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Sharks’ Flash and Crash – Fantasy Start ’em or Sit ’em NFL Week 6

Matt Hasslebeck Feel the heat fantasy fans! Feel the rush of your players putting up the big digits. We head into week 6, and some of the NFL’s finest have made big impacts so far here in fantasy football. Well so have I!

Yes, last week I hope many of you feasted on some of my dandy picks like Donovan McNabb, Andre Johnson, and on and on. In my 3 fantasy leagues I am a combined 12 wins and 3 losses, much better then my alter-ego “The Shark” at picking things huh? So here we are again, my choices for you to view and hopefully ride to success this weekend. I, however did have the mind set of recommending Ryan Howard, what can I say, I’m a Philly guy with post-season fever! Ok so here are my “Flash and Crash” picks:



Matt Hasselbeck, Seahawks vs Arizona
Matt is back, which is good news for Seattle. Last week he looked crisp, and head coach Jim Mora looked pretty smart for being patient and not panicing after a tough 1-3 start. With T.J. Houshmanzadeh, Nate Burleson and Deion Branch along with TE John Carlson, the Seahawks are once again looking like a tough offense. This week they host the Cardinals. If you saw the Cards last week at home against Houston you would know they can give up plenty through the air. If Seattle is going to take charge of this division, as many thought they could, then this is a huge game for them, and I think Hasselbeck will step up and deliver the goods. 300 yards plus at least 2 TDs is very possible.

Donovan McNabb, Eagles at Oakland
A road QB? Yes, and its a simple pick. I have grown tired of people saying, “Don’t pass against Oakland”. Well tell that to Eli Manning, who did it just fine on one good foot last week. This Raider team is not scary by any stretch and now that he’s back and healthy, D Mac is using all his firepower on the field. Andy Reid is letting them air it out and McNabb is loving his young speedsters! I’d expect another blow out and 3 TDs easily as McNabb should have his cap on walking the sidelines by the 4th quarter.

Aaron Rodgers, Packers vs Detroit
Ok, so we still don’t have a cure for the common cold, but we do have the cure for the common cold QB: Play the Lions. I hate to just simply trash the Lions, but they do very little to stop opposing QBs, and after a week to think about things after that tough loss to Minnesota and Favre, I think Rodgers and the Pack will be ready to rock. It is time for Greg Jennings to find his way, and what better match up then for this passing offense to re-appear. Easily 2 TDs if not more for “Mr” Rodgers.


Brett Favre, Vikings vs Baltimore
Once upon a time it was known that an offense had little chance against the Ravens defense. Well over the last few weeks, RBs have been making some of the noise and the Ravens have looked human. So in steps the man considered the games best, Mr Adrian Peterson. So why not use Favre? Well the Ravens will bring it hard and heavy, and Brett isn’t about to take that pounding so he’ll look to screen passing and running to get him through. The Raven defense may not be what it once was, but tell that to a 39 year old QB.

Kerry Collins, Titans at New England
If Collins even starts? Ok so many of you have little desire to play Collins, but even if its possible DON’T! The Patriots are starting to get a bit tougher against the pass, but the run defense looks very average. The Titans if they have any prayer will have to look to a heavy work load on the ground, and have the weapons to do so. No that the Titans have much of a chance in many peoples eyes, but don’t even think about Collins.

Jason Campbell, Redskins vs Chiefs
I know what you are all thinking, its K.C. right? It doesn’t really matter, this guy doesnt have the ability to really go off. Don’t try and get match up savvy here because it’s not worth it. Campbell is not even a good bye week filler in this one. If anything they will try and run alot and do screen passing. K.C. is a bad club, but the Redskins deserve just as little credit, and I feel good disrespecting them here.

Sleeper Pick: Matt Cassel, Chiefs
Handle with care: Kurt Warner, Cardinals

Running Backs:


Pierre Thomas, Saints vs New York Giants
Do you remember that wild Jim Mora Sr. interview that gets broadcasted like a million times every year. In one portion of it he says the phrase, “I don’t care who ya play” and neither do I when it comes to Thomas. Since coming back from injury he’s been a horse! This guy is living up to his pre-season hype and is scoring fantasy points a plenty. Two weeks ago a supposed rough and tough Jets run defense came in and watched Thomas get into the end zone and break off huge chunks of yardage. Bush may be the speed and the flash, but this guy is the bull, and when you mess with the bull you get the horns! PT Cruiser ( as I have dubbed him ) should be good for 100 and a score or 2 in what will be a smash mouth contest.

Cedric Benson, Bengals vs Texans
Well you have to give in to a guy that was the first RB in 40 games to get over 100 yards rushing against the Ravens last week. This guy is 100 percent back and looks fantastic. Ok so I traded him in one of my leagues for WR help, and I have the foot print from me kicking myself to prove it. The Texans run defense is not awful but also not top 5 either. The WRs for Cincy will get some, but I think its Cedric “The Entertainer” ( liking the nicknames huh?) that will be cashing in the TDs

Maurice Jones-Drew, Jaguars vs St Louis
Well, what was I going to do, not pick a guy playing the Rams. Perhaps Rush Limbaugh should buy into this team, he can play defensive tackle maybe? I think the Rams keep that nickname because thats what opponents have been doing, Ramming the ball down their collective throats! MJD is due for a monster day and this is the time and the place, home against this defensive nightmare.

Willis McGahee, Ravens at Minnesota
You all should know by now how I feel about RBs playing aginst the Vikings. Now add to it the fact that Willis was left out of most of the plays last week and was limited the week before and you suddenly have a disaster on your hands. This team, like most fantasy owners are loving Ray Rice, and with his hands and toughness, is making more sense so McGahees fast start seems to be nothing more then 15 minutes of fantasy fame this year.

Brandon Jacobs, Giants at New Orleans
Are you still using Jacobs? If you are inform the Giants because they are not. The Saints defense is actually pretty tough this year and have been decent against the run. In todays “here today gone tomorrow” style of NFL, Jacobs looks to be giving way to Ahmad Bradshaw. The Giants will look to take it to the Saints through the air and Bradshaw has better speed and hands and will continue to see more action. Jacobs may be playing his way right on to several fantasy benches.

Fred Jackosn, Bills at New York Jets
I knew it was coming, I just didn’t want to face it. Jackson owners must be sick to the stomach as a once great sleeper pick has, well, fallen asleep. Head coach Dick Jaroun seems to be feeding Marshawn Lynch more every week, and Jackson seemed to be at his best when he was an every down back, heating up as the action got more intense. Does anyone see a pattern in how bad the Bills offense has gotten since Lynchs return? I bet alot of Jackson owners have. The Jets are not the remedy for a struggling ground game. They play stingy run defense at home, so how can you trust a guy that now touches the ball maybe 8 times a game?

Sleeper Pick: Cadillac Williams, Bucs
Handle with care: Matt Forte, Bears

Wide Receivers:


Dwayne Bowe, Chiefs at Washington
Finally Bowe has come back to the guy many of us knew he could be this off-season. After being in his coaches dog house during camp and suffering a hamstring injury, Bowe has gone all “Brandon Marshall” on us and has been, “Playing and working harder then at any point in his career” say teammates and coaches. The Redskins don’t play great pass defense and if the Chiefs are going to be anywhere is this game they will rely on Bowe to carry the load. Last 3 games he’s hit the field, he’s hit the end zone and should be just fine in this one.

Randy Moss, Patriots vs Tennessee
There will be a Moss sighting this week, mark it down. The Titans have gotten little pass rush this year and the past few weeks Brady has been trying to get back in the groove with Moss and has fallen just a bit short. Moss has stayed quiet and has been a good teammate through it all and should see the reward this week. The Patriots have lots of question marks at RB so its time to get back to Welker for the yards and Moss for the paydirt!

Andre Johnson, Texans at Cincy
Ohhhh you Bengals. So you think you really have a good pass defense? Have you met Andre Johnson. This guy is downright superhuman when he slaps on the pads and he should be plenty busy this week. It has all the feel of a let down game for the Bengals after some real big wins the last few weeks. I’m not knocking Cincy but I’m going with what works and a desperate Texans team will need to lean on its leader as it looks for a much needed win.


Vincent Jackson, Chargers vs Broncos
You usually like Phillip Rivers and his bunch at home, but not here! Champ Bailey is playing like a kid again for the Broncos and he should spend most of his day watching Jackson. Plus, if you had not noticed, this Broncos team plays good defense. The Chargers need this game, but I think it’s more on the shoulders of Gates and Sproles this week then Jackson.

Mike Sims-Walker, Jaguars vs St Louis
Now I may be wrong here, bit I think the Jags may have ruined the best possible wide receiver in this teams history. Suspended before the game last week and now being sent out there aginst a bad Rams team seems to make it ok right? Not in my eyes. If I’m Sims-Walker I think i’d take a step back this week and let the Jags see what else they have at WR which is nothing! I’m not getting into the conditions that got him suspended, but this will be a ground game for the Jags, and they may have killed the spark this guy has provided. I may be wrong, but i’d like a week to be sure.

Anybody on the Browns
The Browns QBs stink, The WRs stink and im not even going to mention how they are playing the Steelers! Do you smell that? I think the Browns just crapped themselves?

Sleeper pick: Donnie Avery, Rams
Handle with care: DeSean Jackson, Eagles



Eagles at Oakland
Jets vs Buffalo
Packers vs Lions


Cardinals at Seattle
Titans at New England
Giants at New Orleans

So now its time to scan the waiver wire. It gets harder every week to find yourself a gem as guys get picked up after one big outing. Here are some guys that got picked up this week or may still be out there for you according to my ff leagues

Miles Austin, WR, Cowboys
Before his huge performance last week I knew Austin would be active. Roy Williams is injured and this offense needs a spark. Austin is the fastest receiver of this bunch and coach Wade Phillips said that he will see time now as a starter.

Donnie Avery, WR, Rams
He was drafteed in many leagues im sure, but Avery still finds himself on some waiver wires in some leagues. He’s healthy again and found the end zone last week. He is option 1,2, and 3 in this passing game.

Jamal Charles, RB, Chiefs
One of these weeks it’s going ot happen. Todd Haley will give up on the slow footed Larry Johnson and give the speedy Charles some action. It may be a reach, but backs are so hard to find this time of year so why not take that risk?

Mewelde Moore, RB, Steelers
One of the most underrated players of our time for sure. He catches, he’s quick and he’s a very smart football player. Not yet sure as to how long Willie Parker will be out, and the Steelers love this guy on 3rd downs. I think against the Browns there will be some garbage time, and Moore will get some reward.

Invest in the near future?
Ok so don’t be afraid if you have roster room to spare to grab LaMont Jordan. Correll Buckhalter is working with an ankle injury, and twice last week Knowshon Moreno was slow in getting up after plays. Jordan is next in line if these guys can’t carry the load and in the past he’s shown soft hands and tough running.

Keep an eye on Calvin Johnson, and if he misses serous time go grab Bryant Johnson. It looked like last week that he will be the number 1 when Calvin can’t go and he even scored against the tough Steelers defense. He spent a few years in Arizona with Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin so you know he has some tricks to work with.

Don’t forget friends to check back every Friday for my “Beat The Shark” segment. This week another great female prepares to take me on one on one! Good luck in week 6 everyone!

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