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Where’s My Spotlight: Batista’s Heel Turn Equals Major Interest

Batista After WWE Bragging Rights last October, Dave Batista turned on his “little buddy” Rey Mysterio and turned heel, because “Mysterio cost Batista the World Heavyweight Championship.” If you were around last summer, my first article for the site was “Batista’s WWE Title Run: Why Give a Title to an Injured Dog.”

I didn’t like Batista then. The reason why I didn’t like Batista is because he won the WWE Championship from Randy Orton in a Steel Cage Match at WWE Extreme Rules 2009 and it was rumored that he was injured before the match was even over, but they went through with the finish and gave him the title. Also, his last World Heavyweight title run, it was rumored that he politicked his way into killing Chris Jericho’s heat and held the title for eight days, loosing back to Jericho inside a Steel Cage on Raw’s 800th episode. Most people know I’m a huge Jericholic.

[adinserter block=”2″]Anyways, back to why I’m writing this. I never enjoyed Batista as a babyface. Since his turn, it’s been different. I ordered WWE Survivor Series and had people over, and when Batista’s match came up when he faced Rey Mysterio, I couldn’t help but smile at the finish and cheer on Batista. It’s not like I dislike Mysterio’s character, I simply don’t like the babyfaces.

WWE Royal Rumble, I almost cried. Simply because Batista eliminated Shawn Michaels out of the Rumble match, where even I believed that the “Heartbreak Kid” was gonna win the Rumble match and challenge then World Heavyweight Champion the Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVI and end the legendry streak.

I got over that after Batista started to come to the ring with the single spotlight, and after he defeated WWE Champion John Cena after Cena won the title minutes before at the Elimination Chamber in February of this year. I never liked John Cena nor have I ever since he debuted in the WWE in 2002. It didn’t help out, either, that his first feud was with Chris Jericho, and he defeated Jericho as his first ppv match, at Vengeance 2002.

Back to Batista. Watching him come out at WrestleMania XXVI as WWE Champion and seeing the whole stadium go black with his spotlight on him and his music video playing on the big screen, I felt like I was in pro wrestling heaven. Granted Batista tapped out to Cena at Mania, but a lot of main eventers went down to Cena at WrestleMania. Such stars as Big Show, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and John “Bradshaw” Layfield. Two of my favorites, HBK and JBL.

[adinserter block=”1″]Reason why I’m mentioning all of this is simple, at least to me it is. I feel like Batista as a heel is simply awesome. I feel like Batista as a heel is a heel that we can get behind and support. Batista’s spotlight forces everyone to watch him when he comes to the ring. Who wouldn’t want to hate someone if they walk into your job and expect people to turn the lights off in the room and turn on a spotlight for everyone to turn around and watch him (or her) walk in?

Batista demands people to hate him. Why wouldn’t we? Along with his sit-down power bomb (the Batista Bomb, or to me, the Steroid Bomb), Batista is a strength and power wrestler, a jacked-up dude with tattoos.

The Philosophical Final Thoughts: Dave Batista is a heel we all can get behind and hate. Unless you’re like me and love the heels, Dave Batista is a heel we all can love. His spotlight and his hard rock them song (“I Walk Alone” by Saliva, who wouldn’t want to boo a heel with a team title like that?), it’s easy, at least to me, to boo a man like him. Batista walks alone and wants to do so. Batista should shake the ropes like he once did, because I feel like if he would, people would boo him even more when he sets up the Steroid Bomb and drives his opponents to the mat for the three-count and get the victory. This is Eric Darsie from Minnesota, until next time….

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