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Sharks’ Flash and Crash – Fantasy Start ’em or Sit ’em NFL Week 11

Ben RoethlisbergerIf you ask a lot of the experts, they will tell you that there are alot of great matchups out there this week for fantasy football players. As we all know, what is predicted and how it finishes can way too often be totally different things. Then again, as Ronnie Brown watches his season end I sit here and write this piece while watching Ricky Williams explode for 3 touchdowns, so I guess that anything is possible.

So here I am once again to try and shed some light on what you should do with some of your players this week in my coulumn that I call “Flash and Crash”. Hey, it’s not always perfect but I know even I could have told you to sit any Browns player last week, right? So here is what I have for you this week:



[adinserter block=”1″]Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers at Chiefs
After last week’s tough loss against the Bengals, you can be sure that Ben and the Steelers are ready to feast on the weak. Enter a terrible Chiefs defense, and the fact that the Chiefs offense is also missing key weapons, and it should be a field position dream for Big Ben. The Steelers have to think of playoffs, and this game should be a mop up!

Donovan McNabb, Eagles at Bears
McNabb loves to play in his hometown of Chicago. Add to the fact that the Bears defense has been dreadful, and also that the Eagles are in their usual late season desperation mode, and it spells good things for McNabb. If Cutler goes into turnover mode again, McNabb may be able to find 4 tds here, but let’s not go crazy.

Kurt Warner, Cardinals at Rams
You can’t really think of this as a road game for Warner can you? This was his house, and he was the ring leader of the “Greatest Show On Turf” back in his Rams days. Wow, when you look at how bad St. Louis has gotten since then, it seems like a century ago? The Rams just don’t have enough to slow down everything that the Cardinals can throw at them, and Arizona is also still perfect on the road.


Carson Palmer, Bengals at Raiders
I know that the Bengals keep rolling along, but not a lot of it has to do with huge days from Palmer. The Raiders still have a decent secondary, and a lousy run defense. I’m expecting to see alot of runs and some good turnovers by Cincy’s defense leading to a short field, and not much from Carson.

Matt Ryan, Falcons at Giants
Maybe a tough call here with Michael Turners injury. The Falcons may have little choice but to pass to stay in games for now, but Ryan has been dreadful the last few weeks. Tony Gonzalez has disappeared, and the offensive line seems weak lately. Plus, the Giants expect Aaron Ross back so a healthier Giants defense can’t help Matty-Ice much.

Joe Flacco, Ravens at Colts
Yes, I watched last weeks game, did you? No not the Colts game, that thing that was played on Monday night. Indy’s pass rush is way too much for Flacco who seems to be slowly regressing. Flacco doesn’t have alot of weapons down the field to take advantage of. This matchup is not looking good for Joe Flacco.

Sleeper: Matt Stafford, Lions
Handle With Care: Jay Cutler

Running Back:


Maurice Jones-Drew, Jaguars vs Bills
If you saw what Chris Johnson did to them last week you’d know what I have cooking here. The Bills have the worst run defense in the league, and for the second straight week take on a team that lives and breathes off of a good running game. MJD may be up for one of those crazy kinds of days that makes owners gush, and opponenets cry.

Pierre Thomas, Saints at Bucs
Ok, so I am now officially on the theory that when Thomas has one bad week he’s due for a big one the following week. The Buc defense isn’t very tough, and well if you want to be fair last week was Reggie Bush’s week, so now it has to be Thomas’ turn, right? I know there are better picks, but I am here to go a little beyond the obvious, so try Mr. Thomas, won’t you?

LeSean McCoy, Eagles at Bears
As McNabb struggles connecting with WRs, McCoy will be there to do his Westbrook West Coast impersonation. I expect McCoy to be very busy with runs and catches and he will have to see the end zone if the Eagles are to make it in this one. The Bears defense let Frank Gore go wild last week, so even a little wild from McCoy will equal good things.


Ryan Grant, Packers vs 49ers
Grant is a very hard back to figure out? He works magic against bad teams and just kinda plays against the rest. Now I’m not saying San Francisco is a great team, but the defensive front was the only bright spot they had last week, so I’m sticking with it here and going against Grant.

Thomas Jones, Jets at Patriots
Jones has quietly had a good season, but the Patriots are ready to humiliate someone to make up for what happened to them last week. The Pats defense is looking tougher of late, and they may help jump out to a quick lead, so the Jets will be more likely to have to pass alot.

Joseph Addai, Colts vs Ravens
Yes Addai has been doing some stuff, but not here. He manages to stock up points with his little dunk passes, and does find the end zone, but the Ravens are still tough to run against and there is some guy named Manning who passes just fine.

Sleeper Pick: Bernard Scott, Bengals
Handle With Care: Steven Jackson, Rams

Wide Receiver:


Sidney Rice, Vikings vs Seahawks
Why? Hey why not! Rice has been killing it recently. Perhaps last week’s 7 catches for 201 yards was enough to make Favre forget about over stocking Berrian and Harvin with balls. Rice is finally getting back to being the kid the Vikings thought they had drafted and he’s looking dangerous for opponents. Add to that the fact that Peterson is always a threat and means the opposition can’t focus strictly on Rice.

Steve Smith, Giants vs Falcons
Fantasy people, you know how much I love to boldly predict the return of a big numbers guy after he has slumped. This is the week Steve Smith goes back to huge form! The Falcons are a mess on defense, and it seems like the name “Steve Smith” alone seems to haunt them. This week another SS goes nuts on them.

Miles Austin, Cowboys vs Redskins
After last weeks mess, do you think Tony Romo will be looking for Roy Williams alot? Think Williams still wants to yap to him about how he’s “,still number 1” He looked alot more like number 2. Last week the Redskins watched Brandon Marshall go nuts on them, and Austin will do even more as Romo stays healthy, unlikie Orton did last week.


Brandon Marshall, Broncos at Chargers
I hate to do this, but if Chris Simms starts, Marshall is in big trouble. I could be wrong, but did you watch Simms play last week? I saw it, and I doubt he has a clue as to who number 15 is?

Devin Hester, Bears vs Eagles
Hester was held pretty quiet last week and here he will face Asante Samuel and the Eagles. The Eagles still do good work on WRs despite the brutal time they have with TEs. If you have Greg Olsen, maybe consider him, but I think Samuel is way too crafty a defender for Hester here.

Michael Crabtree, 49ers at Packers
We have seen that the 49ers seem to like this kid and want him to have the ball. Then again I’ve seen Megan Fox, and would love to have her for my girlfriend, but you know what, real life is real life. Charles Woodson was incredible last week, and the Packer secondary seems to be playing better ball. So as bad as they want Crabtree to shine, it may not be the best week to try it.

Sleeper Pick: Bryant Johnson, Lions
Handle With Care: Roddy White, Falcons



Patriots vs Jets
Vikings vs Seahawks
Steelers at Chiefs

Rams vs Cardinals
Redskins at Cowboys
Bills at Jaguars

Get ready people. it’s waiver wire time. Just when we thought there was no good talent left, whammo, injuries plague top players and here are some tip back ups to hook up with.

Justin Forsett, RB, Seahawks
It may not be a great play this week against the Vikes tough defense, but I think he opened eyes last week, and Julius Jones, hurt or healthy may have lost his spot. Forsett is just a better all around back, and should get more time here.

Bernard Scott, RB, Bengals
Cedric Benson doesn’t seem concerned about his injury, but fantasy owners are. This kid looked excellent last week against the Steelers, and if Benson is out this week, he will get his first start against a terrible Raiders run defense.

Jason Snelling, RB, Falcons
Depending on how long Michael Turner is out and if Jerious Norwood can come back, you have to take a shot at ths guy as the Falcons love to run the football. He had a nice week in relief last week.

[adinserter block=”2″]Jason Avant, WR, Eagles
It may be a reach, but it looks like the Eagles young guns are being roughed up by opposing CBs. Avant has been around for a few years and knows McNabb. His big game last week may be met with a few more as McNabb looks to mix it up.

Thanks again for reading everyone and good luck in week 11. Don’t forget to check out my NFL pick em contest “Beat The Shark” every Friday!

If you’d like to hear anything else from me on topics or ideas I can be reached at phillyphan1971@yahoo.com

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