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Sharks’ Flash and Crash – Fantasy Start ’em or Sit ’em NFL Week 7

Matt Schaub For many leagues, week 7 is the fantasy football mid-way point of the season. So by now you have a pretty good gauge of who is getting you where you need to go, but you can always be one injury or one bad start away from a total turn around. As the weeks go bye, we here at CamelClutchBlog.com and our sister site BestFantasyFootballBlog.com continue to work hard to make sure we keep you on top of your game. So with no further delay I bring you some advice for the upcoming week, and will offer a few waiver wire guys to keep your eye on.



Matt Schaub, Texans vs 49ers
Very few QBs are hotter right now then Schaub, and each week his numbers get bigger. If the 2 TDs he posted against the Cardinals 2 weeks ago wasn’t enough, then Matt made you feel better with 4 last week. He certainly has the weapons in place, and the Texans are finally starting to play like a team that wants to get to the playoffs. Granted it still is very early to say such words, but at home this week against the 49ers, I like Schaub to keep up the good work, 3 TDs are becoming the norm.

Tom Brady, Patriots at Buccaneers
I’m sure alot of you will see this as a stretch (sarcasm pause here). How can I not recommend a guy that throws 5 TDs in one quarter? Tampa has nothing on defense and the offense isn’t strong enough to play ball control and keep Brady off the field. The rest of the leauge should now worry, because as was predicted here by me last week, Randy Moss is back and him and Brady are in sync. Scary to think what Brady can do against this club, but no need to dream, start him!

Tony Romo, Cowboys vs Falcons
A nice bye week to rest everyone up, and perhaps a bit of overacheiving, but it still has to make Romo start to feel comfortable again. Miles Austin stepped up 2 weeks ago to show Romo he has a deep threat in this offense, and we all know he has backs that can catch and a great TE. The Falcons are a good club, but I’d say only an average defense. Last week against the Bears, it seemed as if the Falcons tried hard to lose that game? Dallas has to know that any hopes of making it to the post-season will have to rely on more big numbers from Romo, and this week he does the job.


Kurt Warner, Cardinals at Giants
I love Arizonas offense, I really do, but I fear for Warner in this one. It seems that when this seasons version of the Cardinals faces a team with a real good pass rush, Warner takes a beating. Now I’m not saying that Kurt won’t get a TD or 2 but I also don’t think you should bank on big numbers either. The Giants just got their butts handed to them by New Orleans, and now come home rather chippy. The defense will be bringing it all day, and Warner avoids pressure like men at a bar avoid women. If you have to start him, I guess you have to, but don’t expect fireworks.

Donovan McNabb, Eagles at Redskins
So hard this week to find QBs that will crash, at least ones that make for interesting reading, so why McNabb? For some reason over the last few years the Eagle offense seems to be sluggish when playing the Redskins. I know all the talk about rivalry games and the likes, but after a terrible performance against the Raiders, and now this odd one, I’d say give McNabb a little rest. I may be way off here, and he may be due for a big bounce back, but do you feel good thinking he can give you what he gave you last week?

Mark Sanchez, Jets at Raiders
Sanchez had a real nice start to this season, but of late it seems like something strange has happened. Usually rookies watch the film and progress, but here it seems like the defenses have watched film of Sanchez, and progressed. 8 turnovers in 2 games is not stud-like numbers here, and Oakland has always been known for being a much better pass defense then run defense. Sanchez is a guy you really just use in an emergency at this rate. We all know fantasy players love to look like heros and play rookies, but that’s really only cute the first few weeks.

Sleeper Pick: Shaun Hill, 49ers
Handle With Care: Jay Cutler, Bears

Running Backs:

Ryan Grant, Packers at Browns
Ryan Grant, welcome to a Start Em chart this season. Grant has been a silent warrior this year for the Packers, but has had solid ball games. Last week I predicited an emergence of Randy Moss, and well you all saw what happened there. This week I bring Grant back to life. Aaron Rodgers seems to lack some of that pizazz on the road, and Cleveland is never a friendly stadium, so the Pack will look to exploit the Browns on the ground. I’m going out on a limb and saying that Grant punches his end zone ticket twice this week. It’s daring, but isn’t this called “fantasy” football after all?

Steve Slaton, Texans vs 49ers
Slaton owners can breath a sigh of relief after his last 2 performances. He is starting to look more like the stud he was so hyped up to be in the pre-season. Slaton is now catching more passes, and with his QB working magic down the field, he’s now finding more room to run. At one point I thought the Niners defense was tough, but now I’m not so sure. In the chess game of the NFL I like the offense here and think Slaton will continue his hot streak.

DeAngelo Williams, Panthers vs Bills
Hey, remember this guy fantasy fans? Last years fantasy MVP woke up last week with huge ground numbers, catches and a TD. Williams was very slow to start this season, but with last weeks emergence and a poor Bills team coming in you can’t help but like him again. This guy was a top 3 or 4 pick in many leagues, so you know you want him and need him out there. Very little is scary about this match-up, so you can go back to your opponents and say “Yeah look at my team, I got DeAngelo Williams”, and you may not look so foolish anymore.


Ladainian Tomlinson, Chargers at Chiefs
Did you ever think you’d see these days? It just does not look promising for L.T. or his owners anymore. The Chargers don’t seem to have enough faith in him to keep in him on 3rd downs anymore, and he can’t find the end zone. Add to it the fact that L.T. struggles more in K.C. then any other city in the league. Darren Sproles owners will like this news, but Tomlinson owners I’m sure are pretty sick about it. This guy had a great run, but this match-up will look more like a fantasy hall of fame game with L.T. on one side and another once-was Larry Johnson on the other. Oh to remember the days when this was a dream match-up, now it is just another game.

Cedric Benson, Bengals vs Bears.
Usually you would think this should go the other way around, right? Player against former team, you would think player would be so amped up to get back at the club that let him go. I can’t help but think in this case the team is more anxious. Benson did not make alot of friends in Chicago, and now that he is whooping it up in Cincy, it is my belief that the Bears will look hard into shutting him down. Everything is always easier said then done, but if I’m a coach on that Chicago staff, I’m passing out threats to my players if they dare let Benson go off. Hmm some food for thought perhaps?

Clinton Portis, Redskins vs Eagles
I know Portis has done some things the last few weeks, but I just don’t like this match-up. Granted the Eagles looked a little befuddled by the raider run game this week, but new defensive addition Will Witherspoon, and a team that is frankly just more up for this game make me believe that Poris can have a long day here. Plus you all know how I feel about anything Redskins.

Sleeper Pick: The Bills 2 headed monster
Handle With Care: Joseph Addai, Colts

Wide Receiver:


Reggie Wayne, Colts at Rams
Let’s not get all Albert Einstein here. The Rams stink, Manning is awesome, and this game may be over by half-time. I know I told you to be cautious with Joseph Addai, but thats simply becaue Manning will offer up an aerial assault on this Rams defense. He kinda has too, you don’t think he wants Tom Brady getting all the praise do you? Reggie Wayne has seen enough Pierre Garcons and Austin Collies to last him awhile. Marvin Harrison had to accept a young Wayne, but Wayne isn’t ready for a backseat to these guys yet.

Hines Ward, Steelers vs Vikings
Always tough when a defense like this comes to town, but Ward is the ageless wonder, and seems like the tougher the defense that comes to town, the harder Ward plays. You want to knock him down, he gets up smiling. You want to nail him across the middle, same smile. He makes it look like alot of fun out there, and in this tough match-up he’s just the guy to have on your team. This will be a game won through the air, and Ward looks like the main soldier on this battle field.

Marques Colston, Saints at Dolphins
Many people say that the pass defense is the better part of the Dolphins scheme, umm have they met Drew Brees? Colston had a good game last week against the Giants, and the Saints high power pass attack is back. It seems to be a few weeks for running then back to passing for the Saints, so it’s now the air shows turn to show up. Colston is a beast when healthy, and he looks to be too much for this suspect secondary to handle.


Braylon Edwards, Jets at Raiders
QB Mark Sanchez has suddenly lost his way, and the raiders have very good cover corners. After a nice debut with the Jets, Edwards looked to be back in Cleveland last week with a very slow day against the Bills. The Raiders man handled the Eagle passing game last week, so I’m not expecting fireworks from the Jets either. Edwards remains a, “in case of emergency” WR for my fantasy taste.

Greg Jennings, Packers at Browns
Who would have thought this could happen? Jennings is getting some grabs and some yards, but the end zone seems to be wired electronically and he’s wearing a shock collar. Donald Driver, James Jones, Donald Lee, oh I can go on and on with Packers who have found the end zone the last few weeks and not mention Jennings name. I don’t get as to why, but he’s not the main man here at the moment.

The Vikings Receivers
Yes the Steelrs are tough, and Troys back in the secondary, but it’s more of the uncertain nature that has me against them this week. You never really know when its going ot be Berrian, or Rice, or Harvin. Yes they are doing better things, but more as a whole unit the individuals that you can count on week to week. I still say the Vikings are one of the top teams in the NFL, and maybe even a Super Bowl contender, but it doesn’t mean I can recommend any of these guys just yet.

Sleeper Pick: Miles Austin, Cowboys
Handle With Care: Roddy White, Falcons



Patriots at Bucs
Jets at Raiders
Colts at Rams


Browns vs Packers
Cardinals at Giants
49ers at Texans

Ok so now we get the key to the safe, and open up the hidden secrets known as the waiver wire. Still think we can find you some diamonds in this rough? Well I don’t know about diamonds, but think of these guys as that nice chunk of change you find in your sofa.

Justin Fargas, RB, Raiders
As long as Darren McFadden is out with his injury, the more field Fargas will see. He displayed great speed and power last week, running against a tough Eagles defense. The Raider offense is hard pressed to score alot of points, but Fargas is one of those players that manages to get numbers. He’s worth a look.

Michael Crabtree, WR, 49ers
The long awaited debut of this highly touted rookie is upon us, so why not take a stab at him and see what you get. His coach Mike Singletary is a no-nonsense guy, so I can assure you thatthis kid got his tongue lashings and is ready to go out and play. He has great tools, so if anything get him, let him watch from your fantasy bench, and see what he has to offer.

Marc Bulger, QB, Rams
Perhaps I just lost my mind? Since coming back into the fold for the Rams 2 weeks ago, Bulger has done some decent things and has put up 3 TDs. He seems to mesh well with Donnie Avery and is using Stephen Jackson more in the passing game. I can name about 5 or 6 waiver wire QBs that couldn’t even sniff what Bulger is doing.

Andre Caldwell, WR, Bengals
We all expected to see Chris Henry be the guy here, but Caldwell has been coming up big for Cincy. 2 game winning TDs this year, and with being the return man as well, its adding up into some nice fantasy points. The Bengals do a nice mix of run and pass, and with Chad Ochocinco coming back to form, he will get more attnetion from defenses, and Caldwell is that sneak in guy to get some numbers.

Laurence Maroney, RB, Patriots
I know we have all been frustrated by this guy at one time or another but here is his big chance to make us love him again. Fred Taylor is still out, and now report is that Sammy Morris may be out as well. Seems like by a process of elimination that Maroney will carry a big part of the load here. Yes,they still have Kevin Faulk, and that guy with 2 full names (BenJarvis-Green Ellis) but with them facing one of the leagues worst run defenses Maroney can be primed for a big game this week.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your games in week 7. Don’t forget to check out my weekly NFL pick em contest,”Beat The Shark” every Friday, only at www.CamelClutchBlog.com.

If you’d like to hear anything else from me on topics or ideas I can be reached at phillyphan1971@yahoo.com

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