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Sharks’ Flash and Crash – Fantasy Start ’em or Sit ’em NFL Week 10

Peyton ManningWelcome to week 10 fantasy football owners. Well mid-term reports have been given out, bye weeks are wrapping up and its time to gear up for the big stretch run. Seems like week in and week out that new players are having big weeks and every move is becoming crucial. So how do you really know who you can count on? Well I come to you every week in an attempt to bring you the scoop you need to rise to fantasy glory!

Ok, so are your players going up against the Browns, The Bucs, or the Rams? Well we can’t all have these juicy match-ups every week, but trust me there is plenty of stars to hitch your wagon too. So let’s check out my, “Flash and Crash” list this week and see who you have.



[adinserter block=”1″]Peyton Manning, Colts vs Patriots
Yeah, yeah how daring of me to put Manning here. This is his big match-up and he usually has big days at home against the Patriots. The guy who plays QB on the other team is kind of a big deal also, so if Manning and his team want to stay undefeated and stake a claim as the best team in the NFL he will have to be the general here, and with his weapons I like his chances.

Drew Brees, Saints at Rams
Even when Drew Brees looks as if he’s having an off week, he somehow manages to put up great numbers. This week the lowly Rams are hosting them, and they are usually a very gracious host to incoming teams, and Brees and his guys know how to score. Although the Saints have found some running lately, this match-up still looks sensational for Brees. I see the Saints dropping a cool 40-plus points on St. Louis here.

Brett Favre, Vikings vs Lions
The point spread is big here, and why shouldn’t it be. The Lions have regressed into the mess that they have been over the years and the Vikings have become one of the NFL’s very best team. Ok so we know that the Vikings run the ball very well, but they should score more then enough points so that everyone will be busy. Favre has a staggering TD to INT ratio, and is actually tied for 3rd in the leauge in TDs. Basically what I’m saying is, Peterson or not, he’s a good start here.


Aaron Rodgers, Packers vs Cowboys
I realize that Rodgers is actually one of the better point producers in the league, but his offesnive line is starting to look like swiss cheese. Rodgers has been taking a pounding and it was topped off last week by a 10 point loss to previously winless Tampa Bay. The Cowboys however have found some life on defense the last few weeks and kept the Eagles high powered offense in check last week. The Packers better figure something out fast or it’ll be another post season on the golf course. This is a bad match-up to try and pick up the pieces.

Matt Hasselbeck, Seahwaks at Cardinals
The Cardinals are at home, which is actually a scary thought. Undefeated on the road? Yes you bet ya, and one of those wins was a blow out of this same Seahawks team a few weeks ago. Hasselbeck is suffering from a bunch of nagging injuries, and it seems like all the possible fire power the Seahawks have just are not stepping up. The runnung game is also dying here, so Hasselbeck needs to be big, but needing to, and doing are 2 totally different things.

Vince Young, Titans vs Bills
As poor as the Bills have been, the defense has been pretty good against the pass the last few weeks. they have kept some pretty good QBs out of the end zone. However they have allowed an average of 180 rushing yards per game. The titans may rush the ball 40 times this week, which means that Young won’t have a bad day, but more like a day off.

Sleeper Pick: Chad Henne, Dolphins
Handle With Care: Phillip Rivers

Running Back:


Chris Johnson, Titans vs Bills
Johnson leads the league in rushing by over 100 yards and is a true stick of dynamite. Now that Vince Young has taken over at QB, opposing defenses actually have to think about how they will play. Johnson has been incredible the last few weeks, and the Bills have one of the worst run defenses in the league. You can be comfortable in the fact that Johnson will continue to get his big numbers as he won’t be rested for any playoff time by the Titans.

Ricky Williams, Dolphins vs Bucs
A Ricky Williams “Flash” sighting? Yes people no need to adjust your screen, this is for real. He is easily the best kept secret in all of fantasy football, Williams is having a terrific year. Ronnie Brown has become one of 3 QBs shuffled into this offense along with Chad Henne and Pat White, so Williams has seemed to get the bulk of the work. His 7tds are amongst the tops in the league at RB. We see the Bucs week in and week out get beat by backs, so I find Williams to be a super start this week.

Ray Rice, Ravens at Browns
Finally a national stage for the best new thing to hit the fantasy scene. Rice does it all, and the Ravens are in desperate need of a win. So here is the Browns, perhaps the worst team in football with a defense that stops no one. Rice may go off for some career numbers in this one, and will be money in the bank here!


Cedric Benson, Bengals at Steelers
I am well aware of Bensons rebirth this season, but perhaps you all hav’nt seen the rebirth of the Steelers? First place is on the line n the division here, and lately the Steelers have been playing like the league insulted their mommas. The Bengals will have to rely heavily on Carson Palmer and short stuff to move the ball, and Benson does not have the best of hands either. If you have other options, use them.

Kevin Smith, Lions at Vikings
Why did I make a point of showing Smith here? Well last time these 2 teams met he actually had some numbers, and I never heard the end of it. Ok fair enough, but these Vikings mean business now. Smith and his Lions have done a whole lot of nothing recently so this high powered rush defense isn’t going to help anything. Smith may catch some passes, but unless he has a jet pack on his back, he won’t get far.

Marshaw Lynch, Bills at Titans
Over the last few weeks, the Titans have looked a little more like a football team. The Bills however have not recovered since being a highly thought of club early this season. It seems to me that ever since Lynch made his comeback from a 4 game suspension that this teams offense has been awful. You have to feel that Fred Jackson sits on the Bills bench and thinks, “What did I do so wrong”?

Sleeper Pick: Jamaal Charles
Handle With Care: Thomas Jones

Wide Receiver


Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals vs Seahawks
How can you even consider sitting the man who is probably the best in the game? The Seahwaks pass defense is nothing scary and Fitzgerals is a beast. In the modern era of big time receivers this guy is the proto-type. He had 2 TDs last week and double digit catches, and now it’s time for his team to get the home field advantage thing figured out. With Anquan Boldin lost in the shuffle, it should be another busy day for Fitz.

Brandon Marshall, Broncos at Redskins
The Skins play a good run defense but the secondary has been very average. Marshall is a real beast and once you get him in the game and heat him uo he starts to look unstoppable. The Broncos running game has struggles the last few weeks, and even though Kyle Orton is not a Brady or a Manning, he should have no problem finding Marshall.

Steve Smith, Panthers vs Falcons
I never thought I’d put a Panther guy here, but Smith always has real big days against the Falcons. He scored on them earlier this year and will probably see one again this week. I get the feeling that withthis teams woes his days in Carolina may be coming to and end, so let’s send him off with one more huge day, perhaps here?


Calvin Johnson, Lions at Vikings
Johnson is lost in this offense. The Vikings do not have a full compliment of CBs healthy but they may not need them. The pass rush and the atmosphere alone will be enough t handle Matt Stafford in this one. Johnson has always had good games vs the Vikes, but his knee injury and time off have cost hm, seems like he is getting to be a weekly bench guy for fantasy football owners.

Braylon Edwards, Jets vs Jaguars
I do think the trade to New York has helped Edwards, and the only thing that scares me against the Jags defense is CB Mathis. Sadly for Edwards owners, Mathis should be following him around all game. Plus Jerricho Cotchery is back healthy so he should see more action and Edwards will be his decoy this week.

Mike Sims-Walker, Jaguars at Jets
I hate to go back to back with players in the same game, but much like what I don’t like with Edwards I don’t like with Sims-Walker. Darrelle Revis is a top notch shut down corner. Walker is the best receibver to come into Jacksonville in quite some time, now we have to see how he handles the best of the best CBs in the league.

Sleeper Pick: Andre Caldwell, Bengals
Handle With Care: Vincent Jackson, Chargers



Vikings vs Lions
Broncos at Redskins
Ravens at Browns


Bills at Titans
Lions at Vikings
Rams vs Saints

Still think you can’t find a sleeping giant? Well maybe not giants but for you in bigger leagues still some waiver wire possibles are out there for you. Here are some of my eye catchers this week:

Lance Long, WR, Chiefs: In just his second game this season Long grabbed 8 passes for the Chiefs. They need compliments for Dwayne Bow badly, and he may be one of them.

Chris Chambers, WR, Chiefs: Another Chief WR to look at is Chambers. Somehow he fell out of favor in San Diego, but he came out with 2 TDs last week against Jacksonville. With teams watching Bowe so closely he has a chance to step up to finish this season.

[adinserter block=”2″]Josh Freeman, QB, Bucs: Yes all this after one week. We know we may be jumping the gun, but he looks smart, hes big and strong and has a good arm. If you’re in a jam at QB, and get a nice looking match-up, it may be worth while.

Robert Meacham, WR, Saints: You may find this crazy, but he’s not owned in any league I’m in. Ok so he’s a hit and miss guy, but he’s seen the end zone a few times this year, so you can do worse.

Good Luck in week 10 everyone, and don’t forget as always to see what “The Shark” has in store in my “Beat The Shark” NFL pick em contest this week.

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