers against a Giant defense that let Philly go nuts on them last week, and is hurting in the secondary. The Giants are also not controlling the ball on offense as they have in the past, so Rivers should get plenty of time with the football. The Chargers are not relying quite as much in the run game as they have in the past, so this one will have to be Rivers or bust here.

Matt Hasselbeck, Seahawks vs Lions
Losing to the Rams is not much to be proud of, and now the Lions take it to the road, and a tough place to play in Seattle. The Seahawks struggled last week on the road at Dallas, but Hasselbeck still had good numbers. Now that Deion Branch is showing up, Hasselbeck actually has 4 guys he can feel good in passing too, which is 4 more then the Lions should be able to stop. The Seahawks have always been alot better at home, and we should see it this week.


Matt Ryan, Falcons vs Redskins
The last time I crashed Ryan he went crazy and I felt the fool. However this week Ryan, who has been slowed the last few weeks takes on a Redskins team that is actually number two in the league against the pass, and very desperate to make something happen. The Redskins are expected to run alot against the Falcons defense which may make it difficult for the Falcons to see alot of time on offense, which would lead to a bad day for Ryan.

Vince Young, Titans at 49ers
Hold everything Mr. Young. Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves here people. In Indy, Peyton Manning didn’t get any and last week Matt Schaub didn’t get any against the 49ers. Why on Earth would we think that Young can? Well I for one, don’t. The Niners defense may be weak on the ground, but over the last few weeks, they have kept some of the top TD passing QBs out of the end zone, so it doesn’t look good for an average passer like Young.

Carson Palmer, Bengals vs Ravens
This may be more or less a hunch, but it also seems like Palmer never does real big things against the Ravens. The Bengals beat them earlier this year, but of late it looks like the Ravens have been getting stronger against the pass. I just think this team is way to up for this showdown and we may see the Benglas come back to earth.

Sleeper Pick: Matt Cassel, Chiefs
Handle With Care: David Garrard, Jaguars

Running Back:


Chris Johsnon, Titans at 49ers
Yes I know what I said about Vince Young, but that’s all the more reason to start Johnson. Perhaps his 228 yards last week were not enough to sell people on this guy. If not then how about this: The Niners let up 126 yards last week to Ryan Moats of the Texans. Moats is the number 3 guy on that depth chart. Still don’t like Johnson this week? I thought you’d see it my way.

Ryan Grant, Packers at Buccaneers
You will remember a few weeks back that I made you all a Ryan Grant promise and it came through with flying colors. Well I’m back to do it again, and tell you to get Grant in your line-up. Aaron Rodgers has been taking a beating the last few weeks and now he can relax against a very poor Bucs defense. However, his relaxing will be mostly in handoffs and Grant will have another big day. It’s happened before, it can happen again.

Ray Rice, Ravens at Bengals
Ray Rice has become Mr. Everything for the Ravens of late, and this game is a biggie for them as they take to Cincy. Rice is the new L.T. of fantasy football. He catches, he runs, he scores from just about anywhere. At the beginning of the year I tagged Rice as “,this years DeAngelo Williams” and I’m going to tell you, I didn’t miss at all there. Flacco early in the year was relying alot on the pass to score, but that really isn’t the Ravens style, but Rice, now that’s the Ravens style.


Marion Barber, Cowboys at Eagles
Barber returned to the endzone last week for his owners, but this is a bad week to sing more praises. The Eagles boast the number 3 defense in the league and have been shutting down runners very well the last few weeks. If you missed it last week, even the corners and safeties were sticking it to Brandon Jacobs. It doesn’t seem like much is scaring this defense right now, so Barber may just be a limited pace changer this week.

Joseph Addai, Colts vs Texans
What, were you expecting another TD pass this week? Sorry fans, but Addai looks risky this week to me. The Texans are actually in the top 5 against the rush this year and have been solid the last few weeks. Manning was kept quiet last week so you know he’s ready to work, so Addai will be there just not everywhere.

Knowshon Moreno, Broncos vs Steelers
Seems like for now the rookie is good against bad defenses but the good defenses know how to handle him. Hey Adrian Peterson didn’t do much against this defense, and not many do. Many people who have Moreno are certain to have another serviceable back, so use that guy!

Sleeper Pick: Jamaal Charles
Handle with Care: The Texans RBs

Wide Receiver:


Reggie Wayne, Colts vs Texans
In what I feel should be a very high scoring game, you have to go with one of the hottest in the game. Wayne has been brilliant the last few weeks, and now the Texans, who at best have a middle of the road secondary. Reggie is lightning in a bittle each week and his numbers show. Even if its a RB throwing to him, he knows how to tap the toes and make the big plays.

Devin Hester, Bears vs Cardinals
Yes, Devin Hester. Seems like this make-shift receiver is actually learning how to produce. The last 3 games out Hester has caught at least 6 passes and can find the end zone with his speed. Add to it that the Cards are on the road, and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie has been beaten deep alot this year. Cutler at home should be able to make hester a worthwhile start.

Nate Burleson, Seahawks vs Lions
I just think its turn to be huge. Seems like the Seattle guys alternate who will be big, and with the Lions in town the shifty and speedy Burleson should be the A guy here. Nat ehas moments where he looks phenominal, and moments when he looks lost, so they number 31 pass defense in the league should cure that with little problem. I feel Hasselbeck will have a big day, so why not throw Nate into that mix.


Anquan Boldin, Cardinals at Bears
If he even plays at all. Boldin has been slowed by a hamstring injury, and even when not he just doesn’t seem to have it this year. Alot has happend to Boldin over the last year plus. The brutal hit against the Jets, a dispute with his offensive coordinator, and asking to be traded. Boldin is becoming forgotten fast, and with Fitzgerald and Breaston also on this roster, it may not be a problem.

Dwayne Bowe, Chiefs at Jaguars
Now don’t get me wrong, I usually like Bowe, but not here as he should see Jags shut down corner Mathis a ton in this one. A piece of me thinks the Chiefs will want to see what RB Jamaal Charles has to offer so I think this offense may be screen pass and run happy.

Roy Williams, Cowboys at Eagles
I know it’s not a big stretch, but if he wants to be treated like he’s still number 1, and mouth of like a certain former Dallas number 1, well then I will put him on the crash like a number 1. This guy isn’t even the Cowboys number 4 option let alone a number 1 receiver? He had a TD last week, but just his second of the year, oh and in case he is not paying attention, some guy named Austin seems to be doing just fine.

Sleeper Pick: Jeremy Maclin, Eagles
Handle With Care: Calvin Johnson, Lions



Seahawks vs Lions
Saints vs Panthers
Steelers at Broncos

CrashLions at Seahwaks
Cowboys at Eagles
Panthers at Saints

Still think it’s too late for waiver wires, well youre wrong, some new gems to look at are:

Ryan Moats, RB, Texans
Sure we don’t know what the outcome of the Steve Slaton ordeal is yet, but it sure is nice to grab him just in case, before someone else does. You all know how that stings.

Leonard Weaver, FB, Eagles
A FB? If Brian Westbrook breaks down again you may be rewarded for this move. Weaver has good hands and an eye for the holes. He had a big week last week against the Giants and you will see him more involved.

Sam Hurd, WR, Cowboys
Crayton seems to get short TDs, Miles Austin can’t get all the long ones, so Sam Hurd has snuck in the last few weeks and has produced. Now granted he’s never concrete but watch the match-ups and if you get a little desperate give him a look.

[adinserter block=”2″]Visante Shiancoe, TE, Vikings
If youre in a league that uses a legit TE spot then he’s more then taken, but if not and you need a filler at WR/TE then look at this guy. Brett Favre seems to be finding him for at least 1 TD per week, and he’s been getting looks.

Good luck in week 9 everyone, and don’t forget to see my “Beat The Shark” article this week as I bring in another lovely female contestant. Also next week we will dish out Mid Term grades for your fantasy football players.

If you’d like to hear anything else from me on topics or ideas I can be reached at phillyphan1971@yahoo.com

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