Sharks’ Flash and Crash – Fantasy Start ’em or Sit ’em NFL Week 8


Peyton ManningHey again everyone, I hope that you all have been enjoying my good advice. The bye weeks are quickly coming to a close, and your full fantasy line-ups will be back in full swing. It will feel good to finally field a full squad again for most of you I’m sure, but I hope some of you were fortunate enough to take advantage of some waiver wire gems and good bench guys that I have recommended.

I continue to do a nice job in my leagues with a combined 17-4 record. Last week some of my gems like Ryan Grant had real big days as I projected,so I’m here to bring more good news to fantasy owners. So without much more to say, let’s check out this weeks version of “Flash and Crash.”



[adinserter block=”1″]Peyton Manning, Colts vs 49ers
This one is totally automatic. You don’t need me to tell you to play this guy every single week. Manning is back in MVP form, and it doesn’t really seem to matter who is getting the football here. The 49ers have been looking alot more like the Niners of a few years back, instead of the team that started 3-1. At home Indy is 100 percent tough, and always a great play for fantasy owners. 3 from Peyton, Sure!

Jay Cutler, Bears vs Browns
Cutler owners had to suffer through a tough one last week. Help is on the way, in the form of the poor Browns defense. Cleveland looks lost on the field quite often and the Bears need to come back in a big way after dropping the last 2 games. Cutler shows that he can deliver, so here against this poor defense there should be plenty of time for him and the rest of this offense to get on track. 2 from Cutler is pretty much a given right out of the gate!

Kurt Warner, Cardinals vs Panthers
After surviving and coming away with a suprise win last week, the Cardinals are out to prove they are for real. Last years NFC playoff game destruction over the Panthers seemed to be the Cards rise to glory and the Panthers fall from grace. I’m not too concerned about revenge talk and all that. The Panthers defense is a shell of what it once was, and Warner and his gang are finding a rhythm.


Eli Manning, Giants at Eagles
Maybe this foot injury is more then was led on. Manning has looked very meek the last few weeks, and now goes into the very hostile environment of Philadelphia. The Eagles offense the last 2 weeks hasn’t been brilliant, but the defense has played very tough. Manning is losing site of his clutch receiver Steve Smith, and seems to be forcing the ball around too much. If the Eagles can get penetration and establish a blitz, Eli can be in for a very long day.

Alex Smith, 49ers at Colts
Don’t do it, not yet anyway. Every other thing you read about Smith this week will most likely be seen as waiver wire pick up or sleeper, but not on my page. Bob Sanders is back in action and it isnt going to equal good things for the Niners. The book end pass rushers have been teeing of for the Colts and they actually have been decent against the run as well. We know what Smith did last week, but this game is no ordinary game, and the Colts at home are brutal against good QBs let alone Smith.

Matt Hasselbeck, Seahwaks at Cowboys
A few weeks back I may not have felt as such, but the Cowboy defense is starting to play as advertised. DeMarcus Ware got his new contract and these ‘Boys are finding a pass rush as well. Hasselbecks offensive line has some question marks, and it just seems anymore that he’s never fully healthy. This Seahawk team is very hard to figure out and even more of an enigma on the road, that’s enough for me to steer clear of Hasselbeck this week.

Sleeper Pick: Duante Culpepper,Lions
Handle With Care: Donovan McNabb,Eagles

Running Back:


Kevin Smith, Lions vs Rams
Was I not the guy that called for the rebirth of Ryan Grant last week? Trust in this people, Smith will have his best game of the year this week against the hapless Rams. WR Calvin Johnson will most likely be out, so Smith will not only be big on the ground but will get to use his great hands as well. If you are in a point per catch league, Smith is a stud start this week, but even if you are not his 2 TDs will look great on your stat sheet!

Darren Sproles, Chargers vs Raiders
If last time out was any indication then you all know that Charger running backs always do well against the Raiders. Earlier this season Sproles had some huge plays and found the end zone against them and the Chargers offense is getting hot. After having a 38 spot dropped on them last week by the Jets, I have no faith in this Raiders defense. I don’t think even Norv Turner can screw this one up. L.T. is nothing more then a wear down back now and by the time Sproles gets in there the defenses are worn down. This week will be no exception.

Ray Rice, Ravens vs Broncos
I know the Broncos have been very good this year, but Ray Rice is a fantasy animal. He catches, he runs, he scores and he makes big bang type of plays. Remember when Willis McGahee was the TD guy here? That seems like so last year, most likely because Rice is doing it from all over the field. The Ravens are in desperate need of a win and Ray should see a ton of action in this one.


Brandon Jacobs, Giants at Eagles
I don’t like much of anything that Jacobs is doing lately. In the past few meeting the Giants have managed to work the ground game against the Eagles, but Philly has made some moves to improve this defense. Jacobs is not finding the end zone of late, and isn’t getting catches either. I don’t expect much from Jacobs here.

DeAngelo Williams, Panthers at Cardinals
I would not have believed it, but the Cards are now the number one defense in the league against the rush. This being the case, teamed with the fact that they will be flying high on offense, the Panthers will be forced to go to the air early in this one. Williams is far from the monster he was last year, and his team currently stinks. Putting 8 in the box to slow up the run game is something defenses will be willing to try at this point.

Julius Jones, Seahawks at Cowboys
Last week we saw Cedric Benson go hog wild against his former mates, but don’t expect to see the same out of Jones. The Cowboys defense is starting to hit stride and Jones has been slow the last few weeks. It may be safe to say that the ‘Hawks will be playing from behind in this one too, so Jones will have to get off fast to have a prayer of doing things in this one.

Sleeper Pick: Beanie Wells, Cardinals
Handle With Care: Frank Gore, 49ers

Wide Receiver:


Miles Austin, Cowboys vs Seahawks
Austin has become the number 1 guy by far and away in Big D. Tony Romo has rediscovered the deep ball again and the Cowboy offense looks to be back in form. Austin has scored 4TDs in his last 2 games and just seems to be tearing up everyone in his path. Seattle has been torched by some poor teams, and don’t seem to be up to the task of stopping hot players, and right now Austin is smoking hot!

DeSean Jackson, Eagles vs Giants
While I’m not all that crazy about starting McNabb, I fully believe that the Eagles chances of winning rely heavily on Jackson. He has home run hitting ability whenever he touches the ball, and has scored from 60+ yards 5 times already this season. He is doing it all right now and McNabb and company have no fear putting the ball in his hands. Punt returns, wildcats, reverses, receptions, you name it and Jackson has his hands in it.

Donald Driver, Packers vs Vikings
Well I said it all year that the Packers will take down Favre in Green Bay. I also said it would take a big game by Aaron Rodgers to do so, hence the reason im liking Driver. DD has scored TDs in 3 straight and is usually a good bet to have big days against the Vikings. Add into the fact that Greg Jennings is M.I.A. and you will know that Driver is once agaon, even at 36, the main man in this offense.


Steve Smith, Giants at Eagles
I don’t really know why but this guy is all bit forgotten about. Smith has done a whole lot of nothing the last few weeks, and now he will be chased around all day by Asante Samuel. Add to it that QB Eli Manning seems more aggrivated by a foot injury then we are being told and Smith could be in for a long day.

[adinserter block=”2″]Roddy White, Falcons at Saints
White has come back to life the last few weeks and is getting more involved in the passing game, however the Saints have been playing really good defense and the secondary is looking tough. In New Orleans opponents have a tough time with signal changes and such so Matt Ryan will probably try and keep it pretty simple. Maybe alot of TE stuff but not alot of big stuff from White.

Steve Smith, Panthers at Cardinals
Jake Delhomme is BRUTAL, The End

Sleeper Pick: Bryant Johnson, Lions
Handle With Care: Donnie Avery, Rams



Cowboys vs Seahawks
Cardinals vs Panthers
Bears vs Browns


49ers at Colts
Raiders at Chargers
Falcons at Saints

Here comes the Waiver Wire! Yes fans there is still hope and still help via the waiver wire. Keep an eye on these late season steals:

Bryant Johnson, WR, Lions
As long as Calvin Johnson is laid up with a knee injury, Bryant Johnson will continue to be the number 1 option here. He scored his first TD of the season in their last game and this week have the Rams at home, sounds like a winner.

Shonn Greene, RB, Jets
Greene was very active last week in a blow out win over the Raiders. With Leon Washington out of commision, Greene will be sharing the backfield with Thomas Jones, and giving that Jones is over the magic, “30 mark” could mean that the youngster Greene can be very active.

Jacoby Jones, WR, Texans
This mostly depends on the fate of Andre Johnson. Jones has real good speed and does good stuff in the return game, but if Johnsons injury proves to be serious, then he will be needed alot more in the passing game.

Jamal Charles, RB, Chiefs
I recommended Charles a few weeks back, and now that Larry Johnson has gone, well all Larry Johnson again, Charles will not only get his chance to start next week against Jacksonville, but he will take Johnsons job, its in the bank!

Dennis Northcutt, WR, Lions
Read above about Bryant Johnson. Same scenario here, decide which one will step up.

Thanks for reading fans, don’t forget to check out this weeks installment of’ “Beat The Shark” as well, some football flavor as we feature a player from The Lingerie Football Leagues New York Majesty. Good Luck in Week 8

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