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Stanford Soccer Player Katie Meyer, Discovered Dead on Campus

Young deaths no matter from pandemics, accidents or suicides have become very common and it’s an alarming problem. Youth are the future generation and for a bright future, it’s essential to preserve them. One such incident of young death occurred in San Francisco, United States. Katie Meyer a 22-year-old soccer player at Stanford University was found dead.

Officials from Stanford University have identified an undergraduate student who was discovered deceased in an on-campus apartment. Katie Meyer was a senior studying international relations with a history minor. She also captained the Stanford women’s soccer team and served as the goalie.

The incident comes as a major shock to the surrounding, especially to the students of the University. A sense of chill and grief has surrounded the University. The death of such a young girl becomes ever more mysterious when the reasons are not revealed. According to reports, Katie’s family has denied disclosing the cause of her death. According to them, this is done in honor and privacy of hers.

But this makes the matter even more serious, that is something that couldn’t be revealed. It also poses questions like what if it’s something other students of the University might get harmed too. But Brubaker-Cole had already told the university community that they were not in danger. The curtailing of the reason behind the 22-year-old’s death is a rare incident. However, people are doubting that some personal matters must be involved.

In a statement, Vice Provost for Student Affairs Susie Brubaker-Cole and Director of Athletics Bernard Muir said, “Katie was extremely devoted to everything and everyone in her life.’ She further added “On the field and in our community, Katie was a brilliant shining beacon for so many,” the statement said.

The school too did not reveal Meyer’s cause of death.  The Santa Clara County coroner’s office and Stanford University police have been contacted by CNN for more information on Meyer’s death and the circumstances surrounding her death. Katie was a famous and renowned student at the University. Extremely skilled and intelligent from teachers to students everyone knew her.

Meyer, a senior, previously made headlines in 2019 when she made two game-winning saves against the University of North Carolina to help Stanford win the NCAA championship. Meyer discussed the difficulty of integrating courses with her responsibilities in the field in a profile on the university’s website.

“Traveling during the Fall Season may be challenging since I miss classes,” she added. “However, my instructors have been extremely helpful and understanding… my teammates and I attempt to repay them by bringing home major wins for the Farm.” Following Meyer’s death, the university made counseling accessible in her residence hall and to athletes.

In a statement, Susie said, “We can all contribute by checking in on friends and loved ones.” “Take care of yourself and each other. We’ll all be grieving together, and we’ll be there for one other. As soon as we are able, we will provide further information regarding ways for the community to memorialize Katie.”



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