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A Sports Fans’ Letter To Santa

Drew Brees and Peyton ManningIt is coming fast boys and girls, Christmas time. A time to spread joy and cheer, a time to share and care, give and receive. Every year I get so many great ideas in my head of things I would love to have, or see, and I was always told that, “if you are really good, Santa will make your dreams come true.”

Well Santa here it is, my wish list. Obviously being a blog site about sports, and pop culture and games, and yes even my added spice of female praising, you know what to expect. You won’t see things like Zhu Zhu pets, or I-Phones or stuff like that, but you will hear a grown man beg! I will also recommend some nice gifts for our sports world friends as well. So enjoy my little piece here, and enjoy your holiday season!

Dear Santa, this year for Christmas I would like to have:

[adinserter block=”1″]Some nice bull pen help for the Phillies. Being a Philly guy, I can’t see how this team repeats with the current state of the pen. Getting Roy Halladay was nice, getting no one in the pen? Well that’s “coal worthy” Reuben Amaro.

Despite being a Philly guy, I’d like to ask for a ‘Battle of the Best” Super Bowl. Can you imagine the hype surrounding the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints going head to head. Brees vs Manning, Colts and Saints, and finally two number one seeds in the Super Bowl.

I’d love a Christmas day without Shaq vs Kobe. Come on NBA, it’s not the big sell it was some five years ago. Very few people care about the Cavs and the Lakers on Christmas day, so Santa, please find me a Hooters Girl Bikini contest or something!

Speaking of bikinis and such, Santa please allow the following girls to find my home on Christmas: Jessica Biel, Salma Hayek, Kim Kardashian, Shakira, Sofia Vergara. Too many? It’s ok, I have plenty of food!

How about a losing season for the Yankees? Just because they are the Yankees.

Santa, how about getting some elves to help Tiger Woods leave for Sweden tomorrow. Quite frankly im tired of hearing from countless girls he’s alledgedly slept with, and now I have to hear about HGH allegations? Isn’t it Christmas time?

Three words Santa: College Football Playoffs!

Let’s have Chris Johnson break Eric Dickerson’s single season rushing record. I don’t dislike Dickerson, but have CJ2K on 2 of my fantasy teams.

A nice set of golf clubs perhaps for Steelers coach Mike Tomlin, he will be bored during the playoffs this year.

How about you find a new home for Gary Sheffield, a 43 year old major leaguer who came out and said, “I still feel I can play every day.”

Get a major network to carry NHL games on a regular basis. How can this game become more popular if nobody can find it?

Since we are talking sports and exposure, we need more tennis and more golf. Why you ask? More Sharapova, and more Natalie Gulbis.

Let’s have a new NFL Players agreement in place. I really don’t want to see what Jerry Jones would do with no salary cap. Really Santa, it would be the demise of football as we know it.

And hey Santa, how about a new way of paying NFL Rookies. You know it’s not very fair that I can stink at football and do it for free, while JaMarcus Russell makes countless millions.

Baseball using video replay!

I’d also like to see Villanova in the Final Four please.

Someone in the press or media to have the guts to say that Kovalchuk is as good as Ovechkin and Crosby, but on a small market team.

Hey how about a Super Bowl half time show with a band who’s NOT from the 60’s? (Editor’s Note: We may have a bathroom malfunction.)

Some tri-state area wins please. The Sixers, Nets and Knicks are stinking up the area.

The banishment of the Geico Caveman commercial. Enough already, im watching the game here.

Since they are now making Pole Dancing a sport, I want to be the commisioner of the first league.

I’d like to see the following teams play in their respective sports Championships:

St. Louis Blues
Cleveland Browns
Chicago Cubs
Minnesota Timberwolves

How much more agony can these fans endure?

A new sport, with no big money deals, and players playing for the love of it strictly, and no I don’ t mean like mens lacrosse.

[adinserter block=”2″]Id like more college QB’s staying in school for four years, sharpen those skills, NFL quarterback is the hardest job to perfect in sports.

Let’s get all those military people that wish us happy holidays and are shown watching football games during the broadcast from their bases, home, and end this ongoing fight.

Most of all Santa, I’d like peace and happiness, some good games to watch and good people to watch them with. Nice sports jersey’s and sports games always do the trick. I’m never too picky, so if I can’t have everything I wished for up top it’s ok, as my friend Ralphie would say, “I was just kidding, Tinker Toys will be fine.”

Happy Holidays!

If you’d like to hear anything else from me on topics or ideas I can be reached at

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