Sharks’ Flash and Crash – Fantasy Start ’em or Sit ’em NFL Week 13


Tom Brady Hello again fantasy footballers! I come to you with a sad note to start this weeks article. When Marques Colston caught that touchdown pass from Drew Brees late in the game last Monday Night, I was forced to put one of my teams to bed, as with my record falling to 5-7 I was out of the playoff race. No fear however, I still have 3 teams going very strong, and all 3 will be in the playoffs! Speaking of playoffs, are you ready out there? Are your teams heating up and getting you wins?

I have alot of people who email me or call me or contact me for advice. I usually hear the same thing though, “You give good advice but I need more info about more players.” Ok so this week “Flash And Crash” will be more leaning towards who I really like and who I don’t like and will keep the explanations simple so there is more room for more names. Sound fair enough? Hey, I need to win too you know! Anyway let’s get down to it.



Tom Brady, Patriots at Dolphins: Do you really expect him to take last weeks loss easily. Plus, he had a nice game against them a few weeks back.

Donovan McNabb, Eagles at Falcons: Donovan usually struggles against them, but hey it’s McNabbs time of the year. The Birds always pump it up late in the season.

Matt Schaub, Texans at Jaguars: The Texans always play the Jags well, and this team is in desperation mode don’t ya think?

Peyton Manning, Colts vs Titans: Did you read the name (don’t be confused by the last name)? Then, I don’t need to explain.

Josh Freeman, Bucs at Panthers:Yes , that Josh Freeman! The Bucs win this one over the Panthers. His numbers have been solid the last few weeks.


Joe Flacco, Ravens at Packers: Okay he threw a TD last week, who didn’t, umm except for Matt Hasselbeck? Hey Matt, thanks for nothing last week (editor’s note: And all season). This team runs on first, second, and third.

Eli Manning, Giants vs Cowboys: There is more to that foot injury than we are being told. Either that or this kid forgot how to play football? How much are Steve Smith owners hurting?

Matt Hasselbeck, Seahawks vs 49ers: He just stinks! San Fran tuned them up last time as well. Keep giving it to Forsett when it counts, he’s become an over night stud.

Jake Delhomme, Panthers vs Bucs: He will probably get you more points not playing this weekend than the negative numbers he generates with interceptions.

David Garrard, Jaguars vs Texans: I thought he was improving, but that was like 4 weeks ago. Mike Sims-Who?

Sleeper: Jay Cutler, Bears (yes maybe even 2 TDs this week)
Handle With Care: Tony Romo, Cowboys

Running Back:


[ad 6]Chris Johnson, Titans at Colts: The chase to 2000 yards hits Indy, where running can be done. Vince and the guys are looking for 6 straight, and it will be doable, but only if C.J. is hot.

Jamaal Charles, Chiefs vs Broncos: Like the legend says “strange things happen in Arrowhead.” I think Charles is becoming this years, “guy I got on waivers that saved my season” player.

Matt Forte, Bears vs Rams: If Forte can’t manage to go off here, he should retire. This is a guy who will make or break a lot of playoff hopes this week, but I say you use him.

DeAngelo Willimas, Panthers vs Bucs: Yes I don’t care for the passing attack of Carolina, but this guy isn’t the QB. He goes off here!

Justin Forsett, Seahawks vs 49ers: Most of what I said about Charles, but more dependable! You don’t think Julius Jones is taking this guy’s job now do you? The Niners play the run well,but this kid as been a beast.


Joseph Addai, Colts vs Titans: This Titans’ defense is starting to look like last years, against the run anyway. Plus, Donald Brown is back and looking good.

Cedric Benson, Bengals vs Lions: Read this before you freak out. His injury has somehow managed to cost him. Larry Johnson and Bernard Scott have been excellent the last 2 weeks,and although it’s the Lions, you still can’t be sure who carries the load.

Ryan Grant, Packers vs Ravens: The Ravens are too high up on the defensive charts for Grant to have too big a day, plus he’s nursing a shoulder injury. This has become a passing team.

Marion Barber, Cowboys at Giants: There is too much going on in the Dallas backfield to trust Barber completely. Sure he may do something, but so could Felix Jones, or Tashard Choice, or any Cowboy.

Sleeper Pick: Laurence Maroney (been doing it lately)
Handle With Care: Whoever the Falcons put out there.

Wide Receiver:


Andre Johnson, Texans at Jaguars: No Mathis, no pass rush, and a giant that has been sleeping. Need I remind you of how Johnson always goes nuts on these guys? Plus as I said with Schaub, the Texans need this one badly.

Brandon Marshall, Broncos at Chiefs: I almost choked on my turkey Thanksgiving night watching those one handed grabs. Is this man the best in the game or what? You may so no because of attitude, but attitude doesn’t play on Sunday.

Randy Moss, Patriots at Dolphins: How angry was he to be kept in check Monday night? I bet very angry, angry enough to pounce on the Dolphins, like he did earlier this year.

Jeremy Maclin, Eagles at Falcons: Seriously Shark? Yes here it is: DeSean Jackson is questionable, Jason Avant is the 2 and the Falcons are 30th in the league against the pass. I don’t need to tell you what the rookie can do here, and I think he does it nicely.

Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals vs Vikings: You can’t really run on the Vikings, so you have to pass to win. Enter this monster. I know it’s not a far stretch, you play him every week anyway.


Roddy White, Falcons vs Eagles: I am not about to trust Chris Redman with my fantasy future, not against Asante Samuel and the Eagles anyway!

Calvin Johnson, Lions at Bengals: If the Bengals do anything great on defense, it’s pass coverage. If you watch Johnson try and play on that bad knee, it’s almost makes you hurt as well. I don’t trust this guy much the rest of the year.

Greg Jennings, Packers vs Ravens: Donald Driver has taken over, again!

Marques Colston, Saints at Redskins: I do not forgive easily. Ruin a season of mine and I will smear your name. Ok, not really I just don’t like him as much outdoors as I do when he’s at home.

Roy Williams, Cowboys at Giants: Just because! I think his time of getting looks will dwindle again as Austin has proven that he’s back.

Sleeper Pick(s): Jason Avant, Donnie Avery, Johnny Knox,Anotnio Bryant
Handle With Care: Greg Jennings, Steve Smith (NYG)



Broncos at Chiefs
Steelers vs Raiders
Chargers at Browns


Falcons vs Eagles
Redskins vs Saints
Ravens vs Packers

Waiver wire and last minute free agent gems. You still can get a few deals even this late. Here is a list of guys on my free agent wire in some of my leagues if you need a fix:

QBs: Josh Freeman, Alex Smith, Vince Young

RBs: Larry Johnson, Rock Cartwirght

WRs: Donnie Avery, Antonio Bryant, Kenny Britt, Andre Caldwell

[adinserter block=”2″]Ok people, I wish all of you alot of luck this week as I know most of your playoff spots are on the line. Every win counts here so don’t try and get to creative, stick with what got you this far. Don’t forget to check out “Beat The Shark” this Friday, and thanks as always for reading my stuff plus all the other great articles here at

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