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Sharks’ Flash and Crash – Fantasy Start ’em or Sit ’em NFL Week 14

Aaron RodgersWell fantasy owners, the long and winding road seems to be coming to an end. For all of you who are out of the playoff picture in your leagues, I hope you all enjoyed your seasons and will be ready to go again next year. For those of you in the playoffs, or are fighting for a spot you know how important this week is, and how important some help can be. I will start out with some very simple rules to follow heading into this week:

1. Stick with what got you here: Unless a player has a major injury, continue to go with that line-up that has made you successful. If you started Matt Schaub all year, don’t go out and grab a Josh Freeman this week just because of his sore left shoulder, but do monitor your players.

2. Keep it simple: Much like the first piece of advice, dont try and get cute. Just because Joe Flacco is playing the Lions doesn’t mean you have to blow dust off of him and start him.

3. Pray alot: Yes a little help from whomever your savior is can always be nice.

4. Don’t panic about who your opponent is starting: You can not do anything about certain match-ups. Yes Chris Johnson plays the Rams this week, but don’t worry and think he’s a lock for 40 or 50 points, let the games play out.

5. Have fun: Yes we all want to win, but don’t call or text your opponent and curse them out after every TD they score!

With that being said, its time for a does of “Flash and Crash”. I have decided to do it a little more like I did last week. Give you more names to like and more names to possibly dislike this week. The more advice the better? Not always, but if you use just 1 or 2 sources, i’m sure you’d like alot to look at.



Drew Brees, Saints at Falcons: For all of you who think they will be taking it easy or running the ball alot, guess what, they won’t. Enough scares for them already, time to get back to business against one of the worst defenses in the league.

Aaron Rodgers, Packers at Bears: Favre-esque December for Rodgers perhaps? He’s been red-hot. A fantasy champ team type of QB.

Vince Young, Titans vs Rams: With all the pre-game hype the Rams may go 11 in the box on every play. Young should get numbers here, good numbers.

Yes Peyton Manning and Tom Brady: If you have these guys and are in the playoffs and think twice, you deserve to lose.

Donovan McNabb, Eagles at Giants: Did you read how McNabb seems to play better at Giants stadium? Sounds odd, but it’s Andy Reid and it’s December, the Eagles seem to love December.


Brett Favre, Vikings vs Bengals: Maybe he has something to prove after last week. The Bengals do get turnovers though. Another late season showing of age?

Matt Hasselbeck, Seahawks at Texans: Last week was a good week for him. 2 TDs and 198 yards, ummmm against the 49ers? It’s all but over for this guy.

Jason Campbell, Redskins at Raiders: Don’t dare,dare,dare bank on what he did last week and put your playoff at risk.

Alex Smith, 49ers at Cardinals: Once again, it’s playoff time. This guy can vanish any second now. However if he pulls off a big game or 2 down the stretch, you will all be looking for him on draft day next year.

Running Back:


Chris Johnson, Titans vs Rams: Yahoo projection, 35 points. ESPN projection 31 points. Tons of hype. Are the Rams reading this? Either way you start him.

Jamaal Charles, Chiefs vs Bills: Buffalo brings its number 32 ranked run defense to town. Charles has been big of late, and he will be playing for a job for next year. Toby Gerhart in KC? Charles hopes not.

Ray Rice, Ravens vs Lions: Got a taste of what it was like to be human last week didn’t he? Hey let’s face it,these are the Lions, run,run,run!! He will redefine the term “Wild Rice” this week.

Maurice Jones-Drew, Jaguars vs Dolphins: Because he has to be huge. The Jaguars, no matter how soft a schedule, control their playoff destiny, and so does Maurice Jones-Drew. 2 light weeks in a row, but don’t count on a third.


Matt Forte, Bears vs Packers: The Packers now remember how to play defense. Forte only goes off against basement teams.

Chris Brown, Texans vs Seahawks: Don’t do it! Just because Slaton’s year is finished does’nt mean Brown goes off. This team needs to go to the air this week.

Cedric Benson, Bengals at Vikings: I am still afraid of this run defense. I feel that the Bengals will try and play the wear down game and rotate fresh legs, and it still won’t work.

The Saints bunch: You just never know which one will show up! Play by emergency only.

The Cowboys bunch: See “The Saints bunch”.

Wide Receiver:


Reggie Wayne, Colts vs Broncos: In the never ending discussions over who is the best WR in the game, he just continues to be quiet and produce. Imagine waking up every morning knowing you are Peyton Mannings number 1 reciever.

Andre Johnson, Texans vs Seahawks: It will look like a heavyweight boxer vs lightweights when he stands next to these corners. Scored last week, and the run game is week.

Calvin Johnson, Lions at Ravens: If the Lions do anything at all, it will be in the hands of Johnson. You see what he does when listed as healthy: 6 rec, 123 yards, td last week. This kid has all the tools,he just needs a better team.

The Cardinal Twosome: Fitzgerald and Boldin, what every QB wants for Christmas!

Robert Meacham, Saints at Falcons: Despite all the weapons this team has, he’s the guy that keeps scoring. Originally seen as a first round dud, Meacham is now doing “Miles Austin-Type” stuff in this offense.


Roy Williams, Cowboys vs Chargers: This guy scored 2 TDs last week? Ha, not for my team, not in my playoffs.

Brandon Marshall, Broncos at Colts: It’s not that I don’t like Marshall, it’s just that the Colts pass rush has been good lately, and I think Orton will have a long day.

Braylon Edwards, Jets at Bucs: Ok so he scored last week, and could have had 2 TDs, but I don’t like Kellen Clemens at QB, no matter who they play. Also this guy likes to make you regret starting him.

Greg Jennings, Packers at Bears: Hey Greg, the end zone called, it is wondering where you have been?



Titans at Rams
Patriots vs Panthers
Packers at Bears


49ers vs Cardinals
Broncos at Colts
Falcons vs Saints

So no more waiver wire updates friends, let’s face it, now is not the time to start guys you picked up on the wire. Good luck to everyone in week 14, and if it’s your playoffs, best of luck!
Thanks again for reading everyone and good luck in week 11. Don’t forget to check out my NFL pick em contest “Beat The Shark” every Friday!

If you’d like to hear anything else from me on topics or ideas I can be reached at [email protected]

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