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Spotify Pie Chart: What Is the Latest Feature and How to Use It?

You better not be cringing after seeing it.

Every year, we patiently for December to finally see what kind of music did we listen to on Spotify all year and many other stats like who were out top artists and many more. That is how Spotify Wrapped works but not all of us are that patient to wait a whole year to see the results.

What if you want to see your current status and find your interest in music at the current moment? Well, fret not because Spotify’s latest feature is going to let you do just that. Well, it’s not exactly a feature by Spotify itself but a third-party program but it has certainly gone viral pretty quickly.

So here is everything we know about the latest feature named Spotify Pie Chart:

What Is Spotify Pie Chart?

Well, it’s a feature that works exactly how it sounds. The latest feature was developed by a third party namely Darren Huang, a developer and a student from the University of California, Los Angeles. It is a sort of mixture of Spotify Wrapped and Receptify that allowed users to see their top songs in the past month, six hours, or all time.

Spotify Pie Chart is a little different as it generates a pie chart based on the music you have listened to and that pie chart will be divided by music genres and not artists. Each genre will have its respective color and if you click on any genre, then you will be able to see the top artists you have listened to in that particular genre.

Also, if you scroll below the pie chart, you will be able to see a list of the top artists that you have listened to. The first name in that list will be in the biggest and boldest text and that will keep decreasing as you go down the list. This arrangement displays who was your top listened to the artist and where does it rank in the list.

How to Use the Feature?

Well since it is a third-party feature, you won’t be able to directly access it from Spotify. You will have to visit an external link from here to generate your own pie chart. Since it’s a third-party feature, it is advised you do it at your own risk.

Here is how you can use the feature:

  • Visit the third-party site on your phone or desktop
  • Log in to your Spotify account when prompted
  • Give access to the app to read your listening history
  • Once allowed, a pie chart will be generated
  • You can take a screenshot of it or share it with your friends

Many users have already tried this feature and are sharing their results. Some results shave shown pretty interesting music genres like “New England Emo” and “Ohio Hip-Hop” which is making the feature go more viral.

So have you tried making your own Pie Chart? Let us know in the comments.



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